Leading the Blind

Hey folks, I totally missed last night’s game, so all I have to go on it is the recap and the box score, so how about you folks fill me in on the particulars?

Why did Isiah not go to Kelvin Cato or Malik Rose on Yao? Did he try them for a little bit and they looked awful?

Is T-Mac just in a huge shooting slump, or did the Knicks play good defense on him?

Did Marbury have as good of a game as his stats indicate (although what’s up with the downward trend with his free throw shooting?)? Same question for David Lee.

Did Channing Frye look awful again?


* I know we all love reading about LB, so here‘s a column by Adrian Wojnarowski that basically says that LB is now “Artest in Armani.”

* Jermaine O’Neal might want back on Team USA. That’d be pretty cool.

* I saw a little bit of the Heat/Nets game last night. The Heat didn’t look that bad.

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15 thoughts to “Leading the Blind”

  1. I caught large chunks of the game, pretty much all of the 2nd half and much of the 2nd quarter.

    * Cato got minutes on Yao and was pretty useless. The big fella had the whole package working. It wasn’t just his points. When the Knicks finally did start doubling him, he torched them with his passing, getting the ball moving for open 3s. (Houston hit at least 11.) Thomas tried to rotate a number of players on Yao to no avail. Actually, Renaldo Balkman played major minutes on Yao when the Knicks went super small. He did a good job pestering Yao and managed to get numerous deflections. He also hit a mid-range jumper and got credit for a 3, even though his foot looked like it was on the line.

    * Q-Rich did a heck-of-a-job on T-Mac, who may be in a slump, but didn’t get a lot of open looks. Q is playing well in every phase right now.

    * Frye looks completely lost. I think I saw his head actually spin during one sequence. I feel for him. It’s not like he never played on a team that looked to spread the floor but there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to this offense.

    * David Lee on the other hand had another solid all around effort. This offense looks a lot like what he ran at Florida–lots of guards dribbling the clock away at the top of the key. He has such a great knack for finding the open spot and anticipating misses.

    * Marbury was having something of a lackluster game until midway through the 3rd and into the 4th. He was a huge part of the charge back into the game when it was about to get out of hand. Unfortunately, the charge occured when the team went super-small–a lineup I like–with Marbury, Crawford, Nate, Q, and Lee/Balkman. They spread the floor and went one-on-one. The problem was that they were forced to double in that lineup and gave up 3ptr after 3ptr. The Knicks got very little out of their base offense with Frye and Curry.

  2. Eddy Curry must not be allowed to play basketball. Thomas made a huge mistake when he aqcuired Curry, and now he is only making the situation worse by given him signficant minutes.

    The only time the Knicks are productive is when Curry is on the bench. He is overpaid and not motivated – useless – start rose or lee – players who will give it there all –

  3. Indeed, I still think Cato could help, but all of Cato’s minutes were on Yao, and as you see, he had a nonexistent stat line. Rose had a few minutes on Yao, and the commentators and camera even spoke of/caught him laughing at trying to guard Yao.

    Frye does indeed look like he never played a game at the pro level before. I dunno what’s going on.

    Again the team fell behind big, and again, reserves (Lee, Rose, Balkman) did the bruntwork to get them back into it. although Marbury was on court for a lot of the good run and played a little (not much, but a little) than he did on other days. But they definitely need to put a couple of the energy guys in the starting line up (Curry/Lee/Richardson/Robinson/Marbury OR Crawford would be OK), with Rose, Frye, Balkman and a couple of the veteran guards coming off the bench.

    And can Jerome play now? I know he “stinks,” but when they’ve got a Yao to play, it seems to make sense to activate both Cato and James — James couldn’t have done worse than anyone else on him, and since every now and then he has a decent game, why not try him at least?

  4. Oh, and Macgrady is off to another one of his overall slow starts, but the Knicks did play adequate defense on him last night. Just for the record…

  5. Ok im a admit that When balkman was drafted I thought it was a bs pick. but seeing him play defense on Yoa last night an was actually effective at dening him. I was amazed the guy is 6’8 an played defense better than that 6’11 joke of a center we have

  6. No one on our team could defend Yao one on one. In the past I have not been terribly impressed with Yao but this game he was amazing. He has developed a fantastic 15 foot jump shot and there is no way someone who is seven inches shorter than him can defend him one on one.

    Isiah kept trying to stop Yao one on one with Curry, Cato, Frye, Lee and even Rose. They all failed miserably. It was not until the fourth quarter when he doubled and tripled Yao that we were able to slow him down. This helped even though it did lead to some open threes.

