Los Angeles Clippers 124 – New York Knicks 113 – (Live) Game Recap

Ok, thanks to the Italy-friendly time, I’ll try to do a new thing today: a live-game recap! I’ll scribble down notes as the game goes by, just to spice it up a little… let’s see if it will come down as a coherent writing or just a warbled mess!

– Oh no, again this starting five.

– I miss the days of yore when home teams played in white and the other team would play in color. I’m getting old.

– 4 shots, 0 makes. Of course, you’re starting Mario and Mudiay.

– Gallo picks up a smart chance getting fouled from the three point line. DeAndre looked like he was attempting to break his arm, I’m surprised they didn’t call a flagrant there. On a side note, and something I already wrote: I like Gallo so much, I almost hope the Clippers need to move him to sign two max free agents and we welcome him in our cap space after having fizzled in free agency. I could root all day for a team with Gallinari.

– It’s 8-0, and Fiz calls a time out with 9:28 to play. In the first quarter. Shouldn’t it be high-time to stop starting this wretched monstrosity of Mudiay-Dot-Knox-Mario-DAJ? I’d like to see a Kadeem-Dot-Frank-Knox-Mitch lineup from the start.

– Mudiay has learned to throw lobs, but only to Jordan. First bucket of the game for the Knicks.

– Jordan bully-balling Zubac. I think it won’t last.

– Tip-in by Jordan. Guy can still play, there’s no denying that.

– Dotson it’s quite good at coming off curls. Kid has some clear NBA skills.

– Jordan with 6 of the Knicks’ 8 points. The ball is moving more, if not better.

– Mario tried to dive into a player to get a foul called, failed miserably but at the last millisecond passed the ball to Jordan for an easy give and go. It looked like those videos on Facebook where you see people falling miserably but then getting up in one fluid motion and going around full swag, like the fall was actually intended.

– I hate Mudiay’s game, but that mid-range shot looks real. Good for him, I guess.

– I can’t decide if like Shamet or not. For sure he looks good when he plays against us, but well, talk about damning with faint praise.

– Kadeem is in for Mudiay! I rejoice.

– Whoa, power move from Gallinari, moving around Mario and converting a layup from under the basket with the and-one. Such a pity his health hasn’t better better through all of these years.

– Jordan with a revenge! 8 points already in the first 8 minutes and 5 boards. I still don’t care that much. I want Mitch, dammit.

– Mike Breen says “Lance Thomas comes in”. Let’s hope it’s a sentence we won’t hear after this April.

– Knox scored on… guess what… an ugly drive with a baby-bookish floater. Anyway, we’re trailing just by two. Kind of a good game until now.

– MSG graphic shows DeAndre is the Clippers’ record holder for games, rebounds and blocks. It’s easy to forget they were an amazingly bad team for eons, so much that players didn’t even stick with the team for as long as he did.

– Doc Rivers talks like he is the Merriam-Webster definition of “hoarse”.

– And Frank is in too. I noticed after, like, 20 seconds he was in. Meanwhile, good bucket from Allen, driving and stopping for a very close layup.

– Now I noticed Frank a bit more. First ball touched, a traveling violation. Urgh. But then a Lou Williams travel!

– Frank really understands the pick and roll. It’s just so obvious that he’s never going to shoot, that the PnR action is quite easy to foresee. He will always pass.

– Third foul for Allen. After the umpteenth awkward drive from Knox. These are the Knicks we’re used to see.

– My answer to the Trivia question “who’s the only other player in NBA history to lead his team never starting a game?” is Ricky Pierce. Let’s see if I’m correct in a few quarters.

– Mitch is in! Now the fun might begin. Or not. Frank just shot a veeeery short three. I’m aghast by how bad he is on offense. I’m still on the Frank train, but boy, this is a kid who doesn’t know what offense in the NBA should be.

– Montrezl Harrell is just so good. If you have a good motor and great instincts, you’ll always have a place in the league.

– First quarter gets to an end. 29-24 LAC, could have been much worse. Anyway, nothing worth mentioning from the first quarter apart from DAJ’s play.

– Dotson with a free layup thanks to the Mitch lob threat.

– Very good defense nullified by a JaMychal Green three. Nice intensity, though.

– Another early timeout by Fizdale. For a supposed players coach, he certainly does a terrible job at inspiring guys from the start.

– Early returns from Frank/Mitch not inspiring, but it’s been like three minutes. Let’s stay focused here.

– Threes raining down for the Knicks! Raining down on the rim, I mean. Oh wait, no, Lance Thomas just airballed one.

– Aaaand another timeout. It’s two timeouts in the second with 8:33 to play. Wow.

