More Painful Than A Blowout?

The Knicks are only down three points at the half to the team that is most likely the best team in the NBA. They’re playing without Stephon Marbury. I should be happy. Instead, I am pretty aggravated, as the Knicks were up TEN with eight minutes to go in the half, and proceeded to completely change the game plan that worked so well earlier in the game.

Remember last game? The terrible loss to the Heat? In the middle of the Heat’s big run, the Knicks could not keep from stopping the run because they kept rushing jumpers – refusing to slow the game down and just pound the ball down low. And the big difference is that in that game, they didn’t ESTABLISH their down low prescence in the game – which the Knicks did, with 21 points from Eddy Curry, with about 6 minutes left in the half. Curry would not score again in the half.


Because Jamal “1-5” Crawford, Nate “1-7” Robinson and Quentin “0-4” Richardson kept taking outside jumpers and bricking, allowing the Suns to start their break, and quickly come back and take a three-point halftime lead. I don’t mind jumpers mixed in, but when you go to it TOTALLY and when you’re clearly NOT FEELING it….man, is it painful.

There’s 24 minutes to play, and with the way the Suns cannot seem to stop Eddy Curry, the Knicks are VERY much in this game (especially with Amare having three personals). However, if they do not play a smart second half, they do not have a chance. Yes, Curry is being doubled, but that does not mean you have to take a jumper every time when they aren’t going in.

Please, Knicks, play smart in the second half.

I would greatly appreciate it.

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11 thoughts to “More Painful Than A Blowout?”

  1. Oh well, I guess smart basketball was too much to ask.

    Two quick fouls on Curry and jumper after jumper after jumper…so lame.

    Luckily, the Suns aren’t playing great ball either.

  2. Oh, and I am so happy that I didn’t end up going to this game (my brother is a big Suns fan, so he went).

  3. nothing to do with the Knicks, but Dallas is the best team in the league right now. not only do they still have a slightly better record than Phoenix, but they’re 2-0 against them this year and knocked them out of the playoffs last year.

    as for the Knicks, they don’t play smart with very few exceptions, they’re a below average basketball IQ team with a below average basketball IQ coach. D’Antoni’s move at halftime to move Stoudemire outside and have him drive at Curry was inspired, that was the game right there. it sure would be nice if Jamal Crawford shot well for the whole game one of these nights (dude had 23 in the 4th!).

    next up, an angry Miami team with both Wade and Shaq back, now Curry might be hurt too. this season is on life-support, just don’t give up entirely like last year, please.

    oh, and START DAVID LEE! thank you.

  4. Yeah, it really seemed like Isiah said at the half, “We’re only down three, keep doing it like we’re doing it” while D’Antoni said, “We’re only up three, let’s retool!”

  5. Not for nothin’, but Malik Rose getting 12 minutes is insane. Cato would have at least brought a better defensive effort. The biggest guy on the floor for PHX was 6’8″ for much of the first half. Amare was on the pine. However, instead of pounding it inside to our guys with a clear size advantage, you have Q, Nate and Craw pulling up like their playing horse on the school yard. Curry scored 16 in the first, and PHX didn’t have an answer. Hello, Earth to Isiah. Another wasted effort by Curry and Lee. Not to mention, Balkman had decent stats in limited minutes – he could use a few more.

  6. Malik Rose in there instead of Frye was lunacy. But what about Isiah going 3-guard with Crawford, Robinson, and Mardy Collins the whole way at the end? How about Q-Rich? Or Balkman? Or hell, Jared Jeffries?

  7. The more I see Balkman the more I think he should play over Jefferies, who has been just terrible on both ends of the floor. Balkman, as a rookie, is doing what Jefferies was supposed to do–hustle and provide some kind of defensive effort.

    Jefferies may be trying too hard, but the only defense he seems to play is straining to block shots, which he is often late on. I would rather see him focus on defensive positioning more than trying to fill a stat sheet with more quantifiable
    things like steals and blocks.

  8. I’m off the Isiah trip once and for all. You’re not much of a professional coach if you continue to start a guy and play him for 10 minutes or less a game. What are you trying to prove? You know he can’t play, that’s why you’re benching him. Why even bother starting him? And second, his rotation is going completely off the rails. It just seems pretty random at this point, with Collins and Rose inexplicably finishing the game, after Balkman looked pretty good in the first half. Nate Robinson’s bricks hurt the team badly. Why was he out there for so long when he was ice cold?

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