Knicks Morning News (2014.09.27)

  • [New York Daily News] Phil Jackson expects Knicks to be playoff team, but not title in first year (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 00:47:01 GMT)

    With training camp opening for the Knicks on Tuesday in West Point, Phil Jackson believes the Knicks will return to the playoffs this season under first-year coach Derek Fisher in a revamped Eastern Conference.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Luol Deng Forgives Danny Ferry (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 04:12:38 GMT)

    Miami Heat forward Luol Deng said he had forgiven Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry for making racially charged remarks about him.

  • [New York Times] Again, Nets’ New Season Brings With It New Coach (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 02:40:26 GMT)

    Lionel Hollins, the latest coach to enter the revolving door that seems to come with the territory of leading the Nets, has a style that distinguishes him, at least verbally, from Jason Kidd, his predecessor.

  • [New York Times] Hornets’ Taylor Banned From Team Activities (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 01:28:01 GMT)

    Hornets forward Jeffery Taylor will not participate in any team-related activities during an NBA investigation into his arrest on domestic assault charges, the team announced Friday.

  • [New York Times] With Players Out of Sight, Knicks Preview New Look (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 01:25:59 GMT)

    The Knicks are about to draw the curtain on a new system, a new coach, new goals and a new perspective.

  • [New York Times] Celtics’ Rondo Breaks Hand, Likely to Miss 6-8 Weeks (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 00:09:49 GMT)

    The Boston Celtics suffered an early setback when four-time All-Star guard Rajon Rondo underwent surgery on Friday for a broken bone in his left hand after a fall at home, the team said.

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    30 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.09.27)”

    1. I was thinkin about a potential rotation in the triangle for this team, and I DO NOT envy Fish AT ALL lol. Well, I envy him for that suit he wore at the introductory press conference. My Dad saw it and said, “boy u need to get yourself some suits..start wearin em again. See how sharp that man is?” LOL. Anyway, as Knick fans, I feel like we all should be triangle experts if we were Knick fans during the Jordan era. Contrary to reports, I don’t thing our 1,2, and 3 rotation will be difficult to work. But I do think our 4,5 rotation will be challenging. 1st I wanna say that I do think that Bargs and Smith will be very useful centers in this system. And therein lies the problem. Cole is a rebounding machine that plays decent interior D, and Dalembert is the only proven defender up front that we have. I also would like to see Travis Wear make the team as an end of rotation 4. I think his energy and skillset fits the triangle well. For him to make the team, someone has to go. I thought Dalembert at first..but he is the only proven defender so he has to stay. We can’t really make any trades without adding salary or losing an asset. So the roster is probably set with the training camp invitees not making the roster. That said..the most logical thing to do is start STAT at the 4. I don’t want Melo banging with bigger guys all season long at this stage in his career with the money the team is paying him. Of course, STAT shouldn’t play a whole lot of minutes so that we can maximize what he has left. At the 5, Cole should be the primary backup since he does the dirty work. So who starts alongside STAT? I do believe the triangle will make better use of our centers, with the top 3 splitting the minutes. That should also allow Fish to maximize their contributions. I really don’t wanna see Bargs at the 4 EVER AGAIN, nor do I want Smith playing the 4 primarily with his injury history……

    2. …and both of them should be effective Centers in the triangle like I said. I would love for Smith or Cole to land the starting gig but Smith/STAT is not a good pairing and Cole’s not quite ready to start…yet. So it looks like Dalembert starts. In order to use all 4 of our centers properly, Dalembert’s gonna hafta be happy with 18 mpg, and Smith is gonna hafta play some 4 unless Acy is a revelation and can become a poor man’s Rodman. Again, I don’t envy Fish at all. Maybe we can just release Bargs since it is the last year of his deal, but STAT and Smith would hafta hold up over the course of the season and that’s a lot to ask right now. Plus we’d be losing Bargs’ potential as a triangle 5. He’s better than every C Phil has had, except Shaq, Bynum, and Cartwright. And guys like Wennington, Longley, and Purdue have been effective in the triangle. As a rookie coach, Fish is gonna hafta bruise some egos at the 4/5 spot this season. I just hope everyone buys in.

    3. Some talking white man face on ESPN said that since the injury is to the top of his hand and not his knuckle, it clears him of wrongdoing.

      “Think about that for a second. Someone is paying him to be that stupid on national TV.

      Suspicious as hell. No one breaks a metacarpal bone from a fall except old people. AFAIK if it required surgery, it was likely this type of fracture:'s_fracture

      Jowles, I thought exactly the same thing when I heard the news yesterday. I do wonder why everyone was so quick to swallow the Kevin Love story that he had the same injury “doing knuckle push-ups at home with a trainer.” Also a boxer’s fracture, wasn’t it?

