Knicks Morning News (Tuesday, Aug 28 2012)

  • [New York Times] Yao Calls on China Schools to Invest in Sport (Tue, 28 Aug 2012 06:11:04 GMT)

    Former NBA all-star Yao Ming has called for China’s school system to invest more in sport at the grassroots level, claiming much was needed to be done in his homeland to prevent further stagnation.

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    7 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (Tuesday, Aug 28 2012)”

    1. I don’t even get it. It’s just a list of teams that they think will have “turmoil?” With no discussion or anything about why people think that the Knicks will have turmoil? How silly. The concept overall is not a bad one, but come on, have some writing about why you think the teams will be in turmoil. Just a list is silly.

    2. I don’t agree..I think we’re going to have a great season. However, I’m not too much of a homer to realize that the Knicks being an embarrasing mess is probably better than 50/50. No explanation required either…we’re all very familiar with the handful of reasons that would be our undoing should it come to pass. I’m actually happier going into the season with low expectations. Let the play do the talking.

    3. I really can’t stand ESPN in any form anymore. What passes for journalism there is basically a sloppy cobbling together of inane tweets. What an utter disgrace.

    4. I am not surprised there area lot of ego’s on the roster. I definitely would have put the Lakers on this list as well. Kobe Nash Pau Meta Howard. Lol. The piece is weird because they didn’t even define what they mean’t by turmoil. Is it an internal thing, like in the locker room or is it a team most likely to underachieve causing fans to revolt kind of turmoil. But then again it is ESPN.

    5. Yeah, exactly. I am not even saying that the Knicks won’t have turmoil, but you can’t just make a list and say “Teams most likely to have turmoil” and then not explain why you’re picking who you’re picking. It seems more designed just to, like, poke fans to react.

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