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  1. So the Jazz have no chance, right?

    I went with the favorites as well. It’s still hard to believe that the top 2 seeds in the West got knocked off. I know the top seed in the West has failed to make the finals in something like 8 of the last 9 years (or longer). But still, as great as the Spurs are, I didn’t think they’d be the favorites to go all the way…

  2. not terribly exciting series to watch, i’m hoping the eastern conf. series will be less boring than ‘Big fundamentls vs. the mormons’

  3. incredibly boring, incredibly boring, incredibly boring. even my cavs are incredibly boring. Someone should have paid off the refs and let the warriors take the series, because this is just terrible. Spurs and Pistons, pistons take it. ugh.

  4. Those of you who are complaining about UTah and SA in the west don’t know good basketball. Sure, it is annoying to watch Duncan complain about every call, even if it is for him, but it is so amazing to watch the precision game Utah plays hopefully they win because Sa is turning into the evil empire.

  5. seriously, who cares, and this is normally my favorite time of the sports year. Stern tainted the whole thing, really tough to care after those inane suspensions…

  6. Eastern Conference is on the boring side, but I’m never bored watching the Spurs. I love watching them play defense.

  7. Man, it is amazing how many tards come out of the woodwork come playoff time. Look, if the only basketball you can appreciate fits the description of a McDonald’s High School All-American Game, you just might not be much of a basketball fan.

    Oooo!! Slam dunk!! Ooooh! Slam Dunk!! Ooooh! SLAM DUNK!! (ad infinitum)

    Nothing boring about good defense challenging a team to execute good team basketball…sorry if they don’t go for any half-court oops…this goes for everybody who says the Jazz-Spurs will be boring. It will only be boring if the Jazz continue to fail to compete…

    For you Warriors fans:
    Oooo!! Slam dunk!! Ooooh! Slam Dunk!! Ooooh! SLAM DUNK!!

  8. ps) Sorry about that whole Horry thing, Suns fans. Stern is lying when he says there is no room for interpretation in the rule…you should’ve had Game 5.

  9. Well, Trollificus, KJB, apparently the people of San Antonio disagrees with you on the boringness of a SA-Utah series; it’s the first time in the last five years that a home playoff game has not been sold out.

  10. Boy, LeBron James sure looked soft in game 1 of the Eastern finals. He had zero trips to the foul line. Time after time LeBron would just hold the ball, fail to create his own shot and then pass to a teammate for a 20-foot jumper.

    He seems to lack a mean streak. Obviously he’s a brilliant player, but I would be really upset with my marquee player tonight if I were a Cavs fan.

  11. Well, I will dissent. I love watching the Spurs play. Tim Duncan is probably one of the top ten players ever to play the game. To me he is a pleasure the watch. His defense and rebounding is fun to watch. And no joke, I love it when he nails that eight foot bank shot. That’s a great shot. He is so smart as a player, in almost everything he does, and his passing out of the post is phenomenal. I watch him and think of all the things Eddy Curry Fingers will never be.

    Also, Manu has just been playing phenomenally, especially the last three games. He is auch a great player. No team in the league has a better duo than those two. I love watching him play too.

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I do like watching good defensive teams play, but I think troll’s tone was a bit over the top. There is a joy in watching a team like the Spurs execute, but it’s a much different joy than watching either a team like the Suns or Warriors.

    Take baseball. Personally I love watching pitcher’s duels (mostly because it speeds up the game), but you just don’t react the same way to a 1-0 game that you do from a monstrous upper deck home run. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a slam dunk or home run, and absolutely over time these things become boring (when they are too commonplace). Nonetheless there’s a dark cloud over this series, maybe due to the Suns-fight debacle, the loss of two of the league’s two most exciting teams at the same time, or the lack of the top seeds (Mavs, Suns, even the Rockets?).

  13. On Truehoop today:

    >>”My 9-year old daughter calls Eddy Curry, “Chicken Curry.” A good nickname on many levels.”

  14. And since we are doing polls these days, I saw one on the Newsday site at this link.


    Here were the options.

    How would you fix the Knicks?
    How would you fix the Knicks?
    Draft a combo guard who can score
    Invest in Eddy Curry
    Shop for a power forward who can complement Curry
    Trade Nate Robinson
    Be realistic
    Bring in Jerry West

    #3 and #4 were the top answers with 33% or so each. Unbelievable, considering we have one of the best and most promising power forwards in the league already.

  15. troll,
    after reading your brilliantly, poignant,’op-ed’ if you will, i’ve decided to recind. your use of the word ‘tard’ is what sold me. please keep informing the masses!

  16. I know it’s irrational, but I feel a dramatic sense of relief.

    I don’t believe in karma, or any paranormal phenomena – but this lottery almost makes you want to believe. Teams with decent organizations and long-suffering fans – win. Teams that tanked and disgraced the game – lose. Boston, that means you.

    What could be better?

    Even though I live in Atlanta now, I sort of wish Phoenix had gotten that pick – such a fun team to watch, would have liked to see them get a boost. At least the Hawks should be watchable now.

    Isaiah ought to see if he can sucker Atlanta out of Josh Smith – you’d basically be getting Kirilenko at a rookie salary. Billy Knight is actually under the cap and could take on Curry’s salary.

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