Knicks Morning News (2014.05.16)

  • [New York Times] Durant’s Thunder Take on Spurs After Clipping LA (Fri, 16 May 2014 08:22:49 GMT)

    Mr. Unreliable was rock-solid and relentless yet again.

  • [New York Times] Like a Year Ago, Pacers Face Heat in East Finals (Fri, 16 May 2014 07:13:50 GMT)

    Through all of it — the late-season swoon, the questions about team unity, the deficits in the first two playoff rounds — this is what Paul George and the Indiana Pacers wanted.

  • [New York Times] Pacers Ready to Battle Heat After Banishing Wizards (Fri, 16 May 2014 07:01:39 GMT)

    David West delivered his strongest game of the playoffs with 29 points to help guide the Indiana Pacers into Eastern Conference finals with a series-clinching 93-80 Game Six win over the Washington Wizards on Thursday. The veteran power forward was in an aggressive mood from the opening tip-off, taking 26 shots and sparking a fourth-quarter surge that helped the Pacers advance from the best-of-seven series with a 4-2 victory. The top-seeded Pacers’ next challenge starts on Sunday, with a home Game One encounter against the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat.

  • [New York Times] Thunder Wrap Up Series, Move On to West Finals (Fri, 16 May 2014 06:58:38 GMT)

    Kevin Durant shook off a cold start to score 39 points as the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Los Angeles Clippers 104-98 to seal their second round series and clinch a place in the Western Conference finals on Thursday. League MVP Durant began the game 1-for-7 from the floor, but caught fire and added 16 rebounds and five assists in a road win that gave the Thunder a 4-2 best-of-seven series triumph.

  • [New York Times] Thunder Eliminate Clippers, Winning Game 6 104-98 (Fri, 16 May 2014 06:43:49 GMT)

    When the Oklahoma City Thunder were down by 16 points and struggling to make any shot early in Game 6, they looked all but ready to fold up and head home for a series-deciding finale.

  • [New York Times] NBA Playoff Capsules (Fri, 16 May 2014 05:40:47 GMT)

    David West scored 29 points, and the Indiana Pacers beat the Washington Wizards 93-80 Thursday night to advance to the Eastern Conference finals for the second straight year.

  • [New York Times] Pacers Clinch Series With 93-80 Win Over Wizards (Fri, 16 May 2014 04:34:43 GMT)

    The doubts raised about the Indiana Pacers were more than justified. The way they dispatched the Washington Wizards shows that perhaps the Pacers have dismissed any and all dysfunction.

  • [New York Times] Analysis: Phil Jackson’s Focus: His Inner Circle and the Triangle (Fri, 16 May 2014 04:04:31 GMT)

    After losing Steve Kerr, his first choice for Knicks coach, to the Warriors, Jackson is turning his consideration to other members of his inner circle.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: Pacers Move On to a Rematch With the Heat (Fri, 16 May 2014 03:39:08 GMT)

    The Portland Trail Blazers signed Coach Terry Stotts to a multiyear contract extension, the team announced Thursday.

  • [New York Times] Sterling Tells N.B.A. He Will Not Pay Fine (Fri, 16 May 2014 02:42:16 GMT)

    The league, which barred Donald Sterling for life last month for making racist comments, received notice on Thursday that Sterling would not pay a $2.5 million fine.

  • [New York Times] Facing Roster Questions, Nets Enter Off-Season With a Focus on Continuity (Fri, 16 May 2014 02:22:05 GMT)

    A day after the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs by the Heat, Coach Jason Kidd and General Manager Billy King expressed optimism about the team’s future.

  • [New York Times] League Approves Sale of Milwaukee Bucks (Fri, 16 May 2014 00:58:38 GMT)

    The National Basketball Association (NBA)’s board of governors has unanimously approved the $550 million sale of the Milwaukee Bucks to hedge fund managers Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry, the league announced on Thursday.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A.’s Replay Controversies Could Lead to a Review (Fri, 16 May 2014 00:22:08 GMT)

    Incidents in Nets-Heat and Clippers-Thunder playoff games are the latest to call attention to what officials are allowed to review.