– If you don’t think Mudiay and DeAndre will get reinserted in after that timeout, you don’t know our coaching staff. Let’s see if I’m right.

– I was wrong. Fiz just reinserted Mudiay. Still, the ATO resulted in a turnover with the ball bouncing off Dotson’s foot.

– Oh well, I wasn’t that wrong. Just 50 seconds later, Mitch gets benched and DeAndre gets back. For chrissakes, fire this clown of a coach. WHO THE HELL CARES IF WE LOSE JUST PLAY THE YOUNG GUYS. I mean, if you play 47 minutes Knox, what’s the problem with giving Mitch 30 minutes every single night (unless he fouls out, of course)?

– Strange lateral jumping defense by Knox. Looked like an animation from NBA Live 98. Of course Harrell went to dunk uncontested.

– DeAndre becoming sort of a passing threat. I never foresaw that development.

– Knox is a good three point shooter for a rookie. I think we should just employ him as a very young Steve Novak and call it a day.

– A very springy Jordan forgot to box out Zubac. It happens.

– So Mudiay can pass the ball inside! But only to Jordan, it seems. Anyway, timeout by the Clippers with the Knicks trailing by six and 3:58 to play.

– I like MSG’s celebrity row sequences, they help me to give a name to a few minor actors I know I’ve seen somewhere but I could never figure out their name. And of course every time there’s Tracy Morgan. I loved 30 Rock (mostly because I loved Tina Fey).

– Amazing DAJ throwdown with the and-1 on another lob from Mudiay, has Mitch stolen Mud’s lunchpail?

– Jordan playing like a man possessed. 13 pts, 7 boards, 2 blocks and 2 assists in the first half. And a Dotson three ties the game!

– Does Knox commit the stupidest fouls in the league? I think so.

– Fizdale is certainly great at one thing: making the stink face after a ref’s dubious call.

– Knox with the uncoordinated layup to give the Knicks the lead! Lou Williams ties it again soon. But then a bucket from Mudiay, who’s playing well. I hate when he plays well. I am too afraid of what will happen in the offseason.

– Oh god, Mudiay from three. He has 16/4/5 in the first half.

– Knox is probably injured after a ridiculously ill-advised three-point attempt. Watching the replay, though, he was fouled (thanks to the Zaza Pachulia rule, if a defender puts a foot in the shooter’s landing area, it’s an automatic foul. They… forgot to run the whistle here).

– Harrell with a stupid foul just before the first half buzzer. So the Knicks haven’t really cornered the market here. Jordan goes to the line for another “Who you got?” moment.

– First free throw, Dotson answered to DAJ: clean make. Second free throw, Hezonja didn’t even look at him: clanked. I think the world needs to know the name of the man that figured out how to improve Jordan’s free throws just with this psychological wrinkle. Pure genius.

– It seems like I’ve mistimed my espresso break and I missed 4 minutes and 30 seconds of play. LAC on a 15-6 run. Of course, another quick time out.

– This Noche Latina shtick sounds like my Santo Domingo vacation. This reminds me I need a few days off, but who knows when that will happen.

– Frank is again bothered by that groin injury. Ouch. As much as he sucks on offense, his worst trait might be durability.

– Mudiay has already reached the 20 points threshold. On 12 shots. But then, his third foul.

– Jordan at the line again. This time Hezonja answers to him: another clean make.

– And Jordan gets to 20 points, too. Amazing game from him, honestly. A spirited DeAndre is a good player, yes.

– Zubac quietly with almost a double-double. Magic and Pelinka really screwed up trading him away.

– Time for the Trivia question answer: it’s Jordan Clarkson. And again, I’m wrong. Tough night for my guessing work.

– And another Knicks time out with 3:44 to go. At least Mitch is due to get back into the game. Let’s hope he plays a bit more this time. Only 6 minutes for him till now.

– “Hips don’t lie” plays on the MSG speakers. By far the Shakira song I like the least.


– And an offensive board by Mitch, now at the line. His stroke is very, very good. I can see him shooting some random threes in the future. He shouldn’t look to add that to the repertoire, but as a last second resort it could work.

– Timeout called by Rivers, these Knicks won’t quit. Down seven late in the third. I like the fire they’re displaying tonight, even if don’t like the offensive action. You also have to keep in mind that for the LAC players it’s like they started the game at their 9am internal clock. Matinees can be weird.

– Lance Thomas from the corner! Down five.

– Mitch “grabs” the board, than fumbles it away. Thankfully an errant Clipper leg insures than the ball still stays in Knicks’ hands. Mitch really has to improve on his ball-keeping ability.

