Knicks Morning News (2014.11.10)

  • [New York Times] NBA Rookie Extension Deadline Creates Distractions (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 09:07:19 GMT)

    The clock was ticking down on Halloween night, and millions of dollars hung in the balance for Ricky Rubio and several other players who entered the NBA in 2011 and were up for extensions of their rookie contracts.

  • [New York Times] Lakers Beat Hornets 107-92 for 1st Win of Season (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 06:04:14 GMT)

    Purple and gold streamers descended from the ceiling and fans were on their feet applauding at the end. The Los Angeles Lakers finally won a game after five straight losses to open the season.

  • [New York Times] Aldridge Has 28 and Blazers Beat Nuggets 116-100 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 05:01:19 GMT)

    LaMarcus Aldridge scored 28 points and the Portland Trail Blazers handed the Denver Nuggets their fifth straight loss with a 116-100 victory on Sunday night.

  • [New York Times] Thomas Leads Suns Over Warriors 107-95 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 04:28:15 GMT)

    Isaiah Thomas scored 15 of his 22 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Phoenix Suns to a come-from-behind 107-95 victory Sunday over the Golden State Warriors, leaving the NBA with no unbeaten teams.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: League’s Last Unbeaten Team Falls as Suns Rally Past Warriors (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 03:45:48 GMT)

    DeMar DeRozan scored 24 points, Terrence Ross had 17 and Toronto routed visiting Philadelphia, 120-88, Sunday night for its sixth victory in seven games.

  • [New York Times] Deng Scores 30, Heat Roll Over Mavs 105-96 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 03:22:10 GMT)

    Luol Deng scored a season-high 30 points, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade added 20 apiece and the Miami Heat stayed perfect against Dallas since the 2011 NBA Finals with a 105-96 victory over the Mavericks on Sunday night.

  • [New York Times] Jackson Leads Thunder Past Kings (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 03:01:17 GMT)

    Reggie Jackson scored 11 of his 22 points in the fourth quarter to help the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Sacramento Kings 101-93 on Sunday night.

  • [New York Times] DeRozan Scores 24, Raptors Rout 76ers 120-88 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 02:40:11 GMT)

    DeMar DeRozan scored 24 points, Terrence Ross had 17 and the Toronto Raptors routed the winless Philadelphia 76ers 120-88 Sunday night for their sixth victory in seven games.

  • [New York Times] Hayward, Favors Lead Jazz Over Pistons 97-96 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 02:01:28 GMT)

    Gordon Hayward scored 17 points, including four in the final 2 minutes, Derrick Favors added a double-double and the Utah Jazz overcame a double-digit, second-half deficit to beat the Detroit Pistons 97-96 on Sunday night.

  • [New York Times] Nets 104, Magic 96: With All-Star Benched for Lax Defense, the Nets Hang On (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 01:32:54 GMT)

    The Nets won with a tenacious defensive performance in the fourth quarter, but they stuck with an effective Kevin Garnett as Brook Lopez watched from the sidelines.

  • [New York Times] Ernie Vandeweghe, Knick and Physician, Dies at 86 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 01:23:36 GMT)

    A leading Knicks player of the early 1950s, Vandeweghe was also the patriarch of a three-generation family of athletes that includes the current professional tennis player Coco Vandeweghe.

  • [New York Times] Sports of The Times: As Knicks’ Derek Fisher Finds, Coaching’s Burdens Are Heavy (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 01:06:45 GMT)

    No matter how long you have played, no matter how often you have been labeled a coach on the court, you are never prepared for the extent to which coaching can take over your life.

  • [New York Times] Bogdanovic Scores 22 to Lead Nets Over Magic (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 00:43:09 GMT)

    Bojan Bogdanovic led the way for the Brooklyn Nets with a season-high 22 points. Bogdanovic’s three-point field goal with 5:41 remaining in the fourth quarter sparked a Nets’ 15-7 run to seal a 104-96 victory against the Orlando Magic.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Game of the Week: Kings vs. Mavericks (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 00:24:10 GMT)

    On Tuesday, the Kings, who went 28-54 last season but are off to a fast start, will face the Mavericks, a playoff team last season that is scoring a lot of points but giving up a lot, too.

  • [New York Daily News] Ernie Vandeweghe, former Knick, dead at 86 (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 03:47:08 GMT)

    Ernie Vandeweghe, a Knick in the post-World War II era and father of former NBA star Kiki Vandeweghe, has died. He was 86.

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    29 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.11.10)”

    1. JJ Barea last night: 13 minutes, 9 shot attempts, one basket. He must have some dirty laundry on Cuban, or Dallas is setting things up so that Ray Felton looks good when he comes back.