    4. Totes, the beauty of this situation is that anyone except Melo can be released at the first sign of being a detriment to team chemistry or poor fit for the system. My guess is that Fisher will give the veterans every chance to succeed and buy in during the preseason, but once the season starts, he will find combinations that work best and go with those, regardless of experience. Unless Bargnani has a revelation on defense and/or a dead-eye shooter (I seriously doubt that he will) I think he will be out of the rotation by December. I agree that Dalembert will be a 15-20 minute player. It seems that Fisher and Phil liked what they saw in Cole, which is why they immediately shut him down and signed him after one dominant summer league game. Cole is smart and will be a better triangle C than people think. Statistically, he’s an exceptional per minute rebounder and shot-blocker and an efficient scorer. Not sure how he is as a passer.

    5. We could roll out a Bargs/Stat/Melo/Hardaway/Calderon unit, just for giggles. Melo would get to say he’s the best defense on the court

    6. So, by December, barring injury or trade, the rotation should be:
      Jason Smith
      One of Acy, Outlaw or Early. Fisher may give the young guys the nod here

      I think Bargnani and Dalembert will be benched or gone, hopefully by trade. They talked about going up-tempo and neither of those guys are suited for that. All the talk about Bargnani being well-suited for the Triangle is diversionary bullshit.
      I could also see a multi-player deal of some kind to get a 2-way PG and to create more room in the rotation for the young guys. Once the EC PGs start shredding our defense and it becomes clear that Shump can’t be a triangle PG, they’ll make something happen. In the meantime, they’ll be scouring the d-league for the next Derek Fisher. I can’t imagine that they think they can get through the whole season with 3 PGs who are all weak defensive players. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fisher gives Larkin a shot to displace Prigioni as a “disrupter” off the bench, especially if we start losing.

    7. I think Bargnani and Dalembert will be benched or gone, hopefully by trade.

      For this to happen, we’d have to bride a team to take Bargs most likely. I mean, if we can swindle some hapless GM into thinking Bargs has just been misused for his entire career, then great. But I suspect we’ll have to pay someone to take him off our hands, and with this being the last year of his contract I’d rather just hold onto him and play out his contract so we can dump him at no cost at the end of the season.

    8. “I mean, if we can swindle some hapless GM into thinking Bargs has just been misused for his entire career, then great.”

      “July 10, 2013: Traded by the Toronto Raptors to the New York Knicks for Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, Quentin Richardson, a 2014 2nd round draft pick, a 2016 1st round draft pick and a 2017 2nd round draft pick.”

      Never forget.

    9. I would try to trade Bargs to the Lakers or the T-Wolves. Maybe even Sacto. Who else is really stupid and desperate?

    10. Haven’t forgotten. Bad, bad trade (re: value given up, only because of the 1st round pick, everything else was not worth quibbling about. The real issue was that he played in place of any other player available at that position, e.g. Cole Aldrich.)

      I’m all for letting him play himself out of the rotation in preseason and benching him. What’s done is done, no need to compound things by adding a sweetener to the deal, like Morey had to do to dump our beloved Jeremy Lin.

    11. I love that Luol Deng is letting Ferry off the hook.

      “He’s not a racist!”

      Yes, he is. Categorically, those comments are racist. Not even implicit bias, but explicit discrimination based on the color of Deng’s skin and his ancestry.

      Thus the person who spoke those words? A racist.

    12. I bet Andrea Bargnani gets about 1000 minutes this upcoming season, playing 25+ MPG, until he mercifully gets injured and spends the rest of the season at the end of the bench in a suit. They will be 1000 awful minutes, but he’ll get them anyway. Why do I believe this? Because this has been exactly what has happened the last three seasons of Bargnani’s career. I am fully mentally prepared to watch about 1000-1200 minutes of terrible Andrea Bargnani basketball. No matter how bad the guy sucks, he always seems to get minutes.

      The first sign of Derek Fisher’s coaching ability will be what he does with Bargnani. If Fish has the smarts to stick Bargs’ sorry ass on the bench right out of the gate, I will be feeling very optimistic.

    13. I want to believe that Fisher and Jackson are smart enough to have looked at game film carefully and to have seen what we all saw last year: a very slow-witted basketball mind embedded in an intriguing basketball package. Probably every coach feels that they can “coach up” a given player until proven otherwise, but I expect Bargnani to have a very short leash and to either quickly play his way out of the rotation or to be used in a way that doesn’t cause much damage.

