Knicks Morning News (2014.10.04)

  • [New York Times] Saints’ Top Safety Is Out for the Season (Sat, 04 Oct 2014 04:29:43 GMT)

    New Orleans Saints free safety Jairus Byrd had season-ending knee surgery Friday, Coach Sean Payton said.

  • [New York Times] Nets and Dodgers Ponder a Complex Deal to Merge Assets (Sat, 04 Oct 2014 02:54:47 GMT)

    Mikhail D. Prokhorov, the Nets’ owner, is trying to create a new company by combining his team and arena assets with those owned by the investor group that bought the Los Angeles Dodgers two years ago.

  • [New York Times] Lakers’ Young Out Up to Eight Weeks (Sat, 04 Oct 2014 02:40:04 GMT)

    – Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young is set to miss up to eight weeks of action, including the season opener, after tearing a ligament in his right thumb, the team announced on Friday.

  • [New York Daily News] Phil Jackson watches Knicks practice, but lets Derek Fisher do the coaching (Sat, 04 Oct 2014 02:58:54 GMT)

    Phil Jackson basically sat on the sidelines all week, admittedly resisting any urge he might have had to lend his expertise to Derek Fisher’s first training camp with the Knicks.

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    9 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.10.04)”

    1. 4 days to game action!!! The long wait is finally coming to an end. It will be nice to get some questions answered, like:

      Which 8 guys will play 20+ minutes when the season starts? My hope: Melo, JR, Amare, Calderon, Smith, Cole, Shump, TH2. more likely that Bargs and Dalembert will get minutes over Cole and Smith at first, but I hope Fisher quickly learns which guys play winning basketball.

      Which guys will play a steady 10-20 minutes? My hope is 2 of Prigs, Cleanthony and Acy, along with Dalembert. I’d like to see Larkin used to give the Prigs/Calderon combo rest during back-to-back or 5 games in 8 nights stretches. Same with Melo/STAT and Early/Acy.

      Which guys should be racking up DNP-CDs by December?
      Bargnani, Outlaw, Larkin, one of Jason/Dalembert, one (or both) of Early/Acy

      Obviously Fisher is going to have some tough decisions when it comes to which 13 players suit up on a given night and which 2-3-4 of those sit the whole game. I’d be disappointed if he goes with the vets (especially Outlaw, Bargnani, and Dalembert) out of deference.

      I expect to see a lot of Shump/JR and JR/Timmy paired in the backcourt during preseason.

      The frontcourt rotation is really tough to figure out, especially if Amare spends any time at the 5. We have 4 legit 7-footers in Bargs, Dalembert, Cole and Smith. Bargnani is virtually untradable, and the other 3 are on small contracts. Something has to give there. I wonder if we can trade one of these guys with another valuable piece (prigioni?) for a draft pick or better wing-defending PG.

      It’s pretty amazing that all 15 contract guys are completely healthy coming into preseason, when’s the last time that happened? I guess that some of the above questions will be answered when the inevitable minor injuries pop up (groin, calf, hamstring, ankle, finger, etc.) but without injury, this “chemistry” bubble that developed at West Point will be short lived without some roster moves.

    2. I also think that a lineup of (a healthy) Amare, Melo, 1 of Cole/Smith, and 2 of (a focused) JR, Shump and Calderon can match up well with any 5 on any team on any given night.

    3. I just can’t understand how you can coach basketball for a living and decide to play Andrea Bargnani at all. He’s literally been the single worst player in the NBA for the span of his career. It’s unfathomable to me.

    4. Obviously trading Bargnani would be preferable. I suppose they could just release him and free up the roster spot so that we can sign a PG or SF. None of the 7 footers are suited for the 4 spot, so one of those four guys pretty much has to go. No way they’re all gonna play.

    5. Obviously trading Bargnani would be preferable.

      No it’s not. At least, not likely. If we’re going to trade him, we’ll almost certainly have to include sweeteners to get a team to bite. Unless we can swindle a team to take just him for his expiring contract and not take any dead weight back in return (i.e. we do what Toronto did to us and actually get a team to give up real value for him), we’re better off just riding out the year and letting the contract expire at no cost at the end of the season.

    6. I’m not so sure, Kahnzy. As we get into the season and bigs start going down with injury, some team might be willing to take a flyer on him for their expiring garbage. But I’m with you in that it’s less likely than just having to cut him.

    7. So looks like the NBA TV contract will be 3x the old one. Some on Twitter are already saying the cap may go up to $88MM in 2016. Melo’s deal may be a relative bargain by then — Lebron will probably get $10MM more that year.

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