My Attempt To Make The Third Week In July Erick Dampier Week

According to the Newsday, the Dampier trade is highly unlikely in the form it was announced a few days ago. In their offseason of acquiring mediocre players, Golden State has traded for a backup center in 35 year old Dale Davis (13/16/-6.2), so now they have little need to trade for another one in Nazr Mohammed (19/18/-2.8). Supposedly the Warriors are now looking for a small forward, which the Knicks don’t have to spare.

Without a sign & trade, the Knicks have little chance to sign Dampier. Either they have to find a third dancing partner, or pray that Dampier signs for the MLE. Of course Erick is coming off of a career year (sometimes called a fluke year), so this may be his last chance at a large payday. Taking a one year deal for only $5M could cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of $50M if something goes wrong.

This is the second deal that has been prematurely reported to be done by the New York newspapers. The first was the Crawford (SG:18/16 PG:13/17 / +3.8) deal. Apparently that deal didn’t come to fruition due to Isiah and Paxson playing chicken. The point of conention is Isiah trying to dump Moochie Norris instead of the more valuable expiring contract (also known as Dekembe Mutombo). Of course with the Dampier deal now “dead”, the papers are rumoring (it’s now a verb) that Isiah is trying to get the Crawford deal back on track.

Stay tuned. I’m sure a deal will turn up before October.

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Mike Kurylo

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