Knicks: Something, Bucks: Something Slightly Less

New York Knicks 107 Final
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101 Milwaukee Bucks

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  1. It’s not often I get to write recaps, but when I do, it’s for 3 hours of the most awful basketball ever played outside of a preschool gym. I was very much tempted to just forget about the recap template and go on a thousand word rant about how awful and stupid this team is, but decided I would do what the Knicks have proved incapable of: Show some damned structure.
    These are NBA players, how is it possible to not know the very basics of basketball when you have devoted your entire life to this game? If I go into a bank to make a deposit, I expect the teller to be able to count what I give them, just as I would expect a PROFESSIONAL basketball player to know when a good time to call a timeout is, and when to and not to take a shot at the end of a game (hint: if you’re up and the shot clock is off, DON’T SHOOT THE F’ING BALL!). I’m going to keep watching the Knicks play this season, but any optimism is completely gone now. I’m now going to watch to see how far into the absurd this team can go, and I’m going to keep a list of the most ridiculous things that they do so that in future seasons I can look back at that list and say “Man, at least they aren’t THAT bad!”
  2. Here’s the biggest issue with having a lame-duck coach: he is going to sacrifice the long term good of the team for short term successes. That’s the only way he has a chance of keeping his job. Playing Tyson Chandler nearly 40 minutes after 6 weeks of recovering from a broken leg is horrible, but Woodson knows that’s his best chance to win now and get the media off his back. It’s not just Chandler, either, Melo barely got any time on the bench. With the minutes he’s been logging, he’ll be lucky to make it to the All-Star break without an injury.
  3. This kind of game is exactly why it made sense to develop a backup center on this team. If Aldrich actually got more that a couple minutes of playing time in games that weren’t particularly close in score (there have been plenty) maybe the coaching staff would feel a little more comfortable sitting Chandler in a close game when he’s limping up and down the court with cramping calves.
  4. It’s time for the grades now. I’m going to switch it up and try to be as positive as possible. I need to get up early in the morning and taking all this anger and frustration to bed will keep me up all night. We won the game, after all. A win is a win, right?
Carmelo Anthony, SF 55 MIN | 9-29 FG | 7-8 FT | 9 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 29 PTS | +7

Great shooting from the line for Melo! I’m glad he’s around to take all those shots so the other guys don’t hurt their wrists!

Tyson Chandler, C 37 MIN | 3-4 FG | 3-4 FT | 9 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 3 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | -3

While he wasn’t the all powerful destroyer of worlds that he was before breaking his leg, Tyson is still the best defender on the Knicks. The guy is a fierce competitor which may be his downfall, since the dumbass coach is going to ride him into the ground. Stay positive, Kevin, stay positive… Deep breath…

Beno Udrih, PG 40 MIN | 8-12 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 5 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 21 PTS | +3

Udrih had a capable game, for the most part. He was a dead-eye from 3, and had many good looks. He missed the potential game winning shot at the end of the 4th, but it was a good shot. That happens. Sure he made Brandon Knight look like Jordan, but nobody expects him to be a good defender. He’s the kind of guy you have to hide on defense, but he’s the best option at the point right now.

J.R. Smith, SG 48 MIN | 7-23 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 6 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 19 PTS | -3

J.R. sure played a lot of minutes which were totally earned because… um… he’s capable of breathing on his own? Ah, who am I kidding, J.R. could be comatose on a ventilator and Woodson would still give him at least 30 minutes.

Iman Shumpert, SG 31 MIN | 0-5 FG | 1-2 FT | 6 REB | 5 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 1 PTS | -10

Oh Shumpert, I don’t even know what to think anymore. I used to think you were a diamond in the rough that just needed some individual attention and nurturing to become one of the best players on the team. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Maybe going to a real professional basketball team is what he needs. He certainly is killing his trade value, though. Oh yeah, I need to say something positive! 6 rebounds 5 assists and 2 steals are a solid night, and he didn’t force many bad shots. So there’s that.

Andrea Bargnani, PF 34 MIN | 5-16 FG | 0-0 FT | 10 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 12 PTS | +16

I have nothing to say about this man.

