Knicks Morning News (Thursday, May 30 2013)

  • [New York Post] Woodson’s contract not guaranteed past 2013-14 (Thu, 30 May 2013 03:22:10 -0500)

    With Rangers coach John Tortorella out at the Garden, Mike Woodson could be next if the Knicks don’t get out of the second round next season.
    According to an NBA source, Woodson has only one more fully guaranteed year left on his pact. The final year of the pact…

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    2 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (Thursday, May 30 2013)”

    1. So I need some to tell me if this is crazy:

      I keep reading that New Orleans wants to get rid of Eric Gordon’s contract but no one wants him because he hasn’t played. He’s apparently unmovable and a huge risk. But I wouldn’t mind taking it.

      Gordon will make $15 mil/year for 3 years, total of $45 mil.

      Ryan Anderson $8.5 mil/year for 3 years, total of $25.5 mil.

      That’s over $70 mil for 3 years.

      Amar’e makes $45 mil over years. They would save $25 million by picking him up. Plus we could throw in our annual $3 million. And we can throw in whoever we draft with the 24th pick.

      Is that crazy? Would New Orleans literally not touch Amar’e with a 20 foot pole even if it saved them $25 million? And am I selling Ryan Anderson way too short?

      I would love to see that trade go through. Which probably means it’s crazy.

    2. Uh, ok I see there was a more relevant thread for this just added. Will repost under offseason musings 2.0

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