Knicks Morning News (2014.05.23)

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing: Mavericks’ Owner Offers Apology (Fri, 23 May 2014 05:00:21 GMT)

    The Dallas Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban, apologized to Trayvon Martin’s family over his choice of words in a videotaped interview in which he addressed bigotry and prejudice.

  • [New York Times] Nets’ Deron Williams to Have Ankle Surgery (Fri, 23 May 2014 01:45:51 GMT)

    Nets point guard Deron Williams will have surgery on both of his troublesome ankles next week.

  • [New York Times] Wade Is Flourishing in Playoffs Despite His Worrisome Knees (Fri, 23 May 2014 00:59:10 GMT)

    Dwyane Wade had an up-and-down regular season for Miami because of his chronic knee problems, but his postseason performance has been solid.

  • [New York Times] AP Source: Cavs Want to Interview Alvin Gentry (Fri, 23 May 2014 00:55:58 GMT)

    Lucky in the NBA lottery, the Cavaliers are hoping their good fortune continues as they look for a new coach.

  • [New York Times] Old Mystery for Clippers’ Fill-In C.E.O. (Fri, 23 May 2014 00:35:13 GMT)

    Richard Parsons, who was named the interim chief executive of the Los Angeles Clippers, faces claims that he exaggerated or falsified his college basketball record at the University of Hawaii.

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    13 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.05.23)”

    1. Whoa, those old coaches’s agents must be working real hard to put their clients’ names on headlines. I mean, is it even possible that Mike Dunleavy Sr. gets interviewed by both the Lakers and the Knicks? And that the Cavs, fresh off the lottery win and with a real chance to get James back if the Heat won’t win the title, are so interested in Gentry? I still think that the most obvious choice for the Cavs (barring a Heat threepeat) is hiring Fizdale.

    2. It’s very nice that Phil seems to be paying very little attention to hiring coaching retreads and instead is looking for up and coming coaching talent. Some of the best coaches in NBA were the newer ones. I hope this happens for the Knicks too.

    3. (barring a Heat threepeat)

      In the case of a third Miami title, are you ready for obnoxious baseball caps sporting “threeHeat” on the front? Bleargh.

    4. Do NBA coaches get involved in the discussion of who to take in the draft or as undrafted FAs? I

    5. @4

      I would say it depends on how much trust there is between front-office and coach (and obviously they have a say when they are also President of Basketball Operations… see Popovich, Gregg or Rivers, Doc and now even Van Gundy, Stan). I guess McDonough will ask something to Hornacek before drafting guys, and the same will stand for Ferry and Budenholzer and probably Nelson and Carlisle. I’d say Grunfeld will not ask anything to anyone in DC, neither will Presti in OKC or Morey in Houston (for completely different reasons – Grunfeld seems to be a bit of a cantankerous moron, the other two are very determined in the pursuit of their plan, coaches notwithstanding).

      Chris Grant was a perfect example of a draft day loose cannon, which may hold true for Billy King, Danny Ainge (again, completely different reasons) and Flip Saunders.

      TL;DR: most of the time, the coaches don’t have a lick of a chance to influence the choice.

    6. Joerger is another good coach on the move. So many good coaches moving around, or rumored to be, and we’re limiting our search to former triangle PG’s who played for Phil Jackson.

    7. this interview with Chris Wallace…

      It reminds me of the ole Carlin bit about the 2 business men trying to screw over one another. It’s like Wallace is so busy shoveling his shit to get Joeger out the door that he just expects everyone else to go along with his bullshit pretense because… entitled selfish fuck.

      Memphis has actually been a relatively well run franchise these last few years considering its lack of major market appeal or a superstar. I hope now that theyve booted every1 out they lose for the next decade. Ego headed jackasses like Parra and Wallace need to learn being the boss doesnt mean screwing diligent employees over because they wont go down on you and getting rewarded for it.

    8. Joerger is another good coach on the move. So many good coaches moving around, or rumored to be, and we’re limiting our search to former triangle PG’s who played for Phil Jackson.

      True, that is sort of annoying.

    9. Joerger is another good coach on the move. So many good coaches moving around, or rumored to be, and we’re limiting our search to former triangle PG’s who played for Phil Jackson.

      I’m actually fine with us looking for a young coach who can be mentored by the Greatest Coach Who Ever Lived (except maybe Pop). I actually think we have good personnel for the triangle, both in terms of who we DO have and who we DON’T have.

      Everyone else in the league is basically running a PG-dominated spread offense or some sort. We don’t have a good PG. Good PGs that you can build an offense around are either very expensive (and we have no cap space or trade assets) or are totally unavailable. And even though our offense is pretty good right now with the crappy PG we DO have, our defense is God-awful in large part because of that PG.

      What DO we have? We have (presumably) Melo who most people consider an excellent fit for the Triangle in the MJ/Kobe mold. We’ve got a SG in Shump who is best playing off the ball on offense but definitely best off playing ON the ball on defense. We’ve got another big guard in JR who can do a little of everything on offense. Amare is a great post player and has a good jumper, so overall at least he’s not a BAD fit for the triangle on offense.

      This team is a ton more talented on the offensive end than the Scottie Pippen-led Bulls teams. And in fact, other than Pippen (and to lesser extent Horace Grant), there weren’t any superlative defenders on those teams either – they started a 36 year old Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, Pippen, BJ Armstrong, and Pete Myers, with Kukoc, Steve Kerr, and Bill Wennington getting most of the bench minutes.

      I think taught correctly the Triangle can really work for this roster. People love to talk about Rambis, but have you seen his roster in Minny?
      He never had a chance to succeed there.

    10. I don’t blame Wallace. He was clearly out of it entirely. He’s more of a patsy than anything. A company man to the end.

    11. @Frank

      The thing with Rambis is he had a bad roster and then compounded the problem by doing dumb shit like starting and playing Darko more minutes than Love. I agree with you though that it’s a little bizarre that Rambis was open about wanting to run the Triangle in Minnesota so the first thing Kahn did was draft Rubio and Flynn who were awful fits for the system he was trying to implement.

      I actually think towards the second half of Flynn’s rookie season, Rambis scrapped the Triangle for the most part in an attempt to cater to Flynn’s “talents”. I’m opposed to Rambis because he’s butted heads with star players in both head coaching stints he’s had and failed to impress in both LA and Minnesota. He doesn’t seem like the kind of coach that commands respect from his players or would attract free agents.

      I do agree with you that I like the idea of picking a young coach, familiar with the Triangle that Phil can mold. Joerger is a good young coach, but he’s from Minnesota and very tight with Flip Saunders, there’s not a chance he’s going anywhere else. Other than the Triangle PG’s we’ve shown interest in, I also like Hoiberg a lot, but I’m going to reserve judgment on everything until mid-to-late July when we’ll have a much better idea of how we look both from a coaching and roster standpoint.

    12. I still cant believe the Bulls took the Knicks to 7 games in 1994. If Kukoc misses that shot in Game 3 the Knicks most likely win in OT and either sweep them or win the series in 5.

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