Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Many motorcycle accidents are very serious and may result in such injuries as head trauma, spinal cord injuries and other injuries. Depending on the severity of these injuries, some motorcycle riders may be disabled for life, while others may need to be permanently paralyzed in the legs.

The Occupational Health and Safety survey of 2009-10 reported that at least a million people were seriously injured on their first motorcycle ride, which is a relatively high number for such a relatively new product. One third of those who sustained serious head injuries had to be confined to bed for a short period of time.

The National Transport Safety Bureau estimated that the motorcyclist death rate in Australia will exceed 50,000 by 2025. This number includes around 13,500 deaths attributed to motorcycles, although a significant proportion of these deaths are not caused by the motorcyclist’s riding behavior.

The statistics in this section focus on serious motorcycle crashes resulting in the death of motorcyclists, without consideration of crash-related injuries, including those with apparent injuries and deaths in hospital.

In the past decade, the number of motorcycle deaths and injuries has declined by almost half. . The rate of fatalities and serious injuries declined to a 10-year low in 2007-08, reflecting this improved safety record, as did the injury rates. Since then, both rates have risen. Motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries continue to be the single biggest cause of death and serious injury among all Australian road users. Motorcycle deaths and serious injuries occur in all states and territories of Australia.

Taking Liability and Damages Into Account

To value a motorcycle accident case, you have to consider two things: liability and damages. Liability means who was at fault for the accident. According to law firms like the Uvalle Law Firm, if there is no liability, either because the person who hit you was not negligent, or because you simply can’t prove that the other driver was negligent, your case will not be worth very much.

Damages has to do with the injuries and other losses that you suffered in connection with the accident. The more significant the injury, the higher the amount of compensable injury damages.


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