Knicks Morning News (2014.08.17)

  • [New York Times] Rose Hears Cheers as US Beats Brazil 95-78 (Sun, 17 Aug 2014 04:45:27 GMT)

    The roars for Derrick Rose started with the pregame introductions and did not fade until the final buzzer.

  • [New York Times] Griner Helps Mercury Beat Sparks for 28th Win (Sun, 17 Aug 2014 04:27:15 GMT)

    Brittney Griner scored 19 points to help the Phoenix Mercury beat the Los Angeles Sparks 76-69 Saturday night, tying the WNBA record for wins.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Basketball: Liberty End Skid With Victory Over Mystics (Sun, 17 Aug 2014 03:43:52 GMT)

    Plenette Pierson scored 20 points to help the visiting Liberty snap a three-game losing streak and hamper the Washington Mystics’ playoff seeding with a 73-61 victory.

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    16 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.08.17)”

    1. Shawn Marion is signing with Cleveland. I am kind of disappointed that the didn’t take the biggest deal he could get. The guy already won a title, I dunno why he feels like he needs to sacrifice money to play for a winner. I mean, whatever, obviously he should do whatever feels right for him, it just surprises me a bit.

    2. LeBron has become the embarrassment of riches poster boy. Not that that really takes anything away from him, but it sucks when it’s not on your team.

    3. That team is going to win a lot of basketball games.

    4. Lol….yea Marion with the questionable move. To Cleveland too, not even south beach anymore

    5. Ha ha of course Marion signed with the Cavs! At this point in the off-season you may as well just report on FA’s that don’t sign with Cleveland. It is an interesting choice, considering Indy could have given him a bit more cash. Plus the point has already been raised that he doesn’t really need to chase rings, but you probably can’t fault a guy in the twilight of his career wanting to play with a winner. Cleveland are going to be hella annoying to play against in NBA 2K15…..

    6. Cleveland IS the new South Beach….

      Agree, that team is looking pretty good right now. Too bad it’s not the Knicks.

    7. I dunno why he feels like he needs to sacrifice money to play for a winner.

      I can think of 133 million reasons he doesn’t need any more money.

    8. Agree, that team is looking pretty good right now. Too bad it’s not the Knicks.

      It’s amazing that one of the few franchises in the NBA that I think has been run even worse than the Knicks over the last decade now has a title favorite because the best basketball player in the world wants to live in Cleveland instead of Miami, NY or LA. Or even, like, Charlotte. I’d much rather live in Charlotte than Cleveland.

    9. I’ve been to Cleveland twice and if I never go back I will be better for it.

    10. Question for ephus and other salary cap mavens:

      Can a restricted free agent play in Europe (or sit out) for a season and become an unrestricted free agent the year after?

    11. Bledsoe’s qualifying offer is $3.7 million. Jordan Farmar made 3 million euros AFTER taxes and agent’s fees last season.

    12. Cleveland IS the new South Beach….

      A spinoff show is in order: “Cold in South Beach”

    13. Citizen,

      Bledsoe cannot go overseas without the Suns’ consent. NBA players have to get a “letter of consent” to move to any FIBA-recognized league. Same is true in the other direction.

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