Knicks Morning News (2014.06.07)

  • [New York Times] Storm Send Lynx to First Loss, 65-62 (Sat, 07 Jun 2014 05:25:24 GMT)

    The Seattle Storm finally found a way to finish a game — and in the process, finished off Minnesota’s season-opening win streak.

  • [New York Times] Former Atlanta Hawks Assistant Snyder Gets Jazz Gig (Sat, 07 Jun 2014 02:31:57 GMT)

    The Utah Jazz have announced former Atlanta Hawks assistant Quin Snyder as their new head coach, signing him to a three-year deal to replace Tyrone Corbin.

  • [New York Times] James and Air-Conditioning Are Expected to Return for Game 2 (Sat, 07 Jun 2014 00:48:17 GMT)

    San Antonio’s overheated arena and LeBron James, who missed the final minutes of Game 1 of the N.B.A. finals with leg cramps, were said to be doing better on Friday afternoon.

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    14 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.06.07)”

    1. Re: “working hard”

      I’m just saying that LeBron has become a likable person off the court since The Decision. Not liking him because of his “no fun” mentality on the court is pretty silly, since his job is to win basketball games. Nobody’s happy.

      Re: Jordan being a beloved dickhead

      Jordan is like Steve Jobs, Chris Brown, or Kobe Bryant. You can abandon your kids, beat your girlfriend, or sexually assault a restaurant hostess and as long as you provide some kind of utility to American men, they will forgive you for all else because they want to associate themselves with your greatness. Jordan “did” on the basketball court. He won objective contests in which a round ball and a circular rim are involved. He also “did” off the court, in which there is little objectivity and a whole lot of murky grey area. People are generally small-minded and dull, so it’s not surprising that they gravitate toward the easy and shy away from the difficult. “Jordan won” is simple. “Jordan is a real asshole” is challenging.

      (In a similar vein, every time there’s an article about a gay athlete, the comments section of the page has countless posts that read something like, “Why does his sex life matter? Is he good at [sport]? That’s all I care about.” It’s a little bit of subtle misogyny/homophobia/hatred-for-the-poor/etc. that many of us purport to value the exercising of athletic power over the interests of humanism and mutual respect.)

      Personally, I could give a fuck about someone’s WP48 if he’s an asshole. Let him sign elsewhere. As I’ve said before, if James Dolan hoists a championship trophy, I will puke all over my television set. He’ll probably bring Isiah along for the ceremony, too.

    2. Jowles, I respect your point of view. Mine is very different, and admittedly less noble. I see sports as a notch above TV fiction, video games and rock concerts. Some of the human interest stories are compelling, but generally they are very small potatoes compared to my love for my teams, which is pretty unconditional. It is far more commonly the case that I “like” the players on the teams I have rooted for since childhood, and “hate” the opposition in proportion to the rivalry they have with my teams. Since I don’t get to know these people personally, their personal lives mean very little to me and have very little impact on my rooting interest.

      That Dolan would hoist the trophy means almost nothing to me. Would I rather it be someone else? I guess so, but don’t really think about it.

      Most of the criticism of LeBron is pretty lame. He is an all-time great in every regard. I only hate him because a) he plays for the other team and b) the other team is winning the championships I covet at my team’s expense.

      As to Jordan vs. LeBron, I just think that Jordan was better, and more aesthetically pleasing to watch. LeBron seems like a cyborg, cold, calculating, mechanical. Jordan seems like some kind of hybrid between a human and a jaguar, just out for the jugular on every play. I’d probably enjoy LeBron’s company more on a golf outing, but would rather have Jordan on my team.

    3. Idk z-man if you’re good at golf you’d probably prefer to play with Jordan since you could walk with 200k.

    4. According to the LA Times, the Lakers are out on Derek Fisher. The Lakers are on going to look at coaches with prior head coach experience.

      So, the runway is clear for Phil Jackson to bring Derek Fisher to MSG. I trust Big Chief Triangle to pick a coach who can impliment his basketball philosophy.

    5. I just don’t see how a grown man can root for a uniform. It’s easy to get into the us-vs.-them mentality when you’re 12, but…

      I mean, if Ray Lewis had become a Giant/Jet in 2001, would you have not cared that he stabbed a man to death just because he wore the uni?