Metta World Peace, SF 12 MIN | 3-4 FG | 2-4 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 4 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | +3

Limiting Metta’s minutes aren’t a bad idea, but only 12 when he was really getting after it on defense (4 steals in 12 minutes!) seems excessive. It would have been beneficial to give Metta about 8 more and Chandler 8 less minutes. He looked really good when he was out there.

Toure’ Murry, SG 10 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +4

Dude can foul with the best of ’em!

Tim Hardaway Jr., SG 22 MIN | 3-7 FG | 1-1 FT | 3 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | +13

Hardaway was looking pretty good out there. Certainly he could have taken a large portion of J.R.’s minutes without the team’s play suffering. I think we’ve all been pleasantly surprised with Jr.’s play. Keep it up rook! At the very least, you’re helping your trade value.

Mike Woodson

At over 3 hours, maybe this game just moved too fast for Woodson.

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49 thoughts to “Knicks: Something, Bucks: Something Slightly Less”

  1. The photo of the Knicks bench reacting to Bargnani’s magnum opus is simply tremendous. While every other player is standing and making some gesture of incredulity, Metta sits serenely on the bench, calmly looking straight ahead. Metta knows there are so many worse things in this life than a gigantic Italian goofball hoisting up an almost impossibly stupid shot to blow an overtime win against the worst team in the NBA. I think I’m going to print it out and hang it over my desk to keep me positive.

  2. Good point about Woodson playing for now at the expense of later in the season when all these minutes are going to show in a big way on Melo and Chandler. It is beyond stupid how he refuses to use the younger legs on his bench even when far behind or way ahead. SMH. Woodson needs to be fired and soon before he cripples the rest of the team. It is also beyond stupid how DUMB this team plays, utterly ridiculous and comical for an NBA team. All of which was stated above, nice recap. Blow it up and start over asap….

  3. I defended the trade at first , but Bargnani is a seriously flawed basketball player. How this dude was drafted first overall is one of the great mysteries of this or any other era. Why he didn’t know not to shoot in that situation is incomprehensible. Have Mercy !

  4. Shump shot it poorly, but you can’t say he let’s it affect his game. 5 assists and 6 rebounds from Shump tonight.

  5. Shump there are not enough excuses for him to waste his ability to drive more on the offense his ball handling was never this poor before, his shot is crappy when he hesitates and his slump can never match jr dating back to playoffs post elbowing, but I wouldn’t blink if u said he scored 7 points in 17 games he is getting nice and crappy just like the rest of this squad minus a few, MWP was jacking up so many bizarre ugly shots and trying to create offense early on so he didnt get time, then his knee started acting up and now he looks a lot more gimpy but finally the coach is utilizing him correctly how many injuries have to happen to make this coach do the right things? We are so fucked in so many areas I can’t believe what I’ve witnessed so far, I really desperately wish we win the championship this year with a losing regular season record in the 7th seed so when they have to make the obligatory DVD of our championship run its just a fucking epic blooper reel of all the foillbles and folly and fouls and flagrants and fuck-ups and clock mis management and mechanical limbs falling to pieces and Chris smith signings, of course we sweep the celts, nets and pacers in this fantasy to face the lakers which goes to game seven Nash puts up 44 assists in game 6, stat has 50 12 game 7 melo was hurt we fucking posted him up against a tired gasol and an overwhelmed hill/sacre (kaman dnp cd he is losing his mind on the bench at MSG) I’m there with my girl (young Winona Ryder) we drunk in first row I high five Spike Lee basically every stat bucket my hand hurts I’m on the DVD too. That’s what’s up. So all this has to happen now, because if bargs can shoot that shot and chandler has to play forty minutes tonight any fucking thing is possible. We blowing out OKC Xmas fuck it.

  6. Fuck commas also and sentences that make sense, I am sorry for rambling. Dizzy from the game.

  7. Yeah it’s really too bad the Knicks don’t have some sorta backup center/rebounding machine that might have stopped Chandler from getting injured playing 37 min in his first game back. It’s also too bad the Knicks don’t have some sorta roster spot at the end of the bench to use on a point guard when Murray got hurt.

