Knicks Morning News (Monday, Sep 03 2012)

  • [New York Times] Off the Dribble: Nets Show Interest in Blatche (Mon, 03 Sep 2012 02:47:26 GMT)

    The Nets’ ongoing search for frontcourt depth has led them to Houston, and a meeting with Andray Blatche, who was cut this summer by the Washington Wizards.

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    5 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (Monday, Sep 03 2012)”

    1. I think the sean williams move could workout. Some other guys have mentioned the fact that he will have 3 respected vets here to try to help bring him along and that is the key. (Camby, KT, Tyson)He could end up as a way better jefferies.

    2. Yeah I think it could work out pretty well, I just wish we knew what was going on with K-Mart or The Birdman.

    3. The more I look into Sean Williams, the more I think he is a perfect vets minimum signing. Some relevant but not extreme character issues, super-skilled in one area (shot blocking) and not a complete stiff all-around, super-athletic, fills a need…

      Just for fun, imagine throwing our a lineup of Shump (at 100% I hope) Brewer, Williams, Camby and Chandler for a quarter, probably wind up with a score that looked like a pitcher’s duel…

    4. Or a 2 who can shoot and who isn’t a head case. Do you think Copeland can play the 4? He seems like he can hit the 3, at least based on SL play…

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