Nets 93 Knicks 91

Notes on the game:

* Can a Net fan out there answer this question: Is Jason Collins forced to commit one dirty play every game, or does he just do it against the Knicks? Collins pushed Sweetney on a screen, sending the Knicks center on a collision course with Jacque Vaughn. Big Mike and Vaughn ended up head butting each other, and I don’t think I need to tell you who go the better of that one.

I know the NBA is the highest level of competition, and players will do anything to win, but Collins consistently goes too far. He could have seriously hurt Tim Thomas last year, and tonight’s play almost reminded me of the Dennis Byrd Injury. Due to being shoved from behind, Sweetney was so out of control he was forced to lead with his head. It’s one thing if a serious injury occurs in the natural flow of the game. It’s another if a player gets his career & livelihood taken away because Collins feels the need to act as a hockey goon.

* Why do I argue with people that think:
A. Sweetney has been playing PF.
B. Sweetney has a fair shot to play more minutes.
C. Sweetney gets his shot blocked often.
D. Per minute stats are meaningless.
E. Won?t admit when they?re wrong.

* Speaking of the official player of KnickerBlogger.Net, Sweetney only scored 4 points, but he only took 4 shots. They just didn’t give him the ball much all game. I would guess that he had 4 plays for him all game, and I’m estimating on the high side. However Sweet-N-Low had a great highlight early in the third. The Knicks center out muscled Nenad Kristic from the left block, and finished with a resounding two handed dunk. Thank you PVR, for allowing me to watch it about 5 times in a row. That and the ?Air? Riza dunk.

* Malik Rose was everywhere.

* When Crawford started the game off attacking the hoop, I was thrilled, thinking he might have taken my advice. However the second half he reverted to his old ways. After jacking up a three from 30 feet out with 8 seconds left on the shot clock, hitting a 23’8.9″ jumper for 2, and taking a three with no one under the hoop, a guy in his face, and about 15 seconds left on the shot clock, I’m not sure how much change he’s made.

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Mike Kurylo

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