– Third quarter ends. Clippers 89 – Knicks 84.

– Stupendous sequence: Mitch block, Mitch rebound, Dotson three. Down two. Mitchell’s defensive prowess is indisputable.

– Wilson Chandler with the super easy bucket. Ill Will, another player I liked sent away in the Melo trade.

– Harrell must have a top-5 motor in the League. I’d love to have him on our roster.

– Kadeem Allen with a good foray to the rim, Knicks down three. And then: Mitch steals the ball, amazing ball movement on the offensive end and Lance Thomas drill another three. As good as Jordan has been tonight, Mitch completely changes the complexion of the game on the defensive end. He’s too long, too quick and too eager for the ball. We’re tied, guys.

– What’s this? A hamster dubbed by the iconic “eeeooo” Freddie Mercury routine? Ultra weird.

– Kadeem Allen from three and the Knicks have the lead! But why is Mitch on the bench now? Fizdale, are you serious? I hope you’re resting him for the last three minutes.

– If Mitch doesn’t play another minute, I’ll tell you, I’m definitely rooting for the loss.

– Again Kadeem with the layup. This guy is quite good, you know?

– Of course, he follows that with an offensive foul. But to be honest, that’s a totally bogus call.

– Terrible sequence on the right corner. Mudiay and Jordan pass the ball to themselves, over and over, in a ten-square foot area. With 4 seconds remaining and nowhere to go, Mudiay launches a fadeaway. Of course it goes down. It’s that kind of night for him.

– Dotson 1 for 2 from the line. Knicks by 1.

– A wide open Gallo three puts the Clippers back in the lead. Me likes it. I also like the subsequent Mudiay miss.

– Jordan gets the offensive board after an Allen miss, only to throw the rock away. Again, me likes it.

– Lou Williams with an uncontested three thanks to the usual lackadaisical defense from Mudiay. I think I already said that I don’t like Mudiay’s game one iota. I don’t like how many efficient nights he puts up if he never learns how to defend.

– Despacito is a surprisingly likable tune even after two years of incessant hearing. The Daddy Yankee featuring really brings the song to life. I know, the last words were never supposed to be uttered by anyone in mankind’s history. Sorry.

– Some sort of circus shot by Allen right under the rim. Knicks trailing by five.

– But Beverley shoots from three and, guess what, he hits it.

– Mudiay gets stuffed by a ground bound Gallo, Lance Thomas gets the board but loads his dunk like a 13th century trebuchet. Luckily for him, he gets fouled. Perfect trip to the line, Knicks down six.

– Lou with a gorgeous floater. I don’t think Mitch would have blocked it, but Jordan is not playing good defense since getting back into the game. Fizdale is a good tank commander, I guess.

– What the hell, we’re already at 2200 words and counting? To think I found really hard to fill three pages for my 6th grade essays. Basketball brings out the best in you (or the worst, according to my detractors)!

– Gallo going to the line with 1:25 to go and the Clips already up 8. It’s ok, I got my wish for a loss.

– And Mudiay puts the cherry on top of the cake turning the ball over on an ill-advised drive to the rim. Very clutch for tank purposes, this guy here.

– Lou Williams with another three. It’s 13 points for him in the fourth. Great bench player.

– Kadeem Allen with a three, but after that he fouls out. Just 26.5 seconds to go, LAC up 10.

– Mudiay hoists up a three and misses. Game over.

All in all, not a bad game. Mudiay with a good line of 26/7/6, DeAndre with 20/14/4 and 2 blocks. Dotson had 18 points. Playing Mitch just 14 minutes, though, is a crime against humanity. I’m really annoyed by Fizdale. I hope he tells Dolan to sell the team.

This one gets in the pocket, see you for the next game and a nice Sunday to everyone!

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Just an Italian basketball fan with an insane passion for all things Knicks (and yes, linguine Alfredo is not a real Italian dish).

44 thoughts to “Los Angeles Clippers 124 – New York Knicks 113 – (Live) Game Recap”

  1. as always farfa – pure magic…

    my dream would one day having a chance to sit together and watch a game with you all :)

    hoping everyone is having a wonderful sunday…

  2. Stratomatic "I'm tired of the Knicks paying lip service to DEFENSE. Get defenders & two-way players. Then play them! says:

    I’m not going to defend playing Jordan so much, but I suspect Fizdale wanted to give him a chance to put up some numbers against his former team.

  3. Why ia Mitch playing fucking 13 minutes and Frank playing 6 while Dotson plays 44 minutes.

    Fizdale is a damn clown.

