13 thoughts to “Looking on the Bright Side…”

  1. I think Mike Lupica will get a ton of columns out of this.

    At least 3.

    The best about Mike Lupica is that he makes short paragraphs so you don’t have to think when reading his columns.

    And he’s creating bad clones everywhere, like this guy: http://knicks.realgm.com/mwollert01.php

    Who needs a paragraph when a single sentence will do?

    That way you can just go on emotion instead of being rational about topics.

    Like Tim Hardaway.

  2. I never really analyzed his columns, KB (besides noting when he said stupid things – which is often), but yeah, you’re totally right. That almost perfectly explains why his columns are so lame, as he just throws out statements without any backing, leading to tons of ridiculous points, as he clearly hasn’t put any real logic into his positions.

  3. Watching Lupica on Sports Reporters was like listening to two cats screw.

    He could be a belligerent loud-mouth schnook on both sides of the same issue in the same show.

    As for Tim Hardaway… I live in Columbia friggin’ South Carolina. A few months ago the local news profiled this old bigot, almost too stereotypical to be real, that wouldn’t rent his warehouse to two business partners once he found out one of the partners is black. From the clip I heard from Hardaway, all you had to do was insert the word “gay” where the redneck said the n-word and it would have been the same rant.

    You could tell that Lebetard–who I really like by the way–was flabbergasted, at least in the clip I heard.

  4. Im amazed that people have the balls to plug their own Knicks blog, on this Knicks blog. Remarkable.

  5. At least Tim didn’t through a monitor or even worst transform into Stephen Jackson and “dump”.

  6. Im amazed that people have the balls to plug their own Knicks blog, on this Knicks blog. Remarkable.

    I don’t mind a link to a topical article on someone’s Knick blog. I mean, that’s really what this is all about, talking about the Knicks and sharing info/opinions with each other.

    But yeah, just plain ol’ “check out my site” is a bit tacky.

  7. Can anyone explain to me what the hell Isiah was doing letting Malik take those 18 ft jumpers when he had Frye rotting on the bench? And where the hell was David Lee? It didn’t seem like we had him on the floor until the end of the 2nd quarter. By that time, we were down 30. I’ll take Frye’s jumper and/or Lee’s rebounding any day of the week before letting Malik Rose think he’s an offensive threat. What a joke.

  8. even Isiah can’t explain that.

    and yes, it’s nice to see someone actually starting Lee, it’s almost as if he thrives in that role.

  9. maybe we should just drop Lee entirely out of the rotation. Maurice Taylor is a free agent again, right?

    14-14, baby! START HIM ALREADY!

  10. Tenacious Lee and Paul looked dazzling. Granted, it was a rooks-sophs game, but still.

    When I wonder if that’s what Lee could look like every night if only he had a natural point guard with him, it makes me a “sad panda.” Because we don’t have a natural point who can drop 17 dimes on any day between a starting gun and a final buzzer.

    Unless you count Steve Francis. And then replace the word “drop” with “cause” and “dimes” with “turnovers.” Then we have a guy.

    But, back to Lee. I think I love him.

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