Miami’s Offense Dwindling

Coming into today’s game the Miami Heat were ranked 29th in offense in the NBA. Early in the season, you expect to see anomalies in the numbers, even when it concerns the defending champs. Judging from tonight’s results, this may not be an anomaly.

The Miami Heat managed to score only 76 points against the New York Knicks who came into the game ranked 21st on defense. New York had an 11 point lead early in the third, when Dwayne Wade was forced out of the game after picking up his 4th foul. Employee #3 came back into the game 4 minutes later, and the Knicks were up by 18 at that point. However even with their primary scorer back in the game, Miami’s offense went cold. The Heat shot 6 of 17, turned the ball over 4 times, and were outscored 23-12 in the 9 minutes before Wade exited with his 5th foul.

With O’Neal out, the main load of the offense falls on Wade. But an NBA offense needs more than one scorer, and Miami is having a hard time finding a second fiddle. Until tonight Antoine Walker was filling that role, but he’s been inconsistent his entire career. For example against the Knicks, ‘Toine shot 1 for 9 and only contributed 3 points to Miami’s total. After Walker, Miami’s offense has relied on Udonis Haslem, Gary Payton, and Alonzo Mourning. Haslem isn’t a natural scorer (read: can’t hit a jumper), while Payton and Mourning’s best decades are behind them. The Heat will hope to get some lift from Jason Williams, but White Chocolate appeared to have lost a step tonight. It could be that he’s hasn’t fully recovered from his injury, that he hasn’t been able to get into game shape, or that point guards lose their effectiveness after the age of 30 (Williams turns 32 tonight). I vote for all of the above.

It goes without saying that the Shaq-less Heat will have trouble scoring for the next 4-6 weeks. However it may be the case that even with Shaq, Miami might not be able to light up the scoreboard. Consider that Shaq was in the lineup for 4 Heat games, and the Heat only managed a offensive efficiency (points/100possessions) above the league average once. The Heat had Shaq in the lineup for their mortifying loss on opening day, where they only managed 66 points against the Bulls. O’Neal was also there when the Heat eked out 72 points against the Rockets.

While it’s a given that Miami’s offense will improve with O’Neal back on the court, at what level they’ll be is another story. The Heat have decided to “stand Pat” this offseason, and O’Neal’s injury has exposed a chink in Miami’s armor. If the over-30 crew of Walker, Williams, Posey, Payton, and Mourning start to show signs of their age, even O’Neal’s return might not be enough to resurrect the Heat’s offense.

Efficiency of Miami’s games (100*pts/possessions).

CHI: 117.1
MIA:  73.4

NJN: 92.5
MIA: 99.7

MIA: 112.9
PHI: 120.6

SEA: 96.3
MIA: 98.6

MIA: 116.6
NJN: 106.8

HOU: 109.2
MIA:  86.0

DEN: 113.5
MIA: 111.2

NYK: 115.1
MIA:  84.5
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47 thoughts to “Miami’s Offense Dwindling”

  1. Miami never stood a chance. Jerome James, Baby, he’s gonna shoot 100% for the season.

    Could it be Thomas is a mad genius scientist?

  2. eww… that’s not pretty.

    i suppose miami’s answer is that they’re built for the playoffs. the nba’s playoffs are the most different than the regular season among the three major sports. it’s harder for teams to maintain high levels of offensive efficiency in series compared to single games.

    still, they stink on offense.

  3. Never understood why people bash Thomas. Think about the knicks lineup before he came and what we have now…

    Weatherspoon Curry
    K.Thomas/harrington Frye
    Van Horn Richardson
    Houston(post bum knee) Francis
    Ward Marbury

    Anderson (the mole) Crawford
    Eisley Robinson
    mcdyess lee
    mutumbo James

    I’d say that’s an upgrade at every position except for houston and mutumbo. Those two are awash in my OPINION. Everyone was old and washed up. The knicks are younger, taller, and have a much brighter future than ‘the before time’.

