Knicks Summer League Squad – Part 1

Summertime and the livin’s easy
Bradley’s on the microphone with Ras-MG
All the people in the dance will agree that
we’re well qualified to represent the LBC.

— “Summertime”

With the Knicks first summer league game coming up this Saturday (7/10), let’s take a quick look at their roster. Since I’m not a college hoops nut, I can’t say that I’m all that familiar with these guys. I’m basing my opinion on the articles I’ve read about these guys, their stats, and of course the green alien that levitates over my shoulder. I’ve included a bunch of links on each player, so you’ll have plenty of reading material to cure your Knicks basketball withdrawal.


Last year I recall Sweetney eventually taking over as the summer team’s starting center due to the lack of a good candidate. This year New York is looking to develop a tradition center instead, because they’re a little thin there. A good showing by any of the candidates could mean a roster spot, albeit a deep one on the bench. Trybanski will likely start here. The 7-2 25 year old has only 22 NBA games under his belt over his 3 years career. His 101 career minutes in that span makes Rick Brunson look like Stephon Marbury.

If I had to guess on which center has the most upside it would probably be Ales Chan. The Czech came to America in 1999, but and was a buried on the bench at WVU. However a transfer to Seton Hill (that’s Hill not Hall) made Chan a different man. The 7-1, 270 pounder was not only a good scorer & rebounder, but showed an overall complete game by averaging 2.5 blocks & 2.0 assists.

Of course, Chan may be behind Fairfield’s Rob Thomson and/or FSU’s Trevor Harvey. From what I can tell from two different reports, Harvey seems to be a shot blocking and offensive rebounding specialist. Even in his final season at FSU Harvey only averaged 18.4 Min/G, so it’s hard to imagine him getting a lot of time on this team. Thomson maybe undersized for an NBA center. He’s listed at Fairfield’s page as 6-10/200, but the Knicks have him at 6-10/240. It seems that he has a good eye for shooting with a 51% FG%, 78% FT%, and a 45% from beyond the arc. He only attempted 20 shots from downtown (in 30 games), so I don’t see him as a Sam Perkins type. Thomson also seems to appear to have a predilection for the offensive glass, but his 1.0 BLK/G doesn’t make him a shot blocker of Harvey’s class.

Power Forwards

It’s fairly obvious that Sweetney will get the major minutes here. Anthony Miles or Brent Wright will share the backup duties. Miles is a recent graduate of Xavier. He looks like an inside banger, but his FT% was an awful 50% last year. Brent Wright was harder to find information on. He last played for Florida in 2001, where he was injured his senior year before March Madness. He bounced around a little bit, first in the NBDL, then Italy, Israel, & Sweeden. In college he was a career 41% three point shooter, but that shot may not be there anymore, as he was a pitiful 9% for three in Sweeden. Rob Thomson may see time here, if the Knicks decide he’s undersized at the center position.

The Knicks will want to work with Sweetney, further developing his game, so I don’t think there will be a lot of playing time to go around for these guys. Unless Isiah buys out Othella Harrington or trades any of the Knicks 3 PFs, I don’t see any of them making the team, either. However it’s not inconceivable that one of them will play well enough to latch on to another team.

Small Forwards

Technically, the Knicks only have one SF listed on their roster: their only draft pick Trevor Ariza. He just turned 19 so I wonder how many minutes he’ll be ready for, even in a summer league. Given the fact that the Knicks have 8 guards and only 1 SF, I’m going to take an educated guess and say that DerMarr Johnson will be getting a lot of time at SF. If Ariza performs well, the Knicks will be thrilled to play him as much as they can & slide DeMarr Johnson to SG.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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