Knicks Morning News (Thursday, Jun 20 2013)

  • [New York Times] A Game 7 With More on the Line Than an NBA Title (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 07:32:30 GMT)

    He is the best player in the game and this is the best moment in his sport.    

  • [New York Times] Time Warner Faces Suit After Taking Over Los Angeles Sports Market (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 01:48:17 GMT)

    Rising cable costs in Southern California prompted four consumers to file a class-action lawsuit against the Lakers, the Dodgers and Time Warner Cable.    

  • [New York Times] After a Crusher, Spurs Regroup and Refocus (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 01:37:56 GMT)

    Gathering after midnight at a Miami restaurant, the Spurs parsed the details of their devastating 103-100 overtime loss to the Heat on Tuesday in Game 6 of the N.B.A. finals.    

  • [New York Times] Off the Dribble: Kidd Adds Throwing Out First Pitch to Busy Schedule (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 01:17:13 GMT)

    Jason Kidd threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium before Game 2 of the Yankees’ doubleheader against the Dodgers, the latest in a multitude of appearances he has made since the Nets hired him Thursday.    

  • [New York Times] Superstitious James Says His Headband Will Reappear (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:54:19 GMT)

    LeBron James, who has played his entire career with a headband, lost it when it was knocked off in Game 6. The rare sight of his playing without it will not be repeated, James said.    

  • [New York Times] FACTBOX: NBA-Memorable Finals Game Sevens (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:17:17 GMT)

    The Miami Heat face the San Antonio Spurs in Game Seven of the NBA Finals on Thursday, marking the 18th time the league’s championship series has gone the distance.    

  • [New York Times] Spurs’ Duncan Unconcerned About Pressure of Game Seven (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:14:19 GMT)

    After 17 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA), San Antonio Spurs evergreen power forward Tim Duncan has already seen it all.    

  • [New York Times] Jazz Bring Jerry Sloan Back as Consultant (Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:05:34 GMT)

    Former longtime Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan is returning to the team as a consultant.    

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    3 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (Thursday, Jun 20 2013)”

    1. From yesterday:


      LeBron is amazing and will go down as one of the best players ever (hell he already is) but his 2 AWFUL possessions in the final minute of regulation last night were mind-boggling to say the least.Couldnt even get a shot off.No way will I ever put him (or any player) in Jordan’s class.Ever.

      For me, it’s not about putting LeBron in Jordan’s class. Even my irrational hatred of him doesn’t preclude me from recognizing his superiority.

      What I can’t stand, though, is the cult of Jordan fanatics (which is pretty much everyone, particularly in the media) that finds it necessary to constantly harp on LeBron’s faults in order to further elevate Jordan. And further, they tend to rewrite history a little bit to make their point. Like the whole “Jordan would never pass up the final shot” bullshit that was going on when LeBron was making good basketball plays to set up his teammates in good positions (as if MJ didn’t pass to Paxson & Kerr in the title-clinching moments, or to Wennington in …. sorry my mind blanked out…)

      I do think LeBron has a more diverse skill set than Jordan. And I’m much more in awe of LeBron’s athleticism than I was at Jordan’s. Plus I just like that I can enjoy the greatest basketball player of this era without the seething hatred that accompanied me watching the greatest basketball player of the previous era.

    2. They’re both insane studs. I’m a Jordan lover because of how graceful he was. Lebron’s post game is like watching a 15 year old play basketball with 10 year olds. He just goes straight into people.

      And, his size is also the reason he doesn’t jam all over people in the half court a lot, he usually creates so much contact its hard to do – which is an amazing asset in itself. Lebron’s jam highlights come on the fast break.

      Jordan, on the other hand, was obsessed with creating space to get himself clean looks, and had the athleticism to jam all over big guys despite contact.

      They’re both so insanely good its stupid. Comparing them is going to be fun forever. The key is not to like one side so much that the other side’s argument annoy you. It’s all in fun.

      My quick thoughts:

      Passing – goes to Lebron
      Rebounding – slightly to Lebron but sort of a wash (and Lebron is the size of Karl Malone so what do you expect)
      Scoring – MJ
      Defense – Lebron
      Clutch – slightly to MJ
      Must watch every single regular season game he plays in because its so damn fun and pretty – MJ

    3. Ethan Strauss had a great tweet along the same theme last night. I’m paraphrasing:

      Some people hate LeBron because he threatens their foggy memories of the grandeur of 90’s basketball.

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