    I don’t know how Jeffries will do, but that’s another good starter coming our way.

    I’m sure there are other ‘reasons’ people hate thomas and it has nothing to do with basketball. The knicks were unwatchable before he came. The only person who could really dunk was anderson(?!?). Now they are at least watchable, at best a pretty good team. We’ll see. Is Thomas a great gm like colangelo or west? No. Would I take back Layden to get rid of him? Hell NO!!!

  4. After this last comment I really don’t have to write too much. If you remain close to winning, as the knick’s did in their first few games, sooner or later you are going to get it;learning how to win.Honestly if you have been watching the nba games around the league, there aren’t too many bum teams out there where you are going to get an easy win against. So the knicks will have to have the mind set to maintain the intensity in every game they play. Or it could get ugly and they could go back to bad habits. That’s really the challenge for
    Isiah Thomas. I think the young players are ready. And the vets are getting encouraged from the young.

    Anybody thinking of trading for k-mart or Darius Miles has got to be smoking something. No more patch work. Plus you need basketball players who will be team players and not the type of players that feel that their due something. That would be a bad choice in choosing k-mart or d-miles. No offense to them.

    If the knicks can develop the mind set of a winner,
    it’s going to be a fun season for them.

  5. Well, one thing Thomas does seem to be doint that Brown did NONE of is making the team feel like a team. When James was on the court in the first quarter, you didn’t feel like it was 4 guys and that stiff. They were clapping for him when he got fouled, supporting him. Now, winning will do that somewhat on its own, but watching the last 2 wins, if they portend anything, it is that the Knicks have no standout star, but they may truly be VERY deep in NBA terms. They have 4 guards who in the right circumstance could start for even good teams, they have Richardson and Balkman giving different looks at small forward (with Jeffries still to come), and between Lee, Frye, Curry, James, Rose and Cato the potential to create some interesting match ups. Of course, I know, 2 wins does not a season make, but on the other hand Thomas won’t DNP Lee after an excellent game, which Brown did multiple times last year. If Thomas could somehow, someway get James a little bit interested in playing (which he did look last night) it’s going to help the Knicks a lot.

    But back to the topic, I don’t know if the rule changes were all anti-Heat or what, but they look dreadful and lost, which is rare with a Riley team. The Knicks had more energy, but they were executing better, too.

  6. I think the Heat have the mindset that they are way better than they really are, and in the back of their minds they believe they’ll be able to turn it on when they need to. They just have too many aging veterans trying to pace themselves for a long season.

    I’m still stunned the Heat won it all last year. Their only offensive play was to give Wade the ball at the top of the arc and get out of his way. He generally drew a foul, kicked it out for a three, or created a second chance basket. Somehow it worked. At least with a somewhat healthy and motivated Shaq out there.

    Isiah had a good game plan to double Wade for most of the game to get the ball out of his hands. Marbury also deserves a lot of credit for his defense on Wade. He stuck to him like glue and rose to the occassion. Great all-around win by the Knicks. Almost stunning to see the Heat look as disinterested as the Knicks did last year, while the Knicks were able to put it all together for a complete 48 minutes.

  7. I’ve also had a feeling the Heat would have some kind of collapse that leads them to limp into the playoffs. Simply put everyone except Wade on that team is old – and what was said about them last year about being a bunch of famous malcontents and unmotivated three-bombers (Walker, Williams, especially) is even more likely to hurt them now that everyone has a ring and doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Repeating is hard for any team, but with these bunch of guys it really isn’t happening.

  8. First I think the biggert thing to realize, which many people have noted, is that the Heat are a year older. When you have that many people who were considered washed up, its bound that they start playing their age. Also, Shaq coasted through a lot of the season last year turning it on in the playoffs when he needed to. Besides the physical prescence, not having him in there hurts a lot from an intimidation standpoint(Not that Curry did much anyway). The last point I’d like to make is Wade became the NBA’s golden child in the playoffs. He was getting every call, even if he wasn’t touched. It looks as if the special treatment has lessened some in the regular season.