  4. New here. Been lurking for three years. Felt finally moved to write that the coach is an idiot. How in the world does he not play Mitch down the stretch? They don’t have to tank anymore. Why not go with all the kids, minus Mudiay, and let the chips fall where they may. They can’t lose any worse than they already lose. Play the kids. Play Mitch 30 minutes!

  5. It looks really easy, right? I think Fiz really made a promise to Jordan to play him a lot against his former team. I guess that’s his way to build trust.

    In other news: I think Fizdale is a hopeless cretin who maybe can have another job as an assistant lackey and should be removed from this team as soon as the season ends.

  6. I only caught bits and pieces of this game but it might be the most disgraceful minutes distribution of the season.

    Frank aggravated his groin injury so obviously no fault there, but there is no excuse for Mitch getting 14 fucking minutes in the kind of game you’d think would be great specifically for development.

    At least we developed DeAndre Jordan and Lance Thomas.

  7. Stratomatic "I'm tired of the Knicks paying lip service to DEFENSE. Get defenders & two-way players. Then play them! says:

    In other news: I think Fizdale is a hopeless cretin who maybe can have another job as an assistant lackey and should be removed from this team as soon as the season ends.

    Tell us how you really feel. :-)

    I’ve known a handful of people I’d classify as snake oil salesmen. They have some things in common. They tend to have terrific interpersonal skills and impressive verbal communication skills. They are very upbeat and very good at figuring out what people want to hear and telling them that. They can spin away failures and lead you to believe the future is very bright. They are so good at the con, they can produce dismal results for long periods of time but keep making you feel like everything is going exactly as expected and planned.

    Granted, our players suck, but I see no evidence at all that Fizdale is a good coach.

    The lineups often make no sense.

    His rationalizations for some his suspect moves make no sense.

    The style of play on offense has been terrible.

    The defense is a horror show.

    We’ve had few upside surprises in terms of development.

    Exactly why am I supposed to be enthusiastic?

  8. My guess is that the Knicks think keeping DAJ happy might help with recruiting KD. 14 minutes for Mitch is kind of inexcusable though. As for the rest of the rotations- it’s kind of tough to play the kids when they’re all hurt. Knox and Frank were both unavailable in the second half and Trier, DSJ, and Vonleh were in street clothes. I guess you could say why not Ellenson or Kornet over Lance but given that the game was fairly competitive I’m fine with that.

  9. So Frank doesn’t just suck, he’s also brittle AF.

    “The food at that restaurant was terrible!”
    “I know! And such small portions!”

  10. Yeah, between this season and the beginning of last year it sure seems like Frank is injury prone.

    At a certain point you have to ask how much development time you’re going to put into a guy who’s the worst player in the NBA and has trouble staying on the court. What’s the potential payout even if he “turns out?” What do his advocates think his, say, peak WS48 will be? When will it occur? What should we pay him as an RFA?

    In a year like this one it doesn’t really matter because his minutes are coming at the expense of Mudiay et al. Hopefully that will change at some point though, and you really can’t give many (any?) minutes to Frank Ntilikina if your team doesn’t absolutely suck ass. That’s why the whole “if he just gets to the Spurs” thing is so ridiculous.

    Sometimes you swing and miss badly with a lottery pick. It happens. The worst thing you can do is double down on them. It stings a little more because all of the signs of a bust were there prior to the draft, but that’s what you get when you put a doddering moron in charge of basketball operations.

  11. I mean, I dunno, Frank was picked right around where he was projected to go in the draft. So I can’t say it was an egregiously shitty pick. In terms of process, the Knox pick was even worse.

    He still blows tho

  12. remember how andre the giant made hulk hogan look like darryl hannah? tacko makes zion look like felton.

  13. bonus observation: james comey and phil jackson went to the same high end sherpa for twitter lessons

  14. I have no idea how a college team is supposed to play against a 7’6” human being and am very curious to find out

  15. I know Tacko can’t play in the NBA but I really want to see him there…

    Zion looks like he is laboring slightly…

    Barrett can’t shoot.

  16. what’s up with the floor…basketball on skates can’t be fun…

    actually – basketball on skates does sound fun…

  17. generally I don’t spend a ton of time digging into player stats…I’m doing it a little more these days, mostly though – I like to watch

    you would think a common opposing strategy by coaches is to go at zion a bit to get him in some foul trouble…that doesn’t seem to happen too much though…

    he takes some chances going for deflections and steals when he’s guarding out on the perimeter, but, seems to usually be in the right spot and engaged…matter of fact – he pretty much always looks engaged…

  18. Zion is gonna look so good in a Cavs uniform. )-:

    that’s what i’m thinking, I’m not sure, but, feels like the Cavs have had the most number 1’s ever…

    I’m absolutely positive we’re gonna pick four or five…I’m also sure we’ll have a shot at an impact player…fingers crossed…

    honestly, karma wise – I don’t think we “deserve” it…we tanked way harder than anyone else…other than the cavs…

    felt like both the bulls and suns at least tried to get their shit together a bit…

  19. Perkins on Buffalo sure looks like an NBA player…not on any rankings list…just goes to show my eye test is not an effective talent evaluation tool.