    It sure is too bad the Knicks don’t have any of these things

  8. how about trade Felton and JR for Brandon Knight? oh yeah, let Woodson go before Christmas.. there’s got to be someone else with better basketball IQ

  9. The offense was awful. No ball movement. No people moving. A cold JR Smith firing 17 threes. Carmelo Anthony getting the ball with lots of time on play clock and dribbling to a last second contested jump shot. Carmelo getting the ball with 5 seconds on the shot clock and taking a contested shot.

    The defense was better. Tyson Chandler was strong. MWP demonstrated his value.

    Awful game to watch. Winning means it can be forgotten. Except for the Bargnani shot. That goes in the pantheon.

  10. There’s just something about playing Tyson Chandler 36 minutes in his first game back and putting his long term health and the club’s best interests behind you wanting to save your job that irks me. Then again, I can’t be happy til Woodson is fired, and this win probably bought him another 2 weeks worth of debacles. “I was hoping not to play him that many minutes. I’m sure his lungs are burned out by now. I apologized to him, but hell, we needed him.” No, coach. You needed him.

  11. I’m going to try a little counter intuitive reasoning:

    In several games this year, people have been mercilessly negative about Bargs. He, indeed, is a flawed player.
    But do not ignore the fact that he recently has posted some of the best +/- on the team, as he did last night.
    By my count, Melo shot 20.6 percent last night.
    Shump shot 0 percent.
    JR shot 30.4 percent.
    Bargs shot 31.2 percent.

    Clearly there are starters performing far worst than the Italian.

    Now, as you saw in my comments last night, Bargs had arguably the most iconic dumb shot in recent memory. If it had been an important game it would rival Charles Smith getting jammed several times by Jordan and Pippen trying to bank in a layup rather than going for a dunk using his 6’10 frame…Or Webber calling time out.
    It was stupid, and his dim-witted look in that moment only added to my fury.

    But stop telling us how flawed he is.
    Shump may be one of the most ineffective starting 2s in the game right now. He is horrible.
    JR is inept on offense, and his dumbness is on display nightly.
    My point we are sounding a bit like we did when the Knicks sucked in the past. We would hone in on players that were not 360, fully-formed ball players, and tear them down, frustrated at the losing.
    Point is they never are fully complete players, unless they are the very best and there are only maybe six players like that in all of basketball. Cogs is what they are.

    Bargs is a middling center with the ability to shoot from range. One could argue that his shooting skill takes him too far from the basket where he is needed to board more…but that’s a separate issue.

    My point is the Knicks are the sum of their parts, and many more parts are wanting far more than Bargs right now. Our guards are our greatest weakness. Period.
    And Melo isn’t able to do it all, is playing too much and doesn’t finish like he once could.
    Our parts are wanting.
    And they are stupid.

  12. This organization is just dumb from top to bottom. The owner is an idiot. The new GM – well, his history doesn’t bode well for him but at least he hasn’t done anything stupid yet. The coach – ’nuff said.

    This team. It is composed of some of the dumbest, most talented basketball players in the world. Tyson Chandler must feel like a freaking kindergarten teacher.

    It’s an interesting topic, this idea of “b-ball intelligence” and loss of “veteran leadership”. Is “veteran leadership” really just another name for players that can stay in the league despite serious deterioration of their physical skills? I mean, Jason Kidd couldn’t jump over a pretzel and couldn’t outrun a toddler, but he was still an important player on a good team last year. Kurt was the best player on the floor while playing with a broken foot against the Jazz last year. Rasheed’s mere presence on the floor magically improved the D even though he was basically a statue.

    Who are we putting out there on the floor? Felton? Dumb player. JR? Dumb player. Bargnani? Yesterday pretty much confirmed –> dumb player. Melo? not exactly a basketball genius, although he looks like freaking Einstein compared to the others. Even Shump seems to have no idea when it’s appropriate push the ball, pull it back, shoot the open shot, swing the ball, and for Pete’s sake, STOP FOULING.

    This team just has no idea how to win games. We are LAST in the league in opponent FTR at 0.354. The next worst team is 0.322. The difference between us and the 2nd worst FTR-against team is the same as the difference between the 2nd worst and the 15th worst team. We are second worst in the whole league in own-FTR at 0.215 and I don’t have to tell you that we are BY FAR the worst team in net-FTR. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Like Kevin said, barring a miracle like JVG coming on, this is a lost season.