      The opposite is hopefully true about Cole. I expect that they will quickly see that he deserves major rotation minutes ahead of Dalembert. I just checked out some highlight videos of Aldrich from last year. The guy looks like a very solid NBA rotation player, particularly on the defensive end. He appears to have a way better motor and b-ball IQ than Dalembert and he has the size, strength, athleticism and wingspan of a legit rim-protecting C. He also looked to be in even better shape in summer league than he did during the regular season. He has made the most of his limited minutes.

      Fisher will have a chance to match him up against some good bigs in preseason, like Jonas of Toronto, Nerlens of Philly, and Marcin of Washinton. That will be a great test of how committed he is to playing the best players.

    14. Cole Aldrich is a good NBA player; Andrea Bargnani is an awful NBA player. Which one gets more minutes will tell you everything you need to know about the new regime.

    15. Yeah, I think they are…I don’t want to say cocky…confident?…that they can turn around Bargs, so I bet he gets big minutes to start the season. I just hope that they are willing to bench him if he doesn’t work out.

    16. @16 & @17 lol

      The irony is that Fisher and Jackson actually have nothing riding on Bargnani. Most fans, pundits and GMs have closed the book on Bargs, and the new regime had nothing to do with acquiring him. So its not like they have to sacrifice wins to prove that he is any good.

      Look, I’m OK with giving everyone on the roster a fair shot in preseason, including Bargnani. But in the likely (almost certain) event that Cole outplays Bargnani in preseason, the reclamation project should be scrapped. Same goes for Dalembert.

      What’s scary is the bullshit about Bargnani and Calderon having some kind of synergy. Really??! Like even if Bargnani shoots a bit better, he’s still a disaster on the defensive end.

    17. The only real skill Bargs has ever demonstrated is the ability to convince coaches to keep playing him despite mountains of evidence showing that he’s a terrible basketball player. He must really be something in practice.

    18. Bargnani is really good at being tall and not looking like the worst shooter on the floor. That will get you play in today’s NBA. That will get a team to trade a 1st rounder for you.

    19. The only thing that will stick Bargs to the bench would be if Cole Aldrich and Amar’e Stoudemire stay healthy. There is no way in hell Andrea Bargnani can outplay healthy versions of those two, and I believe they’d be too good to not give 30+ minutes a night. Bargs would be fighting Dalembert, Stat, Aldrich, and Jason Smith for minutes this season. Give Bargs 15 minutes a game. That shouldn’t kill us.

    20. But why give him any minutes at all if he consistently costs you net points in the minutes he plays, as his advanced stats seem to suggest? Alas, I think you are right in that 15mpg is a possibility, but even those minutes should be earned.

    21. There’s no reason that Bargs should be playing in any non-blowout. Phil Jackson was a great coach, so there is at least a possibility that he makes Bargs better, but a better Bargs is still a bad player. He’s been one of the 10-15 worst players in the league every season he’s played, and at his age, it’s really unlikely that he’s going to significantly improve because triangle. Playing him 15 minutes a night just makes it more likely that the Knicks lose. All he should do next season is do goofy, endearing shit during blowouts and wave a towel on the bench when Cole does something awesome.

    22. I can’t wait for the first “We want Bargs” chant at the Garden during a blowout like what happened with ‘Sheed in the beginning of the 2012 season

    23. Bargnani should never see the floor. There are plenty of D-Leaguers and UFA that would be better suited for playtime, both from a win-production and development standpoint.

      Bargnani’s best-case scenario is a below-average NBA player. His norm is “worst NBA player with over 500MP.” He is truly awful.

    24. Bargnani is the quintessential highlight mix player. It wasn’t until I watched him that I lost all optimism. He’s so slow to react and dumb at reading situations that I can’t imagine him improving very much at all.

    25. I would love Bargnani if he were our Scalabrine, but instead he’s our Pau Gasol to the Odom/Kobe/Bynum Lakers. And to those who say that Bargs points out the flaws to the eye test, I disagree he looks awful on the floor when you aren’t watching highlights.

    26. There surely is a team who would gladly take Bargs: Philadelphia. His contract would help them reaching the salary floor. Maybe something like this: Bargs, Larkin and a 2015 second rounder for a heavily protected 2017 Phila second rounder. But then again: why should we? Bargs contract expires next summer, and we should treasure every pick we have.
      The only scenario where I see something like that happening is if we storm out of the gates like madmen, like, say, 18-2 and Bargs is not playing and disrupting the team’s chemistry. Highly unlikely.

    27. Jowles, you can also point to some historical nights: 40 points for Acie Earl! 53 for Tony Delk! And more recently: 55 for Brandon Jennings as a rookie! 51 for Terrence Ross! This league is full of WTF nights/highlight reels.

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