    With all that being said, I think the Knicks deserve a lot of credit. They showed some great ball movement and team play and both units really contributed. Marbury looked strong defensivley for the second straight and if Francis can stay somewhere near the level he played at we may have a backcourt that could come near reaching its potential. Lastly, I thought Curry played really poor and killed the consistency on offense regardless of what his numbers were. He looks confused and predictable, and I get nervous everytime he touches the ball. I would say I’d like to see Lee and Frye in there at the same time but Lee has been great off the bench.

  9. It seems that no one has commented on Marbury’s lack of taking shots. I thought that he was going to play like “Starbury” this season (I believe that’s what he said at the end of last year). Certainly, this is not cause to complain, as the less he overdribbles/looks to get others involved offensively, the better the team seems to do. Still, I wonder what happened to get him to look so drastically different this season. He honestly looks like a completely different player.

  10. Knickerblogger…once again i’m going to go off topic and respond to someone. I hope you don’t delete it…

    Dan. I think Marburys big difference is he actually can’t play like “Starbury” this year. His game is totally different because his body is. You notice his arms aren’t as big and cut as they used to be. He doesn’t seem to get the same lift on his layups/jumpshots that he did last year and I think he knows it. I saw a special on Marbury 2 years ago that outlined his offseason training, and he was like an animal. He would take a few weeks off after the season, then train like mad up ’til training camp. I don’t think he did that this year. I think he was touring the country with his new clothing line and making talk show pilots and stuff. He’s still good, but I just don’t think he’s got his legs under him yet. Come Jan/Feb, I think we’ll start seeing Starbury.

  11. anyone think that riley might panic and trade the knicks for one of their many offensive-minded guards? i don’t know what miami has to offer, but maybe a draft pick and an expiring contract for marbury or francis.

  12. I am really happy with Francis and Marbury the last two games. Even though we’re talking about the Heat being bad, the Knicks still looked fantastic last night. A big part of that is that Marbury and Francis seem to be content not dominating the offense so long as the team is winning. If either or both of them put up something like 10-12 pts, 5 assists this season and the team does well I could care less and I get the impression they might be thinking the same thing. Marbury only needs to be Starbury when his teammates are inept at scoring and with the new offense it looks like that’s not the case.

    Btw, did anyone notice that the major defensive player in both the Wizards and Heat victories was Marbury?? He was great against Wade and absolutely vicious against Arenas, two of the biggest stone-cold killers in the league. Could this be a trend?

  13. Alex – Sorry didn’t see that your comments was a reponse to Jim’s…

    And I’ll reply to your comment why people bash Isiah. The reason is quite simple. Isiah Thomas took over a 37 win team with the league’s worst salary cap, and turned them into a 23 win team with the league’s worst salary cap.

    And it only took him 2 1/2 years.

  14. Are we still rooting for the Knicks to lose so we can get Thomas out of here, or are we rooting for the Knicks to win?

  15. Browns fault they only won 23 last year. I’m not afraid to admit it. Someone mentioned how brown would give a player a DNP for 3 games after the player had 2 monster games. Didn’t make sense. Nobody had a role. Now they do. I guess, yes, okay, it was his fault since he’s the one who hired brown, but it appears that mistake has been corrected.

  16. I root for the Knicks to win no matter what. Even if we’re owned and managed by idiots. I’m no isiah fan but I have to agree with Alex, Brown was just the wrong coach for this team. I think any coach was going to improve over last season.

  17. As to winning two games in a row, would we have won if Shaq wasn’t injuried? Isiah had nothing to do with this win.

  18. The excuse for 2005 is that Isiah didn’t have a draft yet. He picked up Frye, Lee and Robinson in that draft. Half of that season he still had Layden-era scrubs on his team.

