Knicks Morning News (Thursday, Aug 22 2013)

  • [New York Times] Clippers’ Paul Is Elected President of N.B.A. Players Union (Thu, 22 Aug 2013 03:28:24 GMT)

    Chris Paul, who replaces Derek Fisher, is the first superstar to hold the president’s title since Patrick Ewing in 2001.    

  • [New York Times] Chris Paul Elected President of NBA Players Union (Thu, 22 Aug 2013 03:19:32 GMT)

    Chris Paul has already seemingly done the impossible by turning the long-languishing Los Angeles Clippers into a force in the Western Conference. Now he’s taken on another big task — rebuilding the reeling NBA players’ association.    

  • [New York Post] Shumpert keeping focus on hoops (Thu, 22 Aug 2013 03:19:05 -0500)

    What, me worry?
    Iman Shumpert said whether Knicks owner James Dolan was ticked at him for allegedly balking at playing in the Las Vegas summer league in July isn’t his problem.
    Shumpert played just one summer-league game before heading to China and Taiwan to help open an Adidas store…

  • [New York Post] Metta vows to fit in (Thu, 22 Aug 2013 01:25:46 -0500)

    The always colorful and controversial Metta World Peace promised he will have no problems fitting in quietly with the Knicks because he wants a ring and promised, “I’m going to fight for the city.'”It’s easy when playing on a team to do exactly what the coach asks…

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    3 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (Thursday, Aug 22 2013)”

    1. Gotta give Chris Paul credit. Not a lot of big stars really want a job as big (and as thankless) as head of the Player’s Union. Of course, I’ve already seen jokes about how this means that CAA is in charge of the Player’s Union now.

    2. Someone asked Larry Coon a fascinating question about Kobe that also applies to Melo. If Melo took a one-year deal in 2015 for $3 million, the Knicks could then go well over the cap the following year to re-sign him for the MAX. Let’s say Melo is, in theory, willing to sign for $18 million per instead of the $25 million per he could normally get. So under this scenario, he signs for $3 million and then signs for 4 years/$25 million per. So five years/$103 million. As opposed to the other deal, which would be 5 years/$18 million per. The one where he takes $3 million would be better for him financially and would help the Knicks a ton.

      Of course, it would be an obvious under-the-table agreement and be violated, but I dunno…couldn’t you make the argument that when it comes to a guy who can get the max whenever he wants, it is not actually an under the table agreement? What I mean is, the thing about under-the-table agreements is that they give future benefits based on you taking less money now. Here, Melo would not be offered future benefits, he’d just get the same as he would if he had not taken the $3 million. Is a player, then, not allowed to give a big discount to help his team get under the cap while betting that he’ll be healthy enough to get a max deal the next year? As long as it is not specifically written down that the Knicks will “reward” him the following year (and how could it, since he’d be able to get it from any team he chose), I think you might possibly theoretically on every seventh Sunday so long as it is a full moon out have a shot at getting this by the NBA.

      What do you think, ephus?

    3. I think if he makes it clear it was his idea amd that his love for the knicks and city of Ny was the reason for doing this…blah blah blah. It wouldn’t be a problem. The major thing would be injury but all he has to do is make it through to extension time I guess. The off court pub and endorsement that could come should get him through the year.

      This would be a 1st and I wonder what the players’ union would think.

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