    *btw by “dumb” I just mean basketball intelligence, not actual dumbness.

  13. I think also we all hoped for Shump, but right now he is playing like dog poop.
    How many dunks has he failed to finish recently? I mean, nothing but iron.
    And his attitude is terrible. He isn’t playing with his teammates. His offense isn’t in the flow. He simply tries to do it himself and, frankly, he lacks the ability to take on three guys.
    His D has been average at best. Our stopper? He was getting blown apart last night by guards who labor to score. They are one the worst offensive teams in the league.
    And he sulks. His sulking infuriates me. Last year, he was our greatest cheerleader next to Tyson.
    This year he’s all in his head. He thinks he’s a star.
    Of course, Woodson and the organization are messing with him. First, the Knicks got all huffy because he didn’t play more in the summer, when he had already committed to a kids basketball camp.
    Second, after a very solid playoff, Woodson said he had to compete for his job against a guy who absolutely sucked in the playoffs, who single-handedly blew a series. Mind fuck No. 2.
    And last, the Knicks organization starts to shop him around.

    Is it any wonder he is struggling?
    So, half I put on the organization; half I put on him.
    And if abbey were around, who was Shump’s biggest fan, he’d remind all the blind Shump love out there:
    He’s got a career worst TS% and eFG%.
    And your eyeballs tell you he’s not stopping much on defense.
    He doesn’t know who he is, and the team suffers for it.

  14. Just watching some of Woodson’s presser. The guy is so damn proud of himself. It’s amazing.

    This whole franchise is engaged in a battle to save their guy against us and the media, at the cost of the team.

    We really need to get those “fuck james dolan” chants going at the garden.

  15. Let me backtrack just for a second here–
    There ARE players on this team that are smart basketball players. Pablo is a smart player. Tyson is usually a smart player. K-Mart and MWP are smart players.

    At least 2 of those players have to be on the floor at all times, and preferably 3 in close games. When/if everyone gets healthy, our closing lineup IMHO should be Pablo, Shump/THJ, Melo, MWP/Kmart, and Tyson. Pablo should be getting 25 min/g when he’s healthy again. MWP needs 20-25 min because he’ll still make the little plays even if he’s having an off shooting night. Kmart needs to play 20 min, and Tyson probably needs to play 32-34 min on this team.

    Two thoughts on our “shooting” guards:
    1) Yes, JR took 17 3’s last night and shot zero free throws. But I actually don’t have a huge problem with his shot selection last night. Probably at least 14 out of those 17 3’s were wide open shots in rhythm off kick-outs. Those are good shots, and on most nights he’ll go at least 7 or 8 out of 17 on those. My main issue with JR is how god-awful he is on defense. It’s just inexcusable to have him out there instead of THJr or even Shump.

    2) Shump – yes, his offense is broken right now — he’s back to being very hesitant with both his shot and his decision-making off the bounce. But he basically shut down Brandon Knight in the second half, and it’s no surprise that most of the defensive breakdowns late in the game and in OT came when Bargnani came in for him. Shump’s offense is as bad as JR’s now but at least he’s still doing his job on the other end of the floor. BUT STOP FOULING.

    3) Tim Hardaway Jr – this kid is a rookie but he needs to be playing 36 minutes/game now. Sorry JR. He may make some “rookie” mistakes, but he’s shooting 42.7% from 3, has a TS of 60, doesn’t turn the ball over, and at least tries on defense. He’s the most complete 2 guard we have right now, and to play JR twice the minutes of THJ – it’s just dumb Woody.

  16. whoa….what an awful game. But hey at least every other team in the Atlantic lost right? hahaha who am i kidding we suck. The Knicks will make the playoff though, and as long as they dont play Mia or Ind in the first round it could get interesting. They should have won 5 in a row but dumbassness and sheer stupidity cost them against the Wiz and Bos. AH well. They have 2 more winnable games coming up as Memphis is awful and Orlando sucks as well. After OKC two Toronto games. So lets see where we are on Jan 1. I dont even want to trade for anyone anymore. Lets just ride this shit storm of a season out.