    But to answer Alex’s point as to why everybody is so harsh on Isiah when there are lots of worse GMs out there (Layden, McHale, King come to mind off the top of my head) and there have been several worse Knicks GMs (Layden again, Bianchi, DeBusschere), here are my two cents:

    (1) The Knicks’ abysmal record. I don’t think this is Isiah’s fault primarily considering the hand he was dealt and Brown deliberately sabotaging the team. But let’s face it. If the Knicks were winning, the criticism would be muted. Though, frankly, I expect it would be more backhanded compliments, like Selena Roberts column today. She suggests that it is just plain luck that the Knicks’ bench could save Isiah’s job, when he constructed that bench in its entirety and he deserves any benefit it brings.

    (2) Bill Simmons. I hate to inflate his enormous ego, but he deserves plenty of the credit here. The conventional wisdom that Isiah is the world’s biggest idiot became the conventional wisdom when he started writing for The fact is, Isiah did a relatively good job with Toronto (making some shrewd drafts for an expansion team) and Indiana (making the playoffs, though arguably underachieving). There have been better GMs and coaches, of course, but there have been far far far worse. As for the CBA folding, I doubt that many people really care. But Simmons repeatedly and ruthlessly hammers away at Isiah and he appears to be widely read. It seems he has a grudge against Isiah for agreeing with Rodman’s claim that Bird got more credit as a player because he is caucasian.

    (3) The Knicks’ enormous payroll. People are extremely conscious of salaries nowadays and relish expensive flops. (See A-Rod, Waterworld, etc.) The Knicks are unmistakably expensive. Personally, I’m glad that ownership is willing to pay so much more than other teams since it gives the Knicks an advantage. Being over the cap is overrated since it’s so rare that a truly premium free agent switches teams and makes the new team a championship contender (I can think only of Nash to PHX and Shaq to LAL, but I’m happy to be corrected.) The only problem with being over the cap then is having untradeable contracts for players you want to dump. The Knicks have 4 untradeable long-term contracts (Marbury, Francis, M. Rose, and Jerome James). You could add Curry, I guess, but if Kaman, Ilgauskas, and Nene all make $10MM a year, I’m not sure someone else wouldn’t take a chance on Curry in his prime. Could Isiah have done better in minimizing these untradeable contracts? Yes. Especially the indefensible Francis trade. But at least he got the draft picks that became Lee and Collins with Malik Rose for Nazr Muhammad (who he picked up off the scrap heap and turned into a valuable asset).

    I’m a season ticketholder and I hate the losing as much as anyone. But I do think Isiah has done a fairly good job making the team younger and more athletic, which appears to be the way to prosper in the NBA with the new rules about perimeter defense.

  19. Maybe people criticize Isiah because he constructed an entire roster of similar players with overlapping skill sets.

    Isiah’s moves have basically guaranteed that the Knicks will be no better than mediocre for the next several years. They need a new GM who will blow it all up.

  20. I disagree that there are worse GMs than Isiah. There may be GMs as imcompetent as Isiah, but it’s a unique gift of Isiah to screw up a franchise or league to irreparable ends.

    The one thing that Isiah does well is draft. He’s done a fantastic job of that everywhere that he’s been.

    Unfortunately, the other talent Isiah has is to sell something without any substance. Seriously, if all Isiah did were infomercials I think that he would make a fortune. The classic example are the posts defending him here. Even when he has mutilated a team and strangled its future, he still manages to convince some fans that this is a good team. That requires talent.

  21. Knickerblogger. See Marc’s post for my response to the excuse for 2005. I couldn’t have said it much better myself. I’ll just hightlight that he was still dealing with Laydens mess. He drafted sweetny, which was pretty ok, but he still had *crappy*, *old*, washed up players with untradeable contracts to deal with. Now he has *pretty good*, *young*, atheletic, strong, assets, some with untradeable contracts. But they are younger, with lots of upside. Come on, I’m actually excited while watching knicks games now. It hasn’t been like this in years.

    Raskolnikov. See my previous post comparing the knicks lineup pre-Thomas, and the lineup post-Thomas. I think he did a bang up job with what he was given.

