Knicks Trade For Rose


The New York Knicks have acquired Toronto Raptors guard/forward Jalen Rose and a first-round pick in exchange for power forward Antonio Davis, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reports.

Davis was a likely target to be traded because of his expiring contract.

The Knicks have lost nine of their last 10 games.

No word on whether or not that first is protected (but since Isiah is no longer the Raps GM, I’m guessing not.) What’s with the Raptors getting mid-30s Knick power forwards?

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13 thoughts to “Knicks Trade For Rose”

  1. Great deal for the Knicks. Something for nothing, and that something fills a need. Jalen Rose would have been enough, but the pick is surprising. Isiah can work his magic with it.

  2. What’s with Zeke’s back to the future trades? Second time Rose and Davis have been swapped just like it was the second time Van Horn and TT were swapped.

  3. Ted: It’s the Denver pick, so it will be in the 15-20 range.

    I love this trade for Toronto. It clears cap room to sign a free agent after this season and it sticks it to that ungrateful gorilla-dunking mofo, Antonio Davis.

    I didn’t see if Kendra Davis was included in this trade. You can keep her. She frightens me.

  4. has anyone seen the “second” video of the fight in the stands? i happened to catch part of it last night, and it looked like Kendra was clearly to blame. But, i couldn’t find it online.

  5. round and round we go. more trades, more spinning in circles.

    where does zeke think the two rookies he’s going to draft next year are going to play? NYK already has too many kids that need minutes — four young bigs, two SFs, and three two-guards. does he think he’s going to land a legit PG prospect in the end of the first round, in THIS draft?

    check, and examine the prospects slated to be available: a bunch of guys who are either too small for their position, too slow, too weak, or european.

    maybe he’ll draft the next tony parker. who knows. maybe not.

    they added a guy who is the exact opposite of what NYK needs: a veteran player who complains a lot, dominates the ball, turns it over a lot, and doesn’t defend.

    LB has got to fuming about this. he asks for a shotblocker and a point guard, and he gets jalen rose. not to mention, more young headaches next year.

    a common refrain in the NBA is that it’s a player’s league, and that players win titles. I disagree. i think you have to have ALL the pieces in place, starting with ownership. Detroit and San Antonio, the two organizations that set the standard in the NBA, have discipline from top to bottom, and it creates an attitude about the way business is conducted. when ownership signs off on a $124M payroll, then adds another year and half of Jalen Rose, it betrays a certain attitude that . . . I don’t know, does anyone know what I mean by this? It’s like, anything goes, throw money at the problem, like Steinbrenner in the 1980s.

    There’s a common thread here, from too many ridiculous contracts to sexual harrassment in management to turnovers on the floor. this is what an organization looks like when it’s run by Billy Madison (Adam Sandler flick, for those not getting the referece) on his worst day. You’d never see this kind of shit from SA or DET, because they’ve got organizational discipline from top to bottom. That’s how DET is able to build a 70-win team with a bunch of castoffs from other clubs, after
    1) firing a HOF coach
    2) bringing in a guy who advanced past the second round ONCE in 10 years with a First Team All-NBA player
    3) blowing a second-overall pick in the best draft in NBA history (except maybe 1984).

    Integrity and discipline can do a lot for you. NYK has none. And it starts with ownership.

  6. Davis, a likely target to be traded because of his expiring contract?
    Why? Isn’t that great? You had an overpriced 37 year old who, once he’s gone, would give you more than $10 mil of room, no?
    Now you’ve just added that sitch again for one more year, though Rose is better – not on D of course, which I guess doesn’t make sense with Brown as coach – and he really doesn’t complain.
    Knicks continue to be the be the most interesting organization in the NBA. Our Raps are dysfunctional and do suck, but we suck out of the spotlight. The Knicks do it on the main stage, baby!

  7. The trade IMO is a good one.

    1. Fills SF gap. David Lee is PF and everyone else is undersized. Qyntel did a commendable job but will not demand double teams anytime soon.

    2. Opens the floor. By adding a legit 3 point scorer in the front line, it spreads the defense. Also, a proven scorer late in the fourth can make the difference in close games.

