Knicks Morning News (Sunday, Jul 29 2012)

  • [New York Daily News] Pablo brings own sanity to PG spot (Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:59:44 GMT)

    Pablo Prigioni is not aware of the uproar Jeremy Lin’s stunning departure created in New York, but James Dolan’s newest point guard did try to lend a sane voice to Linsanity by assuring Knicks fans that they are in good hands.

  • [New York Times] Off the Dribble: Bad by Design, Rockets Gamble on Long-Term Payoff (Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:24:04 GMT)

    The Houston Rockets look to be among the worst teams in the N.B.A. this season. They are angling to acquire Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard down the road.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Vaughn Will Coach Orlando Magic (Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:30:07 GMT)

    Jacque Vaughn was hired as the Orlando Magic’s coach, the team announced. He will be introduced at a news conference Monday afternoon.

  • [New York Times] Essay: The 3 Seconds of the Munich Olympics That Never Seem to Run Out (Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:47:02 GMT)

    The United States’ disputed loss to the Soviet Union in the men’s basketball final at the 1972 Summer Games is generally regarded as the game that changed the face of the sport.

  • [New York Times] Men’s Basketball Group A Result (Sun, 29 Jul 2012 10:19:34 GMT)

    Nigeria beat Tunisia 60-56 in their Olympic men’s basketball Group A match at the 2012 London Games on Sunday.

  • [New York Times] U.S. Women’s Basketball Team Beats Croatia in Olympics (Sun, 29 Jul 2012 04:05:01 GMT)

    Tina Charles scored 14 points and Angel McCoughtry added 13 to lead the United States women’s basketball team to a rough 81-56 victory over Croatia on Saturday in their Olympic opener.

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    25 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (Sunday, Jul 29 2012)”

    1. During the past two weeks, many reporters have published articles about this mess (Lin leaving Knicks), and the fans are blogging night and day trying to understand why. A reporter on ESPN wrote a piece titled “The Family” where he described how CAA had assembled the Miami Heat team, and got Melo to join Knicks. Melo’s agent is CAA. Dolan hated Woodson’s old agent. He demanded for Woodson to change to CAA. It is now well known that CAA is building an empire.
      Friday morning there was an article in knickerblogger which gave the key. It told of Lin’s refusal to join CAA. Now, it all adds up. Here are the details.
      Jeremy Lin was not drafted out of Harvard. One agent, Roger Montgomery, a one-man-one-office operation did show up to represent Lin.
      Knicks tried to low-ball Lin with a low contract (3ml/yr for 2 years). But that would make them look bad. Knicks told Lin to go out and test the market. At the same time, Knicks announced to the world, “We will match any offer up to a billion!” This was CAA’s tactic; the idea was that no buying team will make an offer, and Lin would be forced to accept a low contract.
      CAA expected that Lin and his ‘one-office’ agent cannot deal with this dilemma, the double whammy of looking for a buying team under the threat of the host team swearing to match. So, CAA offered to sign Lin, but insisted that Lin drops Roger Montgomery. Lin refused!!! Why? Because Lin will NOT drop the only agent who came to him at Harvard. This is not in Lin’s DNA. Lin managed to find another agency which is willing to keep Roger and share the profits.
      Morey, Rockets’ GM
      Ever since Linsanity, Daryl Morey had felt badly about releasing Lin last December. He felt that he owed Lin something; he recognized Lin’s dilemma and he was determined to help Lin. So Rockets was willing to (waste its time, money, and effort) to make an offer to Lin. When free agency began, Morey invited Lin to Houston for talks. He, McHale, and Alexander repeatedly apologized to…