    2. “or Dallas is setting things up so that Ray Felton looks good when he comes back.”

      Felton looking good on a basketball court is a physical impossibility.

      Meanwhile, the Knicks play 4 straight home games against sub-.500 teams with a combined record of 8-17. This should tell us something about our team.

    3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Felton had a decent year. He is what he is, a bottom tier point guard. He’s too slow to defend younger, quicker point guards, but if he’s on, he can still score a few points and distribute the ball.

      Meanwhile, the Knicks play 4 straight home games against sub-.500 teams with a combined record of 8-17. This should tell us something about our team.

      As for the schedule, I’m glad they has yesterday off. I think rest was important. Hopefully they come out with a bit more fire for the Hawks at home and at some point this week they should get Calderon, Prigioni and Bargnani back. Playing every other day at home gives them a chance to have practices where they can fix problem and continue to gel.

      But I disagree with the statement that this should tell us about our team. Not yet. I want to give them another month together and have circled the Dec 14 home game against the Raptors for that. They’ll face Tor, Chi, Dal, Phx and then Tor again before the Christmas game. I’m hoping that by then they’ll be playing consistent hoops.

    4. A few thoughts-

      1) Melo at the 4 is something that just needs to happen. Who cares about all the players at the 4/5 that won’t get minutes? Out of Amare, Dalembert, Cole, Jason Smith, Acy, and Bargnani, only 2 are probably above replacement level players. Acy and Smith should play very sparingly, Bargnani should play never, Amare should play 15 minutes at the 5 and 10 minutes at the 4, and Dalembert/Cole should split the rest of the center minutes. Play Melo at the 4 28-30 min/game and watch him light it up.

      2) Tim Hardaway needs to play less. Actually check that – we need to trade Tim Hardaway while he retains some trade value. I like Tim, I like how he can suddenly explode for 15 points in 3 minutes, but I think it’s far more likely he turns into some combination of Anthony Morrow and Gerald Green than anyone you want to actually play 30 minutes/game. After all that offseason talk about working on defense schmworking on defense he’s possibly worse than he was last year. Earth to Tim: when you’re guarding Kyle Korver you have to hug him at all times. Don’t worry about “help” defense. 80% of the offensive action that Atlanta runs when Korver is on the court is to trick you into leaving Korver. This should be obvious to everyone. If you guys haven’t already, just watch him when he’s playing “defense”. He loses his man more than anyone, and somehow he always ends up on the other team’s best 3 point shooter.

      3) Fisher has figured out that Shump deserves the most minutes on the team. Young, hungry, 2-way player. TS of 60, assist% of 20, playing the best D on the team. He will be expensive this offseason.

      4) This team will be a lot better on offense when Calderon and Prigioni are back. Larkin still has no idea what he’s doing on that end, and the old guys are waaaay better shooters.

    5. The Knicks are unsurprisingly one of the worst defensive teams in the league and it’s not like there is help on the way because Calderon and Bargnani are both poor on the defensive end. I just don’t see any way to structure lineups with this roster that will result in competent defensive play. This is a bottom-five defensive team, and thus a bad team. There is a high lottery pick in our somewhat near future.

    6. I think there is enough defensive talent on this team for it to be in the high teens / low 20s in defensive ranking. Shump is a plus defender, Melo is at least average, Dalembert/Cole are probably a bit above average. Look at Atlanta — Teague is not a good defender, Korver is below average, Carroll is good but not any better than Shump, Millsap is fair, and Horford is good – yet they are average defensively. Sacramento has basically zero good defensive players but are a top 10 defense right now.

      I think we’ve already seen that this team has a better scheme than the one last year.

      There’s enough offensive talent on this team for it to be a top-half team on O (when Calderon/Prigs are back) even while learning the triangle. This team should win 42 games and make the playoffs.

      Now I wouldn’t mind if we lost a lot and got a good draft pick, but if the Triangle falls flat then it might make it hard to recruit good players via FA.

      Whatever – teams I like don’t even know how to tank effectively. I’m looking at you NY JETS!!

    7. The problem is, we have a high number of HORRENDOUS defenders. Hardaway, Stoudemire, Bargnani, Jason Smith and Calderon are all flat-out bad. JR Smith has moments where he seems like he might be an okay defender but he cancels that out with his consistent low-IQ play. Dalembert has had a hard time staying on the floor and Cole is a foul machine. Acy gives good effort but is undersized. I’ll be surprised if this team ranks higher than 25th in defensive rating unless there are some major personnel changes.