    Come on poeple!!! This is NY. Like I said, I’m sure there are *other reasons* people don’t like Thomas. Chris, if Isaih had come in and just “blew it up”, you’d be bashing him for not trying to work through it. What was he supposed to do? Go back to my previous post and look at the roster he inherited. KEITH VAN HORN WAS THEIR MOST ATHLETIC PLAYER. I’ll give you a perfect example…Isaih would have NEVER traded away spree for a chump like Van Horn. Not that I like the way spree conducted himself lately, but that would have never happened. Isaih would have NEVER traded Camby AND Nene for McDyess, who publicly admitted after his knee problem, “I’ll never be the same player again”. He HAD to take penny to get steph. Everyone complains about Steph, but I’ll take Steph over Ward and Eisly any day of the week!!!

  22. Alex, after looking at your comparison of the lineup Isiah took over vs. the lineup as it stands today, I think everyone would agree that they would rather have the current lineup as it stands. The Knicks do look good on paper, and these days, they are frequently a fun team to watch.

    That said, as of now they are still 4-7. It’s good that they’ve got young players that we’re having a good time watching (Balkman- did you catch his steals, assists, and block at the end of the 1st half?), but the thing that we care about most is wins. At this stage, most of us still don’t see this team making the playoffs, not that Layden ever would have gotten us there.

  23. Alex – You said earlier you can’t understand why people don’t like Isiah, is it really that hard to understand? We haven’t had a single winning season under him, and the Knicks have had their *worst* season under his guidance. The team is in just as bad of a salary cap situation as it was before.

    If you’re going to use Layden’s Knicks as a barometer for Isiah’s success, then of course he’s going to come out looking good. What GM would look bad next to Layden?

    That said I do enjoy watching the Knicks play this year. Isiah has given us some wonderful rookies to cheer for. Often I find myself getting pretty emotional during these games. Of course I also have to live through the Eddy Curry moments of the game. You know the ones where he lowers his shoulder into a defender for a charge. Or when he stands around watching an opponent (Gomes) grab a couple of offensive rebounds. Or when Jamal Crawford decides he’s the only one that should touch the ball on offense (and like yesterday Isiah leaves him in).

  24. They’ll make the playoffs this year. They’ve been in every single game this year. They just have to learn to close it out. They’ll get it together. Last year was wasted, since they never got to play together as a unit. There is now a clearly defined first and second unit. Once they’ve played together a few more weeks, they’ll have developed a much better chemistry with each other and learn how to close out games. Even if they make the playoffs and advance to the second round, you all will be complaining because they didn’t win a championship. Oh well.

  25. “They?ll make the playoffs this year.”

    And when they don’t, Isiah and Marbury are…OUTA HERE!!!!!!! 3 Run homerun by Patrick Ewing.

  26. I think that Isiah should try to dump Francis and Curry’s salaries now,for cuttable role players at the end of the year and/or draft picks at the end of the year.I fear that these 2 players values will continue to drop as the year goes on.Zeke seems to draft well and I think he should try to get draft picks for these players,2nd or 3rd round if need be.These 2 players are doing more harm than good right now.I’m hoping that Jeffries return will help the team defense overall,but I still think that these 2 players{Francis & Curry}will undermine everything Zeke is trying to do!DANGER ISIAH THOMAS,DANGER!!!!

  27. But alex… isn’t the whole purpose- to win a championship? it’s what drives me crazy about Dolan’s ownership. he thinks that “the fans” (that amorphous unthinking blob somehwere out there watching on TV, who can’t afford extortionate prices to go to the Garden) will be satisfied to get to the playoffs. and then that will lead to those strings of 19th pick in the first round- where you get the occasional NBA starter/ useful performer off the bench, but more than likely you get another player who can let the mediocrity continue (in spite of everyone’s antipathy to simmons- he did a great piece about the NBA draft a few years ago along these same lines). does anyone really think that the knicks have the right pieces in place to compete for a *championship* within 3 years? certainly not with Isiah running the ship (he hasn’t been able to prove that he is competent enough to either be the coach of that team nor the architect of that team’s roster).
    i for one as a knicks fan am tired of hoping they have a winning season to get bounced in the first round of the playoffs- who cares? championships are what counts.

    i am honestly rooting that isiah succeeds enough as a coach this year just so the bulls don’t end up picking greg oden with the knicks pick- that would be just too much to bear.