    2. to Lin for releasing him and offered a 3-year 5ml/5ml/9ml contract with an option fourth year. Lin verbally accepted.
      Knicks immediately announced they will match it. Then, Knicks made a very generous trade for Rockets center Camby. Knicks gave several players to Rockets, and even agreed to pay Tony Douglas’ next year salary! CAA thought Morey would be so happy, he would quietly withdraw Lin’s offer.
      Meanwhile, Rockets made a back-loaded offer of 5ml/5ml/15ml to Amer Asik a Bulls center. After some thinking, Morey felt that the difference between Lin’s offer and Asik’s offer could be seen as a slight to Lin. Morey was truly apologetic to Lin and did not want any perception of slighting him. So he phoned Lin and asked Lin if it is OK to change the third year to 15ml. Lin agreed.
      Dolan was shocked! Rockets not only did not withdraw its offer to Lin, they increased the size of the poison pill! In the end Knicks did not match, Knicks got NOTHING in return.
      Knicks wanted to low-ball Lin with a low contract; they failed so they are angry. CAA was rejected by Lin; so they were unable to propagate their empire; they are angry.

    3. The Rockets made their 5/5/15 offer to Asik before they met with Lin. When news of the first Lin offer broke, everyone on this board was pleasantly surprised that it was not as high as the Asik offer.

      What is the source for the 2 year/$3 million offer. The ESPN multi-part article said that the Knicks did not make a specific offer, but instead discussed the concept of a front loaded, 3 year contract. That would mean starting at the $5.3 million offer and moving down by up to 7.5% per year. Lin’s people took this as a sign that the Knicks might allow Lin to depart, if he received a max offer.

      The two mysterieis are (1) what was the impetus for the Rockets’ increased offer and (2) when the Knicks decided not to match.

      If you believe ESPN’s story and Lin’s recent quotes, neither Lin nor his representatives solicited the Rockets to increase their offer. Rather, once the Rockets lost out on Dragic, traded away Lowry and heard in the press that the Knicks would match the initial Lin offer, they decided to increase the offer.

      The conventional reporting is that the Knicks changed their mind on whether to match Lin when the Rockets increased their offer sheet. It seems odd that the difference in the two contracts would take the Knicks by surprise, let alone make them change their mind. There is a substantial difference in the tax impact on the Knicks in year 3, but that possibility should have been anticipated.

      The contrary evidence (as Max keeps pointing out) is the July 4 tweet that Felton already was telling people he had a deal to come back to the Knicks. At that time, the Rockets had not increased their offer to Lin. If the Knicks really had struck that deal with Felton (and were not stringing him along as a back-up plan), that would indicate that they did not intend to match even the initial offer sheet that was reported.

      I do not think that we know the full story of what the Knicks were thinking and when they were thinking…

    4. “CAA thought Morey would be so happy, he would quietly withdraw Lin’s offer.”


      Given that the Rockets had already made a 3/25 poison pill offer for the lower-value Asik and the Knicks had made clear they intended to match on Lin (bluffing or not), why then did they give Lin a relatively low 1st offer?

      Then, why did the Rockets raise their offer to 3/25 within a week? Was the 1st offer a bluff all along? The statements about the Knicks matching the Rockets 1st offer and the Rockets losing their PGs are blamed for the raise, but the Rockets PG losses were known and the messages about the Knicks matching didn’t change from the start of free agency. The Rockets off-season has been chaotic. Perhaps the Rockets pursuit of Dwight Howard or the rapidly drying PG market heightened their urgency for a good PG that week. Something changed the Rockets urgency for a good PG between the 1st and 2nd offer.

      How do the mysterious July 4 tweets about Felton factor in? Besides Lin, wasn’t Nash still in play at that point? What about Kidd’s clear statements after July 4 about playing with and mentoring Lin? If signing Felton was the Knicks plan all along, why wait until July 14 and coincide the trade with the decision not to match the 2nd offer for Lin?

      Assuming the Knicks were ready to match the Rockets 1st offer to Lin, what was the different cost/benefit analysis between 5/5/9/(9) and 5/5/15? After all 5/5/9 would have incurred luxury tax, too. Was there a ‘red line’ limit for luxury tax in the Knicks budget? If there was such a budgetary limit, were the Knicks upset that their roster moves after the 1st offer were based on the assumption of 5/5/9?

