Knicks Morning News (2014.07.27)

  • [New York Times] Griner Leads Mercury to 15th Straight Victory (Sun, 27 Jul 2014 05:09:59 GMT)

    Old Detroit Pistons “Bad Boy” Bill Laimbeer and his New York Liberty tried to rough up the streaking Phoenix Mercury — with little success.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Basketball: Love Withdraws From U.S. Team (Sun, 27 Jul 2014 03:33:09 GMT)

    Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves became the third N.B.A. player in recent weeks to withdraw from consideration for United States in next month’s World Cup, USA Basketball said.

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    15 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.07.27)”

    1. With the summer league over and most of the major FA’s already signed, we’ve hit the lull point of the NBA year. Since most of the news is focused on the revamped Cavs and their package for Love, it got me thinking how weak a package it’ll end up being considering both the high spots the spots the Cavs have drafted in, plus the sheer amount of first round picks they’ve had in 3 years.

      That in mind, I thought it’d be fun to look back at there drafts and see how you’d redo them today. I kno there are some people who think a hindsight look back is unfair to a team, and I’d agree… in most cases. But having gone thru this task it’s amazing realizing not only how awful there drafting has been, but also how often they bucked the poopular choice just to pick a horrible one. IE it’s not like the Greg Oden pick where a lot of people liked him but he turned out to bomb. The Cavs consistently made odd picks that backfired.

      With the caveat that if they had made certain correct picks that the following draft position would be different and that this is just for fun, lets get started. Hope I get the alignment on this right…

    2. 2013 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #1 Anthony Bennett Carter-Williams; Greek Freak; Oladipo; Burke
      #19 Sergei Karasev Mason Plumlee
      #31 Allen Crabbe Nate Wolters
      #33 Carrick Felix Ryan Kelly

      Thoughts: Wow what a horrible draft. Bennett was panned from the moment he was announced and the decision only looks worse in hindsight. If they had drafted any of the trio of Carter-Williams, Oladipo, or Burke, they’ve could’ve easily slotted them at the 2 guard. Totally indefensible when all 3 were widely acknowledged as the best picks, but instead the Cavs broke the golden rule and drafted for need instead of best available talent. Ironically they could’ve taken any of the guards at 1 and still filled the need for a rim protector with Plumlee. Both there 2nd round picks will likely be out of the league soon as well.

      2012 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #4 Dion Waiters Damian Lillard, Andre Drummond; Terrence Ross
      #24 Jared Cunningham Draymond Green
      #33 Bernard James Khris Middleton
      #34 Jae Crowder Mike Scott

      Thoughts: Waiters was a pretty poor pick at the 4 spot. While he’s be decent overall his skillset makes him even less valuable to the Cavs then he’d be elsewhere. Furthermore; he and Irving have clashed head-on publicly and repeatedly, something you never want to see out of your two stars. Andre Drummond would’ve been huge for them and prevented the Bennett fiasco.

      2011 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #1 Kyrie Irving Kyrie
      #4 Tristan Thompson Kawhi Leonard; Klay Thompson; Chandler Parsons

      Thoughts: They got one right! Give em credit Kyrie was the best pick of of a rather shallow draft pool. Tristan Thompson was a big miss though, as there were at least a dozen players from that draft you’d clearly rather have, the ones listed being the most notable.

      2010 Draft
      No picks

    3. 2009 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #30 Christian Eyenga DeJuan Blair
      #46 Danny Green Danny Green

      Thoughts: They got another one right! They got ano… Wait, what? Huh, they waived Green? Well I’m sure they at least gave it a lot of thought… Whatta mean they waived him after only 20 games and 115 minutes played?!? WHAT KIND OF JACKASS DOES THAT?… Oh right.
      Needless to say, Green went on to be the breakout stars of the 2013 Finals, hitting a Finals record # of 3s. He was also a key piece in the Spurs successful 2014 Finals run. That’s two strong Finals appearances by Green, are we sure Dan Gilbert didn’t write him a Letter out of town?

      2008 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #19 JJ Hickson Serge Ibaka; Goran Dragic; Nic Batum

      Thoughts: Another draft, another strike out.

