25 thoughts to “Knicks Sign Landry Fields”

  1. Probably overreacting, but this news makes me relieved.

    I wouldn’t bet big on any particular prospect, except maybe Randolph, but the Knicks have sneakily piled up 6 or 7 pretty interesting young players. All 24 and younger, mostly 21 and 22 year olds. Playing the odds, a couple of them will probably turn out really good.

  2. More than ever, the near-term future of this team looks like it’s in the hands of Gallo and Randolph. Amar’e, Felton, Turiaf, Azu, Mason, Curry, Douglas, Chandler and Walker probably are what they are in terms of being close to their upside. Fields, Rautins and Mozgov are not even capable of being judged yet. Can’t wait to get a look at these two!

  3. I don’t see why you guys are so excited about Fields. He was not in Chad Ford’s Top 100 draft prospects, so he clearly is not any good.

  4. It looks more and more like Carmelo is headed elsewhere. I think Donnie is in a good position; he can make a reasonable offer and if the Nuggets don’t bite, he goes forward with what we all agree will be at least be an interesting and possible playoff team.

    I still don’t get Carmelo’s attraction to the Rockets, other than no state tax. I guess an additional 6-8%on top of $20 milllion is a big deal.

  5. Melo doesn’t have to agree to anything. The Nuggets *should* play for the best deal they can get; what do they care if Melo signs an extension or not?

    Of course, if his people come out and suggest he won’t sign an extension in Jersey, that should make Billy King take pause before shipping out the farm. The Nets are pretty desperate to make a splash, so they might say “we’ll convince him to resign once he’s here” and make a big offer.

    But yeah, I don’t get the idea that the Nets have more desireable assets to offer. People really think Devin Harris is all that after last year? I guess offering up Favors for Melo would make good sense on both ends.

    Maybe the Clips would give up Gordon, but otherwise? And would Gordon be much better than Gallo?

    Both Nets & Clips probably have more picks to offer, and that could make a difference.

    God, will the preseason start already?

  6. Oh what a burn it will be when the Rockets trade for melo using Hill, Jeffries exp contract , and our 2 pics.

  7. @tastycakes

    Seriously, I put Devin Harris on my Jackie Butler All-Stars list: those players who I wrongly thought were something special. Yes, I know that Harris has a much bigger career than Butler, but I just mean that I thought he was going to change things for the Nets and he’s been horrible. Maybe it’s the injuries, but I don’t even have to look up his stats. I watched enough Nets games to see him NOT affect the outcomes of many, many losses. Someone has to take the “credit” for all those losses. The NBA cognoscenti can’t discount the Knicks as having “nothing” and then suggest that the Nets actually have “something.” To me, the Nets have Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors, and ………………nothing.

    [Also, I have a sudden urge for chips and queso and I can’t understand where it’s coming from.]

  8. I’m a bit disappointed that it looks like Azubuike may not be ready for training camp. D’Antoni puts it at 50/50. Does that mean Chandler will get the nod as the starter?


    I can’t wait to see how tomorrow’s FIBA matches play out. Mozgov and the Russians are taking on Puerto Rico – a team with several NBA players (including Renaldo Balkman, Arroyo, Barea), not to mention two skilled 7-footers. Should be a good litmus test to see what the Knicks’ new center has, and whether they need to snag Earl Barron before some other NBA team does.

    Regarding Melo, I think if he wants to come to NY, he can make it happen. The more disgruntled he becomes, the lower his trade value will be. Also, CAA could certainly tell teams interested in him that the feeling is not mutual and hopefully steer him to where he wants to go. And Denver has to understand that the sooner they trade him, the more they will likely get for him.

  9. If Melo wants to play hardball and get himself to the Knicks, he doesn’t have to agree to an extension with anyone else. That drives down what the Nuggets can get, big-time – the Nets aren’t giving up Derrick Favors for a one-year rental.