  28. Alex, do you post as “Bernard King” at Real GM?

    I will say this: that as frustrating as this team is, that “amorphous unthinking blob” is getting a lot more entertaining two and a half hours this season. And I have a fan-vested interest in a bad record.

  29. Here’s another thing we can blame Isiah for. Instead of just giving the Bulls the option to swap picks, he should have made it mandatory. If current trends continue (and Brian’s excellent posting is based on that assumption), the Bulls will finish with a worse record than the Knicks.

  30. Forgive me. I’m a realist. My thought process is based in reality. I KNOW for a FACT that even if Isaih weren’t here, the knicks wouldn’t be winning a championship. I also know for a FACT that the moves he has made, has made the team better. That is the whole point behind being a GM. To continually get better. There’s 30 teams and only one of them will win each year. We now have a YOUNG CORE instead of an old one. We’re a deep team. At this point, I think we’re 2 good moves away from contending, instead of 7 or 8 tough moves away. Would I take Curry over anyone in last years draft? Yep. Because I still think he has the potential to be really, REALLY good. Just look at Jermaine O’neal. Trading the draft picks wasn’t supposed to end up the way it did. Brown SABOUTAGED the knicks. Had it been any other coach at the helm last year, that would NOT have been a number 2 pick, just like this year it’s not going to be a high pick. Last years pick should have been 11th or 12th, tops. All the experts, including myself, had the knicks making the playoffs. We didn’t know brown was going to go senile.

    So, until we can contend, which may or may not take a while, I’m intersted in watching a team that is going to go out and compete every night. That’s what we’ve been given this year. The knicks have been ‘IN’ every single game. They’ve had a chance to win ALL of them, which is much different than last year, where 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter, the game was over 70% of the time.

    Knickerblogger, I don’t think your ‘standards’ are too high. Just your expectations. I base my expectation in reality. I see what dolan did to the knicks, and I realize it’s going to take some time to pull out of it.

    The team was WAY over the salary cap when Isaih got here.

    I believe the knicks would have made the playoffs last year, had brown not f&%#ed everything up.

    They’ll make the playoffs this year, and not win a championship. (my standards aren’t low, I just don’t like to live in a fantasy world where you call in the UBER-GM who magically transforms your team overnigt into a contender).

    We have a young solid core instead of and aging bunch of subpar players. The knicks starters were bench players on any other team. (anderson?!?!, eisly?!?!, harrington?!?!)

    So, until the time comes, where the knicks can contend, I plan on being entertained. Sadly, knickerblogger, in the business world, the idea is not to win a championship, but to entertain the masses, to sell tickets if you will. I feel the current knicks are an entertaining product, and when they get some more cohesion from playing together, they’ll be more entertaining and win more. Remember, last year they didn’t ‘really’ get to play together.

    And if not Isaih, then who?

  31. Alex Said: “Would I take Curry over anyone in last years draft? Yep. Because I still think he has the potential to be really, REALLY good. Just look at Jermaine O?neal.”

    I’ll say it again:

    Curry turns 24 in December. By the time Jermaine O?Neal turned 24, he had won the NBA?s Most Improved Player award, had been in 2 All Star Games, and was voted to 2 All NBA teams.

    By the time Yao Ming turned 24, he had been in 2 All Star Games, and made it to the All NBA team.

    Ron Arest went to his first All Star game at age 24. He also been on the All Defensive team twice, and won Defensive Player of the Year.

  32. I agree with Knickerblogger. Not to mention we gave up our pick last year and we’re swapping picks this year. I would Isiah was an improvement over Layden but he’s far from a model GM. I would rate him in the bottom tier of the NBA. The real sin was not admitting that we had to rebuild. If we held onto some of those expiring contracts and didn’t bring in some equal absurd contracts we would have had a shot at a real impact free agent. I’ll give Isiah is due when it comes to the draft. He’s done a good job, but outside of that he has been a failure.

