Knicks Morning News (2014.09.02)

  • [New York Times] Tony Parker’s Respite Recasts the Basketball World Cup (Tue, 02 Sep 2014 00:25:51 GMT)

    The decision by Tony Parker, France’s most famous basketball player, to skip the World Cup altered the country’s expectations but provided a reminder of an approaching eventuality.

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    10 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.09.02)”

    1. It’s fascinating watching the US in the World Cup because going in what I felt would separate the US from the rest of the world was the fact that no one could really hang with the US guards. Harden, Curry, Irving – other countries just don’t have guards like that.

      However, so far it has actually been their big men that have shown the most separation between them and the rest of the world. We all knew Anthony Davis was otherworldly and that no one could compare with him, but Kenneth Faried is making other teams look stupid. I wouldn’t have expected such dominance among their big men (one big man, yes, but not both).

      Anyone recall what the hold-up was on the Shump/Faried trade? Was it that Denver asked for a first rounder on top of Shump? I think that that was it. I think the Knicks actually believed that they had completed the deal but then Denver said, “Oh yeah, we also need a first rounder” and the Knicks were all, “Say whaaaaaaaaaaa?”

    2. “All Faried can do is dunk and rebound a lot.”

      Can someone remind what exactly it is that Shump does?

    3. Can someone remind what exactly it is that Shump does?

      Why, he can “Shump Shump,” of course!

    4. Shump does something called “defense.” It’s an old, largely forgotten strategy the Knicks used to employ before the turn of the millenium. According to noted basketball historian, Phil Jackson, Shumpert is the only member of the Knicks who employed this strategy last year. This only landed him on his coach’s doghouse, as he preferred the “switch and ditch” defense.

      It is rumored that Faried has recently been made aware of this aspect of the game, and has been incorporating it in FIBA play. In honor of the host country, his teammate, James Harden, has been entertaining Spaniards with his mastery of the “Matador” defense. Harden is believed to have signed a 6-figure contract to sponsor Nike’s new line of bullfighting gear. His teammates on the Rockets are nicknaming him Assh-Ole!

      Sorry, guys. How many days until training camp?

    5. Thanks, Owen, being mentioned in the same sentence with RS is an honor (although jon abbey [RIP] would beg to differ!)

    6. “meh, shump shump, i’ve seen better, i’ve done better, kobe assist, you’re an idiot” -jon abbey

      I liked it, Z-man. Don’t let a ghostwritten jon abbey post get you down.

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