Mike Woodson: To fire, or not to fire?

Happy short-week-Monday, pardners.

Apologies for it being a bit quiet over here of late. As many of you know, we co-hosted a Knicks meetup this past Saturday along with Posting & Toasting. The turnout was great, even if the game, uhh, wasn’t. Here’s photo evidence of said get-together. Mike, sadly, was off to the side, because his stunningly chiseled features would’ve melted the camera. That’s Robert Silverman, Jonathan Topaz, Jeremy Conlin, Kevin McElroy, and myself. All smoking cigarettes, although not in that order. We’ll let you guess who’s who — that’s more fun.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 2.11.33 PM

Anyway, seeing as how six of our seven recap writers were there, we decided to give ourselves the best Holiday gift of all by NOT COVERING THE KNICKS. So sorry about the lack of a cap.

I did, however, pen something over at Bleacher Report about the Mike Woodson conundrum. As in, should we fire him, or not? It’s a complicated question with nothing but messy answers, even if you — like me — spend billions of daytime brain cells actively hoping that it comes to pass.

Anyway, you can read it here if you want. And then get back to talking about Vanilla gift cards and New Year’s death brunches or whatever.


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13 thoughts to “Mike Woodson: To fire, or not to fire?”

  1. Fire Woodson? Hmm, lemme think about that for a min–YES YES DEAR GOD PLEASE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  2. As a matter of social psychology, whoever took over would likely be looking to endear himself to the team’s resident core: Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Andrea Bargnani, J.R. Smith, and Amar’e Stoudemire.

    So basically it doesn’t matter who the coach is.

  3. Why not just keep Woodson on as an “assistant” and bring in a REAL NBA HEAD COACH. not this sad sack of shit that is patrolling the sidelines currently, and playing multiple net negative defensive liabilities together (Udrih, JR, Bargnani, STAT). Injuries be damned, keep him on as an assistant and bring in anybody with a pulse. Of course, there might be some issues with a Woodson demotion, but at least Dolan would be sticking to his word of not “firing” anybody, and maybe, just maybe, the team would win some ballgames.

  4. Apparently it is official, the Knicks have cut Chris Smith! Jeremy Tyler coming in. it’s time for Ty-Sanity!

  5. My dream would be to fire Woodson, trade Melo and hire George Karl. It’s just a dream, i know…

    Closer to reality, yes, Woodson needs to be fired – perhaps Jerry Sloan could be the man.

  6. Ha, your dream would be JR’s nightmare.
    I would totally fire Woodson, but I never liked Woodson. I would be up for getting a good college coach in, whoever that might be… some fresh blood.
    We could also really use a GM.

  7. Other than the terrible owner, the terrible GM, the terrible coach and the terrible players, this is a really great franchise.

  8. The team blowup has commenced! We’re blowing this to smithereens!

    Step 1: Cut Chris Smith Done!!

    Step 2: Melo to Clips at trade deadline. Clips acquire: Melo/JR/KMart/MWP/Aldrich…..Knicks acquire: 2014 Draft Pick/2016 Draft Pick/Bullock/Jordan/Dudley/Barnes/filler contracts…Trust me this works using Bledsoe trade exception and dividing the swap into 2 individual trades. Jordan’s contract expires at end of 2014-15 when he will be 27. If he’s playing well I presume we’d have option to re-sign him to 5 years (versus 4 for other teams). Barnes is terrible so far this year but his contract is dumpable at no cost to us in summer of 2015. Dudley hasn’t played well either so far this season but would be expiring contract in 2015.

    Step 3: Chandler to OKC for Adams/Perkins/filler contract

    Step 4: Felton/Prigs/3m/2018 draft pick for Lowry

    Very simple rebuild, all those trades should go through. Here’s 9 players by position we could have entering summer of 2015 (remember the Clips 2014 draft pick selection would be somewhere in there also):

    35m cap space plus 5m MLE plus 2m BAE plus 2015 draft pick. What’s not to like?

  9. It’s bad enough having to watch this team shit the bed night after night, but now Isaiah is weighing in and telling us everything is going to be ok (“when Knicks are healthy they can compete with anybody” “Dolan will do whatever it takes to win”)

    It reminds me of the final scene in “Animal House” when Kevin Bacon screams “remain calm, all is well!” while all hell is breaking loose downtown.

  10. Melo to Clips at trade deadline. Clips acquire: Melo/JR/KMart/MWP/Aldrich…..Knicks acquire: 2014 Draft Pick/2016 Draft Pick/Bullock/Jordan/Dudley/Barnes/filler contracts

    I do think the Clips might be interested in trading Jordan, but I can’t see how they can do it and not get a legitimate center back. That trade would leave them with a center rotation of KMart, Hollins, and Aldrich, with Blake potentially playing some in ultra-small lineups that are sure to get torched defensively. There’s no way you can contend with that even with the greatest offense ever (which they might have). I’m not sure they’re giving up basically all their assets to get to a roster that would still be so clearly flawed. Props for the inspiring potential of a JR- Jamal Crawford team up though.

  11. As for whether to fire Mike Woodson I’ve been on that bandwagon since about Game 7, but I think the fact that the only real argument against it Jim’s piece can raise is “It might be hard to find a good replacement” speaks volumes. There isn’t anything good to say about Woodson’s actual work at this point. Before the season we though his strength was managing the locker room and getting the best from a frequently challenging group of players, but I don’t see how anyone could make that case now.

    JR was effectively Exhibit A for the Woodson defense, but his play this season has been a complete disaster. Shump clearly hates him. He hasn’t been able to get the same level from last year’s pleasant surprise in KMart. And in terms of espirit de corps it’s pretty hard to find something good to say about this team. Obviously that’s largely a product of losing games, but if that’s Woodson’s purported strength I don’t think that says much for him. Obviously his publicly declared strength – defense – is a total joke. Offensively it’s looking more and more like last year was a fluke.

    I don’t know who the next coach will be, and I think it’s fair to say that given the people making the decisions and the lack of appeal of the job it’s a better than even bet that the next coach will also be bad. But that’s not a good enough argument to save Woodson’s job. We know he’s bad, and at this point it seems that he’s bad at every part of his job. We could bring in a bad coach and it would still be an upgrade as long as he had a single solitary strength. Woody has to go.

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