  33. I agree that Curry is almost definitely no O’Neal (either one), and definitely no Yao.

    That said, it seems silly to have All Star Game appearances be the measure of a player’s success. Yao went to two all-star games largely because of Internet voting and his legendary status at home.

    Jermaine O’Neal went to one (not two) all-star games before 24 in part because, at the time, there were so few quality centers in the east at the time. (The other east centers in the 2002 game were the ancient Mourning and Mutombo.) Though he did make the third-team All NBA that year (with by far the fewest votes of the 15 players selected All NBA), the only truly dominant center in the league then was Shaq. (The second team All NBA center was Dirk.)

    Anyway, which player from the 2006 draft would you rather have than Curry?

  34. Right. Yao got voted the starter by the fans. You can’t really argue with 1 Billion Chinese. All I’m saying is Curry needs some time. He’s got the tools, as did Jermaine before he turned 24. It takes time to become really good. Last year, curry averaged 13.6 and 6.9 in 26 minutes. Once the ‘titaknicks’ start clicking this year, I think he’ll get his minuts up to at least 35pg. That should be good for 19 and 9. And i’m taking that over anything in last years draft. Again, had Brown not sunk the knicks, name me one player after the 9th pick you would take over Curry. Because the way all the pros thought (including myself ;)) the knicks were projected 8th seed in the east. Frickin’ Brown.

    In addition to what Marc said…JO winning most improved player? That means you were pretty bad, then got pretty good. That doesn’t really impress me, and just shows that curry has never been bad enough to show such a measurable difference in improvement.

  35. “Anyway, which player from the 2006 draft would you rather have than Curry?”

    Tyrus Thomas
    Adam Morrison (just for that sweet, sweet ‘stache…er, I mean jumper)
    Brandon Roy
    Rudy Gay
    Marcus Williams (yes, I like Renaldo “the Humpty Dance” Balkman, but Williams is gonna be Mark Jackson mach II)

    That enough Marc?

  36. One important tool that Yao and JO have developed, and Curry crucially lacks (or at least refuses to utilize consistently), is a midrange jumper. Without the option of keeping the defense honest every once and a while by popping a J, Curry’s potential is stunted by being purely a post guy just as surely as Frye’s potential is stunted by being purely a jump shooter.

    Here is the trend I see with Curry:
    1) he wants to post up and score in the paint everytime he gets the rock; but
    2) he can be a bull in the proverbial china shop, and certainly the refs are extra vigilant when he’s posting up to detect any hints of such bullish tendencies, and certainly his defenders are more than happy to act out the role of fine porcelain; so
    3) Curry is limited to walking on eggshells in the paint, ultimately making for weak, tentative shot attempts that don’t do justice to his true scoring ability.

    Curry’s defenders will not stop flopping anytime soon, and nor will the refs lay off him anytime soon, so he needs to mix it up. Specifically, he needs to develop that jumper so his moves aren’t so predictable, which will ultimately give his post-up game more latitude. Yao and JO wouldn’t be half the players they are on offense without their jumpers.

  37. Ken “The Animal”-

    You’ve certainly listed several players, I’ll give you that. But you haven’t made a case for any of them, with the exception of your admiration for Morrison’s mustache.

    Tyrus Thomas has been a nonfactor, at best, so far with a 3.10 PER. Morrison has a 7.93 PER. Marcus Williams has a 5.17 PER.

    Only Roy and Gay, at 15.43 and 13.17 PER respectively, are over Curry’s current, admittedly disappointing, 11.00 PER.

    If you would rather have those players because you think they have greater “potential” despite their presently dismal performance, well Curry leads the league in potential.

    Since the Knicks already have lots of young wing players, I’d rather they had a potentially dominant big man like Curry than any of the players you named.

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