    On the other hand, if Melo is willing to extend in Jersey or LA, those teams can probably outbid us. Derrick Favors or Blake Griffin would trump anyone the Knicks can offer. If those players aren’t on the table, it’s interesting – either Gallo or Randolph is more valuable than Gordon or Al-Aminou or DeAndre Jordan, IMO, or any of the likely draft picks on the table. Or anyone Houston could offer. I don’t know what the other teams think.

    The Knicks’ strongest move is to offer one of their young guys, plus maybe a second-tier prospect, and leave it at that. Anthony is available next summer so no reason to offer the farm.

    Also interesting – I read this morning that Chauncey Billups is only guaranteed 3 million or so in 2011-2012 – given his age I wouldn’t risk our long-term plans to get him, but it will be an interesting bidding war if he comes on the market.

    I think Earl Barron could be a fine 12th man – maybe even a 10th man! – but I don’t think he’s getting more than a vet minimum from the Knicks. Stoudemire and Turiaf will be plenty, if Mozghov isn’t ready for the NBA… I’m also very intrigued by the Russian mystery man.

  10. tastycakes: Maybe the Clips would give up Gordon, but otherwise?And would Gordon be much better than Gallo?Both Nets & Clips probably have more picks to offer, and that could make a difference.God, will the preseason start already?  

    Clips have a lot to offer. If they had to outbid the Knicks and Nets they easily could. For salary matching purposes Kamen trumps Curry and Murphy. For prospects the Clips can offer Bledsoe, Gordon, Aminu, and even Blake Griffin if they needed to. For draft picks they can offer their 2011 pick (Knicks can’t), but they can also offer what could very likely be the #1 pick in the 2012 draft (They are owed Minnesota’s 2012 pick unprotected). So, if Carmelo actually wants to play for the Clippers, and Sterling actually wants to pay him, there’s really nothing to keep that from happening.

  11. If the Clips want to include Blake Griffin, they win.

    Otherwise – I think the Nets probably have the trump card in Derrick Favors. Murphy is just as good as Kaman, especially for a Nugs team that’s losing Melo and still has Nene.

    I guess a Clips package centered around picks could be better, but it’s a gamble, based on how good/bad the T-Wolves pick turns out.

    Of course if Melo won’t play along, it’s a different ballgame because no one will make their “best” offer. In that scenario, the Clips are in stronger position because they have more ingredients for a tasty smorgasboard.

    In that case the Knicks could still be in the game, as they have several young prospects themselves, even without the picks.

  12. I think Kamen trumps Murphy in both perceived AND in actual value. He is coming off an All-Star season (perceived value), but he also has a polished inside game, which is more valuable than a center who hangs out on the arc.

    And the T-Wolves pick will definitely be high. Really high. How could it not be?

  13. IMO Melo has a lot more leverage than people are giving him credit for. In fact, he seems to have all of it.

    Why on earth would Melo sign an extension with the Nets and/or Clips AFTER they give up their best assets to get him? Wouldn’t he then be on a much worse team then he already is with no young talent? How many games do the Nets win with Melo and no Lopez? 25? And to play 2 years on a bad team in Newark? Same concept with the Clips. They give up Gordon and Kaman or even Griffin and Kaman for Melo and they are a 30-35 win team with the most hated and despicable owner in sports. Melo is gonna just sign up to play for 4 more years for the worst franchise in sports history? Methinks not.

    Melo’s peeps can absolutely give Denver a list of teams with whom he would sign an immediate extension probably Orl, Chi, NY, LA Lakers and maybe Hou or Dal. If any team is willing to trade a Brooke Lopez or Blake Griffin for Melo without an extension their GM/Owner should be immediately relieved of their duties.

    I think Donnie is in a much better spot on this then he was w LBJ.

    PS: Houston is a good organization and could make a nice offer that Den would accept without an extension and hope Yao is plays at a high level but that would be a big risk all around. I mean Yao has NEVER played a full season.

  14. Carmelo to the Nets: a thing of beauty. Not only do I get to watch him on the Knicks’ off-days (because he is truly a sight to see), but I don’t get his exorbitant salary not paying off for my own beloved team!