  20. Zion is so good he’s really the only guy on Duke keeping them in the game offensively. He’s also so good that he gets me to watch college basketball despite the terrible refs and the constant stoppages in play.

  21. If it takes minutes upon minutes of multiple reviews isn’t it impossible to call anything indisputable

  22. This is the worst Duke team I have ever seen with the best college player I have ever seen….

  23. Wow Duke was so damn lucky to win that game.

    And just watch them roll to a championship now.

  24. The much maligned Cam Reddish made a big contribution for once. First time I have seen him actually hit some threes. And clutch putback by Barrett.

    UCF ran a bunch of upperclassmen out there and almost got across the line. Makes such a difference to have a bunch of 22 year olds out there as a mid major. I was impressed again by Fall. Changes the game.

  25. Is it too late to predict Cam Reddish as the NCAA tournament darling by having a few “clutch”, but mediocre games?

  26. I know he’s slow and fouls all the time and not exactly an offensive dynamo but I can’t help but think Tacko would outproduce the average late second rounder. He’s not even on most mocks!

    That game was insane.

  27. Stratomatic "I'm tired of the Knicks paying lip service to DEFENSE. Get defenders & two-way players. Then play them! says:

    What do his advocates think his, say, peak WS48 will be?

    Whatever you think Frank’s peak WS48 will be, add an adjustment for individual defense and you’ll have a better idea what his value is. Intuitively from looking at players I think are plus defenders, looking at their ws48, and then looking at on/off data, I would guess adding somewhere around .05 or a tad more for Frank is about right. Frank is a plus defender but not an elite defender yet. That .05 could easily be wrong, but it’s less wrong than pretending his WS48 is right.

  28. Is it too late to predict Cam Reddish as the NCAA tournament darling by having a few “clutch”, but mediocre games?

    CBS has two guys doing mock drafts, and they both still have Reddish fifth!!!

  29. Yeah I mostly liked Barrett that game. He’s consistent and hustles. He sees the floor well. And maybe the outside shot is coming around.
    But a big problem is that his shots in traffic are usually off. He overreacts to height/length, although Tacko is in a different league.
    But as an 18 yr old, I feel pretty ok about Barrett if he’s the pick. He seems like a smarter but less airborne DeRozan.
    Reddish would be tough though. He’s a terrific athlete but doesn’t seem to have any feel for the game on offense, which is why he’s best as a catch and shoot guy.
    Tacko will get an undrafted contract somewhere, right?

  30. While I think I’d take Barrett at three, I’m not sure he’ll be a better pro than Culver. Really similar players.

  31. We really have to get one of the top 2 picks. I don’t have much confidence in any of the potential draft picks after #2, all have bust potential, or possible Wiggins ceilings.

  32. Stratomatic "I'm tired of the Knicks paying lip service to DEFENSE. Get defenders & two-way players. Then play them! says:

    bonus observation: james comey and phil jackson went to the same high end sherpa for twitter lessons

    Phil hasn’t committed a crime unless you want to consider Noah or his own extension a crime. :-)

  33. Huge shot from Cam with under 2 min. He looks like he should be good but is so bad. He’s actually decent when Duke can get some floor spacing. Which means he’s probably killer at 3-on-3. Can’t wait for this 4th pick!!

  34. When you have the chance to draft someone who shot under 33% from three in college you got to do it….

  35. The Raptors made 58% of their shots and were 42% from downtown…. and lost by 1 at home to Charlotte.

    Weird stuff.

  36. Well, it took Charlotte the craziest shot in at least a few years for them to win, so I wouldn’t feel too bad if I was the Raptors.

  37. I can’t imagine Tacko has value in any league with a defensive 3-second violation. Here’s to seeing him in summer league!

  38. Well, it took Charlotte the craziest shot in at least a few years for them to win, so I wouldn’t feel too bad if I was the Raptors.

    What I love about that shot is that you get to see Walker all pissed off about how they blew the end of the game (as he obviously doesn’t think the shot is going in) until the shot actually goes in and then he starts freaking out.

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