Knicks Waive Ewing Jr.

NEW YORK, October 24, 2010 – New York Knickerbockers President of Basketball Operations Donnie Walsh announced today that the team has waived forward Patrick Ewing, Jr.

Ewing, Jr., 6-8, 235-pounds, averaged 1.8 points and 6.0 minutes over four preseason games.

The roster stands at 15.

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Mike Kurylo

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5 thoughts to “Knicks Waive Ewing Jr.”

  1. I guess it does not make a whole lot of difference who the 15th man is on your team. With that said, I thought Patrick Ewing Jr. had shown in the Summer League that he could rebound a bit, which is an area that we seem to be lacking. He also seems like a good energy guy off the bench.

    Ultimately, PEJ did not get much burn in the preseason though, so it is kind of hard to evaluate him. Williams did not get much of a look either, so he must have outshined PEJ during practices. I guess my choice of Ewing over Williams would probably have been more about sentiment than any real on court help.

    I wish him luck and hope he is able to latch on to another team before the season starts.

  2. I wouldn’t have really cared either way, but I’m happy with/encouraged by this move. Williams has more skill and a higher ceiling. Walsh drafted him in Indiana and must have pretty good first hand knowledge of why he’s a bust to date. Either Donnie just feels like he’s a decent 15th man on an unguaranteed deal in case some injuries occur, or he feels like Williams has grown from being out of the league and is ready to reach his potential. You can’t ask for much more from a 15th man than he gave in his one season he played some minutes (07-08), and you also have to like the potential to surprise. He’s not super young (24 this season), but still young enough to get it together.

    supernova: I wish him luck and hope he is able to latch on to another team before the season starts. 

    He hasn’t caught on with a team for 2 years, so I’m not that optimistic.

  3. The annual PEJ signing is a nice PR move; I’d give it at least another year of shelf life.

    Williams is an excellent pickup as 15th man. If he can get his head together and stay out of jail and off drugs, he’s an NBA rotation player. Possibly a good one.

    I put odds of keeping his nose clean at maybe 30 percent, but that’s better than your average 15th man who has zero chance of being a real NBA player.

  4. I know who we keep as a 15th man really doesn’t mean much, and also that Williams has much more upside than PJ. But I’ve never seen Williams play a lick of defense!! That’s my concern. I think PJ’s work on that end and overall work ethic could rub off on the other guys who may not work as hard or play as well on defense. PR aside, I think it would’ve been a better move to keep PJ over Williams. Now, considering that Williams’ deal is not guaranteed-Walsh can throw him in as a salary filler in potential trades, so I guess it’s good planning. But, even at the end of the bench, personally i’d pick defense over offense. PJ’s not totally inept at offense ether, maybe not as talented as Williams on offense-but he’s definitely worlds better on offense than Balkman was.

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