Knicks Morning News (2014.05.18)

  • [ – New York Knicks] Could Mark Jackson coach the Knicks? (Sun, 18 May 2014 06:00:36 EDT)

    There’s a large, loud segment of Knicks fans clamoring for Phil Jackson to choose Mark Jackson as the team’s next head coach. There’s been no indication as of yet that the Zen Master is considering Mark Jackson as his head coach. Listen to the complete interview: On Saturday, ESPN announced that Jackson, the ex-Warriors coach, had reached a multiyear agreement to return to ESPN as an NBA game analyst. So where does that leave Jackson’s prospects with the Knicks?

  • [New York Daily News] Scott Brooks: Fisher ‘will make a great head coach’ (Sun, 18 May 2014 05:24:04 GMT)

    Scott Brooks is hoping Phil Jackson reaches out to Derek Fisher but not for at least another four weeks. Oklahoma City opens the Western Conference finals on Monday in San Antonio, and Fisher cannot meet with the Knicks until OKC’s season ends, which may not be until mid-June if the Thunder reaches the NBA Finals.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing: Mark Jackson Rejoins ESPN (Sun, 18 May 2014 05:19:46 GMT)

    The former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson has agreed to a multi-year deal to rejoin ESPN’s lead N.B.A. announcing team.

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    21 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.05.18)”

    1. I’d like to see Derek Fisher take the job. I’d be very disappointed if it’s Jackson, Rambis or Shaw. Hoiberg is interesting, but a total crap shoot. Not that it matters much, my guess is that whether we lose Melo or not (and I think he leaves) whoever is hired will not last more than 2-3 years and the guy that ultimately coaches the team if/when it improves is someone else.

    2. The Heat/Pacers game should be interesting. The Pacers have been up and down, but have looked a little better as they have advanced. I wonder if they will come out ready for this game.

    3. According to Ian O’Connor on Twitter:

      “In unlikely event Phil Jackson does call him about the #Knicks job, Jeff Van Gundy said he would definitely listen”

      Someone give Phil JVG’s number ASAP.

    4. Now that Love has all but declared himself a UFA, how bad does that Kobe Bryant deal look? $25M for a guy who might never play a meaningful minute in the league again instead of a blank slate in 2015-16.

      Seriously, they have less than $1M tied up in 2015-16 if not for Kobe’s horrible, horrible contract. They could have offered three max contracts and still had room.

    5. Yeah, the Lakers are totally f’d. Even if Kobe comes back at 80%, there’s too many other holes to fill.

      If Dolan forces Jackson to re-sign Melo to a max deal (which is clearly not Jax’s preference) then we will be in the same boat, and I would expect Jackson to resign shortly thereafter.

    6. The Lakers aren’t selling their fans a championship. They’re selling them more Kobe; more Kobe records and maybe climbing higher on the all-time scoring list. Now, ymmv on that…but Kobe fans are nothing if not unreasonably silly.

      Also, the best thing about the Pacers having the #1 seed is that that’s at least one less game I have to watch Miami fans in.

    7. I like how Bosh has a max contract and Andersen is basically a league minimum.

    8. All of my thoughts about a Hibbert -for-Brook Lopez trade if Tge Pacers were eliminated early are out of the window because the Pacers survived long enough for Hibbert to have this game.

    9. Yeah, it was frustrating that we didn’t even try to sign Birdman when he was available.

    10. I could see the Lakers trading their pick this year for Love if he would agree to re-sign

    11. I could see Love torpedoing a rebuild by agreeing to be traded there for their best asset.

    12. JVG and big chief triangle together on that mission is my dream team. Which is one of many reasons it will never happen.

    13. As Larry Coon just tweeted, Lakers do not have the cap space to trade their pick for Love. They could make the pick that Minnesota wants and then make the trade after July 1.

    14. Houston could offer Asik/Parsons/Jones/Mountejonas/Garcia for Love. But they have no first round pick.

      Boston could offer their pick in a package with Green/Bradley/Sullinger/Olynyk.

    15. I have always dreamed of the Lakers amnestying Kobe Bryant….

      Or would that not matter?

    16. They can’t amnesty him since his current contract was signed after the the CBA was signed and ratified

    17. Regardless of where he’s traded, itll be a very interesting free agent class next year if Love refuses to sign an extension. He’d be a purrfect fit on the Heat for instance, giving them the big man spacing/rebounding they need for Lebron.

    18. Yes, if they let Bosh walk they could fetch Love. I have some doubts that Miami would be happy with it, since Love is not a rim protector and the Heat’s defense needs almost always one between Andersen and Bosh on the floor for that purpose… Plus, LeBron can really wreak havoc playing as/with a small ball four, and if you want to play with a goalie, then Love needs to play at the four.

    19. whoa. . . .I am logging in to correct ephus (??? lol) HOU has their first round pick. #25. HOU can offer a package like Asik/TJones/Parsons + 1st rd pick for Love. The pick isn’t very good, obviously. I doubt that would do it, but it seems to be one of the better packages being thrown around. GS packages (Lee + Barnes) seem like a non-starter from MIN’s perspective. We’ll see.

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