    3. Versatility. Jalen is probrably a better point guard than Nate and Jamal. He creates mismatches with his size.

    4. draft pick. Although it may be a mid first rounder, it is always good to have first round picks as trade leverage. Zekes track record in the draft is pretty good, so if anyone can pick a mid 1st rounder dark horse, Zeke can.

    The only drawback is Jalen cannot play defense. So now we will have the 1, 2, & 3 playing matador defense. We can expect a lot of defensive breakdowns and giving up easy baskets in the lane. In other words – same as usual, just worse.

    Overall, a good trade considering it only cost Antonio Davis who aging and ailing anyway.

    Looks like we might have a 30 win season after all. Woo-Hoo!

  8. Let me state my bias right up front. I HATE Jalen Rose?s game and I cannot explain exactly why. I just do. I want no part of him on the Knicks. But apart from my own bias, this deal?Davis?s contract for a player and a pick?makes little sense from a basketball perspective (even for Isiah). In fact I think it was executed for non-basketball reasons.

    The conspiracy theorist in me says that first, the Knicks could have done this exact deal using Penny?s contract, thereby keeping Davis (and probably moving Ariza to permanent inactive status). Second, Davis?s absence (even from practice) during his suspension makes more sense as an opportunity for him to get his house in order in anticipation of a move. If the Raps release Davis right away my bet is that he asked to be moved. If he did in fact ask to be moved maybe it is about his wife, who does appear to be… ummm? a tad high strung.

    As for Rose, sigh. Rose is a good-not-great offensive player who plays his best as the third or fourth best player on a good team. In the short term he takes some decision making pressure off Jamal Crawford, who has shown himself quite unable to handle it. Rose is the additional ball handler New York so desperately needs to cut down on the turnovers. Unfortunately, the warts on Rose?s game are most evident on a bad team. He?s not good enough to be a go-to guy on a good team (either as a scorer or distributor) but he?s dissatisfied with a smaller role. Consequently, he?s never been completely happy anywhere he?s been. He?s also an every-now-and-then defender.

    The short term issue facing LB is how does Rose fit with Marbury? They could be a potentially combustible pair; and not necessarily in a good way.

    As for the extra pick from Toronto, this deal could be a lot more palatable if Isiah finds a way to spin them into a higher lottery selection (preferably without taking on more salary beyond ?07). I wonder if Houston couldn?t be talked into a package that included the Toronto pick and maybe Nate Robinson for their pick, currently 5th. They have some contracts coming off the books this summer (e.g., C-Spoon, Moochie Norris, Vin Baker?ahh the memories, as well as David Wesley and Jon Barry) and need depth.

  9. 4-way deal with the Wolves, Lakers, and Hawks

    Knicks get: Kwame Brown, Zaza Pachulia, Lakers #19 this year
    Wolves get: Lamar Odom, Channing Frye, Nate Robinson, future 1st rd pick from the Lakers
    Lakers get: Kevin Garnett, Steve Francis, Randolph Morris
    Hawks get: Andrew Bynum, Vladimir Radmanovic, Maurice Evans

  10. that’s a terrible trade for NY, basically Frye, Morris and Nate for the #19 pick this year. no thanks. it’s bad for Minnesota also, way lopsided in favor of LA and Atlanta.

  11. Of course the talent exchange is uneven, but the key is Kwame’s expiring deal. It would be a good trade for the Knicks if it included Crawford, Richardson, Jeffries or James – anyone with a contract running through 2010. As proposed – it saves a lot of money by dumping Francis, but doesn’t help our cap situation. We’re tens of millions over, with or without Stevie.

    To be under the cap in the summer of 2009 would require dumping at least two of those longer contracts. The most likely path would be to trade Crawford this summer (with a sweetener like Frye or Robinson or the #23, in exchange for a vet with one or two years left on his contract)… and then pray that Q is healthy in February, in which case a contending team might take him off our hands, even knowing that his back will probably go out again soon.

    It’s possible that we would even pick up a good player in those trades – but dumping salary is the key, so we can pick up a real player in 2009. We have plenty of depth at the 2 and 3, to trade away more players than we take back.

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