    5. Cousyfan:
      Thank you ephus!!!
      You are the one person on this blog I truly respect.


      the feeling is mutual. since you’re solely a Lin fanboy, why are you even still here?

    6. Hey Jon, was that a shot at me or cousyfan? Cause I don’t think I have said anything even vaguely fanboy here.

      And cousyfan, I have not seen anything to support your claims about the thinking of CAA and the Knicks. Do you have any evidence that the Knicks offered Lin 2 years @ $3 million, or that the Knicks (or CAA) expected Morey to withdraw his offer sheet to Lin after the Knicks finalized the Camby trade?

    7. More useless Lin-related info, but I think a few people might get a laugh out of it. The two current Knicks player, left from last year’s roster, that Lin decided to not follow from Twitter anymore are:

      Carmelo Anthony
      JR Smith

      I wonder why?

    8. Yi Jianlian looked spectacular scoring 30 points against Spain today. He is in the best shape I ever saw, and he actually rebounded quite well and played effective defense.

      Knicks could offer him their last salary slot at the veteran’s minimum. But I think the Warriors and the Clippers probably make more sense. Or Morey could bring in yet another forward.

    9. are you stalking him or something how the hell do you know who jeremy lin follows on twitter?

      More useless Lin-related info, but I think a few people might get a laugh out of it.The two current Knicks player, left from last year’s roster, that Lin decided to not follow from Twitter anymore are:

      Carmelo Anthony
      JR Smith

      I wonder why?

    10. To ephus:-It is called ‘Poetic License’ or something like that.
      Makes the tale believable.
      To Jon:-You people are still talking about Lin; right?
      Generationally, Lin is my grandson. :-)
      I feel so sorry for you guys, I just want to console.

    11. Cousyfan — Poetic license, really. In the words of Inigo Montoya, I do not think that means what you think it means.

    12. Cousyfan: I feel so sorry for you guys, I just want to console.

      Please don’t waste any sympathy on me.

      I was hardly Lin’s biggest fan while he was here. And I certainly don’t give a shit about him now that he’s gone.

    13. Nice. 2 steals. I want to, but he’s 35. True PG though. Copeland I’m a little excited about.

    14. I like that Chandler and Melo are playing on this team. So long as they stay healthy I think they’ll both play better next year because of it. I wonder, though, if Amare isn’t stewing or getting himself twisted into knots trying not to stew.

    15. On Prigioni, let’s wait until we see how he performs against US pressure and Tony Parker’s speed. France vs. Argentina is probably going to be the game that decides who finishes second in Pool A, and would be on Spain’s side of the draw in the medal round.

    16. ephus: On Prigioni, let’s wait until we see how he performs against US pressure and Tony Parker’s speed. France vs. Argentina is probably going to be the game that decides who finishes second in Pool A, and would be on Spain’s side of the draw in the medal round.

      I agree. The games vs. France and Spain are probably closer to the quality of opponents he’ll face as a Knick. I’ll cut him some slack if he wilts a bit agains the US. I don’t think most NBA point guards would shine if they were in his place playing against USA.

    17. Prigioni played pretty good against USA last week. What I like about him is how he maintains his dribble at all times and does not panic at all. Very under control. Too bad as mentioned above he didnt come to the Knicks a few years ago as oppose to now when he is 35 yo.

    18. I was impressed with how Prigioni handled himself against the US last week, but Coach K did not dial up the pressure to the same extent as he did against Brazil and the DR. Part of it is that the US did not want to expose everything they would use in Pool play, and part of it is that Prigioni’s ballhandling deterred the US from risking strong ball pressure.

      Against France, I want to see how well Prigioni is able to stay in front of Parker. Specifically, can Parker get into the lane without using the PnR.

      I am already certain that Prigioni will be one of the most capable 3rd string PGs in the league.

    19. Count de Pennies

      The poison is here and now.
      This is One-Hung Low signing off.
      Over and out.

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