    8. There are various types of bad defenders but for simplicity sake I’ll categorize them 3 ways: 1) Those who don’t have the physical tools to defend 2) Those who don’t know how to defend 3) Those who won’t defend.

      Bargnani and JR are the worst, in my book, because they’re in the third category. At least everyone else tries. Only Calderon is bad because of skill. He’s just not fast or long enough to cover fast point guards John Walls and Derek Rose. I have hope for all the others. Note that Stoudemire is averaging 8.3 Reb/game but less than a block per game. He’s trying. Hardaway is learning. I hope that this is the year he figures out how to be a 2-way player.

    9. It’s nice that Jason Smith is hitting those long-range twos and all, but his unbelievably shitty rebounding gives so much of that production right back to the opposition. He’s averaging a sub-Bargsian 4.2 rebounds per 36 minutes, and is a big reason why the Knicks are a terrible defensive rebounding team so far.

      Many people asked, “how could this team be worse than last year’s team?” Well, here’s your answer: this year the team has not one but TWO Andrea Bargnanis. The Knicks are a disaster defensively when Jason Smith is on the floor, his opponents have had a 27.6 PER against him and the Knicks have a 122.0 defensive rating when he is on the floor. He is probably the worst .600 TS% player I have ever seen.

    10. I just got two free tickets for tonight’s game from a coworker. Decent seats, too. Anyone want the extra freebie? First come, first serve. Though I also posted this on facebook, so please don’t be offended if I tell you someone else took it.

    11. “Speaking of women, has one ever posted on”

      I think there was a poster named Abbey Jon if I’m not mistaken

    12. There was some poster who had the hots for Wilson Chandler and another that presented as a female Heat fan dropping in from time to time.

    13. There was once a female poster who had a crush on Wilson Chandler (I’m 99% sure it was of the heterosexual variety).

      And I think Robert’s ex-girlfriend used to post under the handle Ken “The Animal” Bannister.

      And, of course, Lala Anthony sometimes comes on here and posts under the name Ruruland, but she doesn’t come by much these days.

    14. Aha! I see Nick remembers the Wilson Chandler lady too. (I remember thinking at the time: “a woman! A real, live woman is talking to us!”)

    15. Sorry, fellas! And I’m a little disappointed now because I would have loved to have watched a game with Jowles (and you, GoNY, of course). I will actually get these tickets throughout the year. I have a deal with a coworker who has season tickets. When he can’t sell them, I give him a nice bottle of wine that my client gives me and he gives me two seats. I have a feeling there will be plenty of times when he can’t sell them!

    16. And I think Robert’s ex-girlfriend used to post under the handle Ken “The Animal” Bannister.

      Is this real, or just a really clever zing at Robert?

      And, of course, Lala Anthony sometimes comes on here and posts under the name Ruruland, but she doesn’t come by much these days.

      Well played.

    17. Pablo is playing. I was at Saturday’s Hawks game sitting in front of a Knick fan who kept screaming “THAT’S WHY THEY TRADED YOU SEFOLOSHA” including at least twice while he was on the bench. I almost wanted to turn around ask if he was fanatical enough to know that Sefolosha was in fact technically traded and not signed. Almost.

    18. Is it foolish of me to think that our defense will improve when Calderon gets back bc our offense will improve and that will make the players try harder on defense? Or to put it another way, isn’t offense and defense in some ways interrelated. Sure a defensive minded team like The Pacers the last few years or Chicago can get by without scoring bc they hang their hat on defense, but for a team like us, with more offensive players, don’t you think they get demoralized when they can’t score and that allows the other teams to go on runs? You score, your defense gets to run back and get set before the other team is in the half court, etc. It helps. If you’re missing shots and the other team gets more fast break opportunities, more easy buckets, and you still can’t buy a bucket, after awhile players either stop trying or have mental lapses, etc.

      WE are never going to be a good defensive team, but the scheme and tactics Fisher is using are better than what we had last year. But we just need Calderon, our floor general, back to help the offense, which is equally bad right now.

    19. Thanks man. Really appreciate the discussion.

      Qualitative data isn’t real, or something.

      Anyway, I agree with you. We’ll never be an above average defensive team with this roster, but I do think we’ll be better than 2nd to worst once the offense is running better because we have a roster of players who tend to sulk when the offense isn’t humming.

    20. One guy I have my eye on in this upcoming NCAA season is Cliff Alexander, PF, University of Kansas. Alexander looks like a beast in terms of rebounding, shotblocking and defense, and plays with a high motor and a chip on his shoulder. Rock solid 6’9″, 250 pounds with 7’3″ wingspan. His offense is a little crude but he is still just 19. I like his game a lot.

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