    Go Nets! Good luck with the #7 seed for the next 5 years!

  15. Z: I think Kamen trumps Murphy in both perceived AND in actual value. He is coming off an All-Star season (perceived value), but he also has a polished inside game, which is more valuable than a center who hangs out on the arc.And the T-Wolves pick will definitely be high. Really high. How could it not be?  

    Oh, the T-Wolves pick probably will be high. But they have two years to get their act together – Love, Beasley, Johnson and the #1 pick in 2011 – plus money for a free agent – so I wouldn’t count on them being the worst team in the league NEXT year. Will the 2012 pick really be better than the bird-in-hand #3, Derrick Favors?

    Not sure about perceived value – centers are always worth a lot – but Murphy is a really good player. On top of his shooting he rebounds more than Kaman. Murphy/Nene with Birdman as the 3rd big, fits a lot better than Kaman/Nene/Birdman. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse for the Nugs, that his deal ends next summer.

    But is either one better than Comeback Eddy Curry?

  16. Caleb:
    But is either one better than Comeback Eddy Curry?  

    Eddy Curry needs to score 95 points on opening day, then be traded that night.

  17. “IMO Melo has a lot more leverage than people are giving him credit for. In fact, he seems to have all of it.”

    The one thing not working in his/our favor is the hard cap that could be put in place after this season. Melo could stand to lose a lot of money if he doesn’t get his extension this year.

    Can’t you just see Kahn swooping in and trading for Melo, extension be damned, and proclaiming out loud to the media: “gosh darn it, I’m just going to show him how swell Minnesota is and he’ll decide to stay.” Maybe Love and Johnson get it done plus a pick? That would be a disaster, but maybe it gets Ricky to come over?

    I would stick with our Gallo/Chandler/Curry offer and see what happens. I’m sure someone like Kahn will be stupid enough to trade for Melo, betting that he will want that extension regardless of where he ends up. I won’t be sad if we’re left with Gallo/Randolph/Stoudemire in the frontcourt.

    Meanwhile, Portland could break down and trade Rudy soon. My guess is that he goes to Boston, but who knows?

  18. So I’m supposed to believe that Carmelo Anthony wants to play for the Clippers and the Nets? The same two teams that got shut out of this year’s free agency blitz? Instead of signing James, Bosh, Wade, Stat, or Boozer, the Clippers got Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes. The Nets got Travis Outlaw, Anthony Morrow, and Jordan Farmar. And on top of this, the Clippers and Nets are going to be giving up players that don’t play Melo’s position, so they’ll be getting worse around him. I really don’t think those teams have trump cards because if they get worse, both of those teams have already proven they cannot attract top free agents. Those two teams, IMHO, make absolutely no sense for Melo.

  19. It looks grim for the Knicks getting Melo. Future high picks with potential would be important, and we don’t have them. Plus Kaman or Murphy trumps Curry because each can actually produce on-court and keep the Nuggets competitive. The only chance would be if Melo said NY or bust, but that would be extreme and the Nugs may not play along.

    Curry/Gallo/Chandler and a 2014 1st round would not placate Nuggets fans.

  20. AY:
    Curry/Gallo/Chandler and a 2014 1st round would not placate Nuggets fans.  

    Maybe not, but losing him for nothing probably won’t placate them either.

  21. I think the Knicks should consider at least trying to see if Gallo can play the 2 this season. It would give them a huge starting 5, and might help them on the glass where they have been atrocious. It would allow Randolph and Gallo to be on the floor at the same time. I just really think it’s gonna have to happen. otherwise one of them isn’t going to be a starter.

  22. @23 I think we’ll see a lot of Stoudemire at the 5, especially if Randolph looks ready to play 30+ minutes. Stoudemire/Randolph/Gallo/Chandler would be a pretty tall lineup.

  23. Only Cs i see Amare having trouble with out of the east are Bogut and Lopez… Howard not the greatest offensive threat.

    Much better lineup with Amare at the C.

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