  17. and btw I am now completely against any trade that sends out any future assets other than maybe Shump. Kyle Lowry is not going to be the guy who turns this team into a contender, and sending out what’s looking like a major late 1st-round steal (THJr) or a 1st round pick would be organizational suicide.

  18. Frank:
    Totally agree.
    And by the way, about Melo’s intelligence, I think it was Chauncy Billups who noted that Melo could be the best player in basket, if he wanted to be.
    The point about Melo is: if he is your biggest brain, the will behind your team, you may be in trouble. He’s not that guy. He is a killer scorer, but he needs others to do the thinking and others to motivate the team.

    But building more off this idea that the guards on this team are killing us: Our guards are below averages on O and D, tend to be slow and older, and are marginal offensive threats.
    And what happens to a team with weak guards?
    They can’t penetrate.
    When you can’t penetrate, you can’t draw fouls, and you can’t put a team on their heels so that when you dish they must foul an attacking big.

    This team, while a good free throwing team, doesn’t take many foul shots.
    Their opponents have taken 46 percent more free throws this season than the Knicks. Last year, the Knicks took only 5 percent fewer FTs than their opponents.

    Melo has had 187 free throw attempts this season.
    Who is next in attempts on the Knicks?
    Bargs at a horrible 63, almost exactly a third of Melo’s total.
    Amare, 37, on limited minutes.
    Then Shump and JR at 31.

    You can’t win when most all your points are hard points: mostly all longer range, virtually none in the paint and few, too few FTs.
    Recipe for disaster, that.

  19. Shumpert is 5-for-35 with 17 points in the last 7 games. — Jared Dubin.

    who cares? everybody knows Shumpert is playing terrible basketball, you just have to watch the game.

    I’d still rather see him playing than f******* J.R, who shot a brilliant 40-116 in his last 10 games and yet gets spared by our own spin doctors.

  20. Dudes, I have the answers:

    1) Fire Woodson
    2) Hire Clyde as head coach

    Solves all the problems:
    Comedy? check
    “Once a Knick, always a Knick”? check
    Likely to be a better coach than Woody? check!

  21. And I have to disagree on Shump’s D.
    Knight may have gotten shut down in the second half, but his first half was bad enough.
    Brandon wasn’t going to put 60 on the Knicks.
    But a guy who averages 13 ppg hung 36 on the Knicks and Shump, and I say that because Shump was guarding Knight on and off through the first half as well.

  22. Yes, JR took 17 3?s last night and shot zero free throws. But

    Arguably the best beginning to a “Yes…but” statement ever.

    But yeah, you’re right. He had good looks. He just can’t shoot straight.

    I miss Chris Copeland.

  23. Oh, and I watched the end game stuff, and the Henson tip that put the game into OT, it was Shump who failed to box out Henson.

  24. Why would Clyde ever take that job?
    Clyde is a smart man, and man who knows his legacy and his place.
    So why at almost 70 would he coach this rabble?
    He has a cushy job.
    He probably has a woman in most every town he can relax with.
    He just launched a restaurant.

    He doesn’t need a coaching job.
    Clyde is cool where he is, and Clyde is always cool.

  25. Correction:
    I wrote “By my count, Melo shot 20.6 percent last night.”
    He shot 31 percent.
    My bad.

  26. and btw I am now completely against any trade that sends out any future assets other than maybe Shump. Kyle Lowry is not going to be the guy who turns this team into a contender, and sending out what’s looking like a major late 1st-round steal (THJr) or a 1st round pick would be organizational suicide.

    Yeah, that’s it precisely. No future assets can be dealt. And yet you know they’re eventually going to do just that. Hopefully Mills surprises me! Although, do note that Mills was apparently okay with sending the 2018 first rounder for Lowry before Dolan overruled him, sooo…well, not a good sign.

  27. And also, yes, by far the worst thing about last night’s game for me was Woodson’s pathetic usage of Chandler. Holy shit, what a douchey thing to do.