      2007 Draft
      No picks

      2006 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #25 Shannon Brown Kyle Lowry
      #42 Daniel Gibson Paul Millsap
      #55 Ejike Ugboaja Chris Copeland

      Thoughts: Chris Copeland! Kyle Lowry and Millsap would’ve been very nice additions as well but… CHRIS COPELAND!

      2005 Draft
      No picks

      2004 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #10 Luke Jackson Josh Smith; Al Jefferson; Kevin Martin

      Thoughts: There were easily well over a dozen players you’d take ahead of Jackson here.

    4. 2003 Draft
      Pick Taken Should’ve Taken
      #1 Lebron Darko Milicic
      #31 Jason Kapono Kyle Korver

      Thoughts: The one we’ll always wonder what could’ve been. If only they had freed Darko… Just kidding! But the scary part is there inept enuff that you’d almost believe they’d do it wouldn’t you. Considering Lebron inspires loyalty from his 3pt specialists wherever he goes, (looking at you Miller and Allen), it would’ve been cute to see him drafted alongside Korver, who actually would be the perfect running mate.

      Final Thoughts: This is a team that could’ve easily ran a starting lineup of Kyrie, Oladipo, Wiggins, Lebron, Drummond. And still have a trio of Spurs cumming of the bench; Kawhi, Danny Green, and Dejuan Blair. This isn’t even crazy revisionist history. They had Danny Green! Oladipo was the consensus top pick. You literally could’ve taken anyone over Tristan and been better off.
      This is a lineup that easily makes the Finals out of the East and could take on any challengers out West (with the added bonus of weakening the Spurs). It has star power and depth at every position and would rank high on both ends of the court. And if you still felt like trading for Love you could trade just about any 2 players aside from Kyrie, Lebron, and Drummond and would still have a package that beats the hell out of any other for miles.

    5. This is why I love this blog and can’t stop reading it. Thanks for that reporting, guys.

      On Shumpert: He’s the x factor on this team. He needs consistent minutes and a consistent role, or to be out of town already and get consistent minutes and a consistent role. He has an excellent chance to straiten out his jump shot. We’ve seen it before many times. That’s the most teachable/ coachable skill in the sport. You can’t as easily coach size strength and quickness. He’s, obviously right now, the best defender of all our guys at the two. He’s not a three. Woodson had him out of position. And he shouldn’t be expected to cover the weaknesses of a PG that’s a bad defender. Hopefully, NYK, knows better now.

      Also, wow, Jax thinks he can get us Love now? Cool, you go Jaxy! I’ll cry, I really will.

      We are one big move away from not being mediocre but we are mediocre. This year we’re looking to not play like a pickup game at the Y and for keepers going forward. Just as LAL shouldn’t give minutes to Boozer (then again be my guest) at the expense of young forwards the same should go for Bargs and STAT unless the team is solidly above .500 and can consistently beat, MIL, for example.

    6. We have no idea whether the Knicks are mediocre or not, this is just another common perception. It’s one of the enforced opinions of the summer. If you go against the crowd, everybody looks at you funny.

    7. Just a little bit of revisionist history there, JD #2.

      “We have no idea whether the Knicks are mediocre or not, this is just another common perception. It’s one of the enforced opinions of the summer. If you go against the crowd, everybody looks at you funny.”

      We actually have a pretty good idea of whether their players are good or not, because most of them have played thousands of minutes during their NBA career and most players don’t dramatically improve after, say, age 25. They do, however, tend to get significantly worse in their thirties.

    8. if you can’t draft no betta
      (if you can’t … draft)
      if you can’t draft– no– betta
      if you can’t draft no betta than that
      you might as well draft someone whose dad also played a professional sport

    9. @Postell: Immediate salary relief, a player who can score n’ rebound and comes off the books by 2016, when the cap goes up considerably, and Corey Brewer. We also clear the clutter out of the back court.

      …and Kevin Love stays in the western conference.

      @ Z-Man. I know. But that’s why we do these things.

    10. If we really wanted to do this we could use our cap space this summer to take on Lee and Brewer without giving up Shump. I’m sure GSW and Minnesota would be happy to dump those salaries on us.

    11. That Byron Scott signing is just horrible, it’s amazing all the bad moves the Lakers make just to appease a 36 year old Kobe.

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