    6. “People are generally small-minded and dull”
      Has anyone ever told you that you’re like a living breathing Ignatius Reilly?

    7. I’ve said before, if James Dolan hoists a championship trophy, I will puke all over my television set.

      I just don’t see how a grown man can root for a uniform. It’s easy to get into the us-vs.-them mentality when you’re 12, but…

      I’m a little perplexed, and I say this in all honesty: if you really hate the idea of Dolan’s Knicks winning a championship, and you don’t see the point in rooting for a uniform, then why Knickerblogger? Why come here and chat with all of us dullards who childishly root for the team we rooted for as kids, if you don’t give a shit whether they win, and would actually rather they NOT win? I’m not saying that to start an argument with you, I’m just generally curious.

    8. Im still trying to figure out why Jordan is being compared to people who abandoned their kids, beatup their girlfriend and sexually assaulted a waitress.

    9. lp, I suck at golf, so there’s that…
      Jowles, I don’t see how a grown man can take athletes’ personal lives that seriously. I love dogs, but I won’t stop rooting for the Jets because they now have Michael Vick in uniform. I’d rather they hadn’t signed him, but whatever, it’s sports. BTW, I wasn’t there that night, so don’t really know what happened with Ray Lewis. Sure wouldn’t have minded having him on the Jets, though.

      Dolan’s a lot of distasteful things, but he’s not a criminal, at least not to my knowledge.

    10. I get where THCJ (aka CJHPtLTKS) is coming from, but JK asks good questions too– questions I find my own answers to as rather complicated. My interest in the Knicks success ended when Linsanity ended. Lin was so humble and so likeable, and fell from the Gods into our laps, and seeing Dolan and JR Smith yucking it up together in Vegas while the offer sheet went unmatched made me wish ill upon the franchise. (The beginning of the end for me was actually the ex-Nugg coup against D’Antoni– who was a flawed and largely ineffective coach in NY, but had finally got guys to rally for him (especially Jarred Jeffries, who seemed willing to die for D’Antoni), creating the most memorable basketball in NY in a generation– only for Anthony and Smith to come and shit on it).

      Yet, even though I don’t care if the Knicks win (and even prefer it if they don’t as long as Dolan is in charge), I am still drawn to this site, as the discourse often transcends the Knicks, and even when it doesn’t, it is entertaining (and comforting) to read familiar screen names expressing themselves in their always unique manner.

      I was really hoping Steve Kerr would coach the Knicks. I was ready to dive back in, as I think he is going to be a great coach in the league over the next few decades. Now, maybe if there’s a big roster shakeup I’ll re-invest. But rooting for Anthony, Smith, Felton, et al doesn’t captivate my interest, so I’ll wait for change before re-upping my League Pass.

      It’s kind of funny– When my kids were younger, I looked forward to watching games with them. Now that they are old enough, they could care less about the Knicks. My son is a Clipper’s fan for god’s sake. And I’m okay with it. Because why would I want him to be a Knicks’ fan? Just so that we can be bonded by a history of unhappiness?

    11. Yes, I’m exactly like that character. Let’s all grab another Orange Julius, fellow scholars!

    12. I should also mention that I became a Knicks fan around the time they drafted Willis Reed, along the Jets and Mets. As a 11-12 year old in 1969-70, my whole world revolved around these three franchises, and I have never seen anything in sports to match those 3 rags-to-riches championships in one year (all 3 teams were HUGE underdogs in the WS/Superbowl/Finals). I guess once my chosen franchises gave me the gifts they did as a kid, I felt I owed them a lifetime of loyalty. The logos and uniforms feel like family crests to me. It’s hard to explain this to those not lucky enough to have experience that year, especially as a kid. But that’s the great thing about being a sports fan, we all get to choose how, and how intensely we root for our chosen teams/players, and no justification is needed.

    13. “Yes, I’m exactly like that character. Let’s all grab another Orange Julius, fellow scholars!”
      In that case, here’s to a Knicks roster constructed with due regard to theology and geometry…

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