  28. “No, that’s you guys speculating on my job. I mean, I’m fine. And I think Steve has been supportive through this whole thing, so hey, it’s what it is at this point,” Woodson said. “I mean, until we get healthy bodies back, I would like to see where we’ll be if I had a full deck and we haven’t been able to get to that point and we’re gonna keep working until we get there.”


  29. I’m only now noticing that Melo played 55 minutes.

    Arguably my second least favorite double nickel ever.

  30. It’s so horrible to watch a mid December game between two teams with about 12 wins combined game that is managed as if it is game 7 of the finals and looking at time like a tweens rec league gane. I felt sorry for Chandler.

  31. It’s funny, the other team’s shitty coach was the Knicks’ shitty coach’s top assistant back in Atlanta. Coincidence?

  32. That was an insane game last night. It was poorly played but fun to watch, especially the Bucks. I have time for John Henson and Giannis. That alley oop near the end of regulation was amazing.

    Playing Chandler that many minutes was nuts. And Bargnani’s shot was unreal. At least the Knicks are bringing the crazy every night.

    If I were a Bucks fan I would be pretty excited about Giannis the Adonis and his 6’9 frame, 7’4 wingspan, and coming growth spurt. Seriously, Melo for Giannis, who says no? He is only 19 and already playing above average ball in the NBA, despite having very limited high grade basketball experience before this year. It’s pretty incredible.

    Thank goodness for league pass….

  33. Yeah that Giannis kid looks like he’ll be a beast. Played good D on Melo (who looked really tired last night – barely drove the ball at all) and is more aggressive on offense than one would expect from a 19 year old rookie who has barely played. He made a couple really nice passes including that -oop to Henson. And he’s not nearly as skinny as I thought he would be. He probably outweighs Durant already.

  34. Can we discuss Woody’s sudden and all consuming obsession with timeouts and offensive/defensive substitutions??? No one was going to accuse HIM of not using a timeout when he had one available. They might accuse him of using his last one with a full minute to go in 2OT and only up by 3 points, but hey…and what was the point of putting our crack offensive squad out there up by seven with 16 seconds to go? So Bargs could find a wackier way of throwing the game? This morning, I laid out the end of first overtime situation for my 9 year old to the point where Chandler threw the offensive rebound back to Bargs with 12 seconds left and asked him what he would do (my NINE year old NOT obsessed with basketball or particularly interested in it for that matter) and he said simply, “I’d delay.”

    It all starts from the top. An owner with little intelligence for the game will have little ability to recognize the little intelligence for the game that his GM and coach have. They, in turn will have little ability to recognize a failure of intelligence in their players. I don’t think Woody even likes intelligent players. He certainly doesn’t like them newfangled statistics that show who does and who doesn’t help the team win. For instance, why didn’t he play Prigioni more earlier in the season before the entire backcourt got injured and forced him to? His words (sort of): “East Biii-iigg. Pablo little!” Why always run iso melo in the waning minutes of tight games? His answer: “I like my chances.” Melo’s answer: “25.6% shooting in those situations.”

    Right now, Woodson is doing his part to get fired. I’ve never seen someone work much harder (Isiah, Matt Millen possibly) – he’s not only failing to put his players in situations where they can succeed, he’s attempting to literally cripple his best players while refusing to develop his younger ones. Then again, everyone else in the organization is working to cripple the future of this team, so what’s…

  35. I’d still rather see him playing than f******* J.R, who shot a brilliant 40-116 in his last 10 games and yet gets spared by our own spin doctors.


  36. Leave it to Owen to get in a dig at Melo while praising another player.

    Anyone notice that Landry Fields, Novak and Copeland all got DNP’s last night?

    Also, flipping between the Heat-Pacers and Knicks-Bucks was like changing channels from The Godfather to Caddyshack Part 2.

  37. Also, flipping between the Heat-Pacers and Knicks-Bucks was like changing channels from The Godfather to Caddyshack Part 2.

    And even with that great game, I bet Knicks-Bucks got 5 times the mentions on twitter.

    Face it, we’re the best show in basketball right now. I’d say the best in sports, but that’s Dallas. I really feel for that Knicks writer who is also a Cowboys fan. (Dubin?)