    Curry had a terrible game but I do not believe it was really his fault. I liked that on offense he kept trying to go at Yao but unfortunatly Yao was too big and too strong for Curry to overpower and since the refs refused to call a foul on Yao (no PFs till 4th quarter) Curry had no real chance. This was kind of a strange situation for Curry, Yao and Shaq are the only players (that get meaningful minutes) that Curry cannot overpower with his size and agility. Curry learned a tough lesson that he needs to develop a couple of crafty finesse moves to combine with his strengh moves. But remember Curry is still young and Yao himself did not start to get it together until late last year right before his injury, and Yao is over two years older than Curry.

  7. I agree with everyone else. Curry has got to go. If you look at the gameflow at http://www.popcornmachine.net/GameFlows.html you see everytime Curry stepped on the court we started to lose ground. Every time he left the game we trended upward. I know Isiah must feel like he has to play him because of every thing he traded to get him, but damn. He’s going to cost Isiah a job. Though it would be nice to be rid of Isiah.

  8. I am a die hard Knick fan for 50 years

    “Blind leading the Blind” is the Knicks. This is not about the the stat line in game six or even the score but the QUALITY of and the level of basketball that the Knicks are performing.

    Their record is 2-4 it could have easliy been 0-6 . Their play in the last quarters of their wins was reckless, nothing to be proud of!!

    Quality Teams win because they:

    * Play defense throughout the game
    * have chemistry
    * have excellent ball movement
    * play will a passion
    * make the clutch plays consistently that create turning points
    * earn their salaries in the 4th quarter

    2006 Knicks do not seem to be a quality basketball team.

    I see little consistency and feel little enjoyment in watching our “stars’ turn the ballover in crtical moments, falling behind by 10+ and rallying to lose or our “all star” centeror point guard being humiliated.

    New York deserves a Quality team and coach that can use his players to develop that capacity.

  9. Curry may yet break out. Yao showed only very gradual progress in his first three-and-a-half years in the league. Then suddenly it clicked, when he was 26 years old. And it wasn’t so much a physical change, but rather a change in mentality.

  10. As a fan since the days of Clyde and The Captain, I’m embarrassed. These Knicks are pathetic. They play with no passion. Their guards are selfish, their frontmen weak. They can’t pass, can’t shoot, can’t rebound. Their “coach” is already making excuses for why they lose. And worst of all for a New York team, they play NO defense. No, worse than that – they play SOFT, TIMID defense. And don’t give me that “oh, now come on, So-and-so had a good game last night” – we all know exactly what I mean. There used to be a time when teams were actually AFRAID to play the Knicks – because they knew that even if they won, they would pay for that victory in spades. There WERE no easy layups. The Knicks were big, strong, tough, relentless, intimidating – nobody wanted to play us. Nowadays, EVERYBODY wants to play us – Knicks on the schedule this week? Pencil in a “W” …

    This team makes me ashamed to be a Knicks fan.

  11. Richardson did do a good job on McGrady, but T-Mac did get his teammates involved. And he didn’t really need to assert himself because Yao was going nuts on both ends of the court.

    “But remember Curry is still young and Yao himself did not start to get it together until late last year right before his injury, and Yao is over two years older than Curry. ”

    This is a false statement. Yao’s PER as a 22 year old rookie was a healthy 20.6. (Since then it’s steadily risen to 25.7) So it’s not that Yao just started ‘to get it together’ last year – he’s been pretty good since day 1. Eddy Curry, despite being 23 years old (24 in another month) hasn’t had a PER anywhere near 20. His best was 17.5 his second year.

    Curry’s excuse against Yao is that Yao’s size is too much for Eddy. What’s Curry’s excuse against Camby & Nene in Denver the other night? How about Tim Duncan yesterday?

  12. Don’t trash me…

    Isaih needs to bite the bullet and start Nate, Jamal, Q, Lee, and Rose. Whenenver these guys get on the court together, there’s energy and the knicks actually look like they’re in the game. The knicks problem is that they get off to bad starts, then have to depend on this unit to come in and get them back in the game, which they usually do. If you look at last nights game, they lost it in the first quarter. They got outscored by 11 in the first and tied/outscored san an the other 3 quarters. Start these five, then start subbing in the usual starters when the other teams are starting to bring in their subs. I think it could work. Either that, or the knicks totally suck and i’m grasping at straws.

  13. I don’t disagree with that line up but they have not played together that much to prove thats the best starting lineup. According to 82games.com http://www.82games.com/0607/0607NYK2.HTM that lineup has not logged to much time together so it’s hard to say if that’s going to spark us. However when we go small with Robinson-Marbury-Crawford-Richardson-Lee the Knicks are +7. One thing is for sure, we need to make a change.

  14. I do see that Zeke figured out the reserves lineups.Why can’t he figure out the starters current chemistry flaws?Could anyone please tell me why he can’t figure this out.The beatwriters mention that the dirtywork players like Lee,Jeffries{when healthy}Rose should start alongside Curry in the frontcourt.Why not take away some of his minutes and put Frye there,and move in Lee or Rose there?Do something to get Curry’s attention.

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