  38. Melo is going to get hurt. It’s just impossible to play that many minutes and not break down.
    Chandler is going to get hurt. First game back, pushing him far beyond his limits.

    I know the knicks were desperate for a win, but Woodson has replaced “dumb” with “reckless” on top of his resume.


  39. @39

    I was talking about how JR had a pathetic game last night, 17 threes and no free throws, and yet ruruland comes here to “remind us” how bad Shumpert is.

  40. I really have no idea how Woodson could have watched that game yesterday from the sidelines and determined that JR gave us a better chance of winning than Timmy. I had no problem with JR’s shot selection except for a 2-3 shots which I can live with, but if you’re generating wide open threes and trying to break a zone it makes sense to have your best shooter out there.

    Shump is continuing to be a massive disappointment and he consistently commits absolutely stupid fouls that serve no purpose. His defensive shortcomings are at least are offset by periods of time when he shines on that end as he did in the second half yesterday, but his offensive game has been truly pathetic. When he gets the ball in transition and tries to push it, nothing positive ever happens. He either turns it over, takes an awful attempt at the rim after creating no separation from his defender with his terrible handle or he just dribbles it into the paint and then kicks it out to start up a halfcourt set, having not compromised the defense in any significant way.

    MWP needed to get more minutes last night. He was all over the place in the first half and his energy was infectious. The lineup that featured him, Murry and THJR got us going and helped to open up a 9 point lead and created many easy looks off of turnovers. Of course Woodson in all of his wisdom made sure to limit all three players’ minutes from that point on.

    Udrih has definitely demonstrated that he can be an effective point guard for us. Once Felton and Prigioni return I’d like to see a starting lineup of Felton-Prigs-Shump-Melo-Chandler with Udrh-JR-Timmy-Kmart-STAT getting the majority of minutes off the bench. Bargnani should be used sparingly. I say all this knowing it will never happened because of Woodson’s obsession with playing big even though that strategy has consistently failed us with this current set of personnel.

  41. I mentioned somewhere above that I think at least 2 of our “smart” players need to be on the floor at all times – with smart ones being Pablo, K-Mart, MWP, and Tyson. Here are the 2 man lineup numbers per NBAwowy:

    Pablo + KMart – 136 minutes, PPP-for 1.076, PPP-against 0.982 = net +0.094
    Pablo + MWP – 147 minutes, PPP-for 1.142, PPP-against 1.034 = net +0.108
    Pablo + Tyson – 45 minutes, PPP-for 1.035, PPP-against 0.860 = net + 0.175
    KMart+MWP – 73 minutes, PPP-for 1.174, PPP-against 1.043 = net +0.131
    MWP + Tyson- 27 minutes, PPP-for 1.000, PPP-against 0.690 = net +0.31

    (Tyson+KMart have only played 4 minutes together, did not include this).

    The WORST of these two man lineups has a +9.4 points/100 poss margin (*small sample disclaimer) — this on a team that has a net -3.4 points/100 poss margin.

    It couldn’t be any more clear to me that this team needs to be protected from Woodson, JR, and Bargnani. The best way to do it is to have heady players out on the floor together. Trouble is, Woodson holds the keys to the floor.

  42. “Leave it to Owen to get in a dig at Melo while praising another player.”

    It’s instinctive at this point I am afraid. What can I say, I wish we had some young players with massive upside on cheap contracts rather than Melo in decline.

    He played a decent game last night despite another pedestrian shooting performance. He’s picked it up in the last few weeks as expected. But the writing is on the wall. I just hope Dolan and Mills can read it.

  43. It couldn’t be any more clear to me that this team needs to be protected from Woodson, JR, and Bargnani. The best way to do it is to have heady players out on the floor together. Trouble is, Woodson holds the keys to the floor.

    That is an awesome turn of phrase (the team needs to be protected from Woodson, JR and Bargnani). Well done.

  44. @Frank
    Do you have any idea what the three man lineup combinations for those players looks like? I love all of them for their “intangibles”, but I think they are maximized almost when they play two at a time because of their limitations in skill set. Consequently they free up Melo, JR, Bargs etc. to perform the few skills they excel at without worrying about much else.

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