  • [ – New York Knicks] The new D-League affiliate name is … (Fri, 16 May 2014 01:01:47 EDT)

    They either lack creativity or love continuity. A group of Knicks fans has voted to name the team’s new D-League affiliate … the Westchester Knicks. Seriously. The Knicks invited fans to help choose the name for the new D-League team by submitting suggestions online. “Knicks” was the overwhelming winner. The Westchester Knicks will begin play in 2014-15, playing home games at the Westchester County Center in White Plains.

  • [ – New York Knicks] Agent: Kerr's choice wasn't about money (Fri, 16 May 2014 00:39:11 EDT)

    Steve Kerr’s agent says his client’s decision to choose Golden State Warriors over the New York Knicks wasn’t about the money. “Both Golden State and the Knicks were terrific to deal with, and they both made very generous offers. This wasn’t a decision about money, or trying to get the last dollar. In the end, for Steve, this was based on lifestyle and family,” Kerr’s agent, Mike Tannenbaum, told ESPN New York’s Ian O’Connor.

  • [ – New York Knicks] Knicks looking at Fred Hoiberg (Fri, 16 May 2014 00:14:54 EDT)

    Phil Jackson may be dipping in to the college ranks for the next Knicks head coach. ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reported Thursday that Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg is on the Knicks’ radar. Hoiberg and UConn’s Kevin Ollie are two of the hot coaching names in the NCAA. The Knicks wouldn’t be the first NBA team to try to pry Hoiberg from Iowa State. Sources tell’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne that Hoiberg rebuffed overtures from the Minnesota Timberwolves to coach Kevin Love & Co.

  • [New York Daily News] Jackson looks to reel in Fisher after failing to hook Kerr (Fri, 16 May 2014 05:28:41 GMT)

    The Knicks next head coach could bring home a championship ring as early as next month. Oklahoma City guard Derek Fisher, who played under Phil Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers, is emerging as a leading candidate to join Jackson in New York.

  • [New York Daily News] Lupica: How can Derek be Plan B when Kerr was only plan? (Fri, 16 May 2014 05:24:06 GMT)

    This is Madison Square Garden we are talking about, Jimmy Dolan’s Garden, where the agenda with the basketball operation is as often about how things look as it is about what is best for the Knicks and for their fans, while making sure somebody other than the owner, Dolan, gets blamed when everything turns into another spitstorm.

  • [New York Daily News] Raissman: Marv told Kerr ‘there is no happiness’ with Knicks at Garden (Fri, 16 May 2014 02:58:35 GMT)

    On Thursday morning, for old times’ sake, we replayed Phil Jackson’s introductory press conference. There were smiles. Vibes of change, too. James (Guitar Jimmy) Dolan even vowed to butt out of the basketball operation.

  • [New York Post] Phil could go outside triangle family, bring Mark back to Knicks (Fri, 16 May 2014 03:26:13 -0400)

    CHICAGO — The Knicks coaching search is expanding beyond geometry. Phil Jackson, according to an NBA source, is OK hiring a head coach who doesn't specialize in the triangle. According…

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    42 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.05.16)”

    1. I wanna talk “next Knick coach” a little bit. Or rather ask questions. I respect a lot of u fellow Knickerblogger’s and fan’s here, and your opinions & knowledge, so i’d rather discuss it here than with the casual NBA fans I run into on a daily basis. I hear Hoiberg’s name pop up a lot. And oh yes, I remember The Mayor. I do know that he has had decent success as a college coach. But what about his coaching style and system that makes him a good candidate? I haven’t really followed his coaching career enough to know how good a coach he really is, so that’s why I’m asking. Does he spread the floor and preach ball movement a la D’Antoni? Or is his offensive sets closer to Phil or Pop. Does he rely on “small ball” or more traditional lineups? How are his teams defensively? I would love for a new fresh coach to grace the nba ranks as a member of the Knicks during this culture change. It seems like Dolan would much rather go with what everybody already knows rather than try a new fresh direction. Even if Melo re-signs, we still need a fresh direction. This is the Knicks. Playing in the most famous city, in the most famous arena. Put something exciting in it. Please no NBA retreads. Please Phil, no Rambis as HC. No Byron Scott. The only “retreads” I would accept are JVG, Thibs, or Phil himself. I know Phil loves the triangle, but if a triangle disciple is not the choice as HC, I hope he doesn’t force his triangle thumpers on that coach. What i’m saying is..if Hoiberg or a Donovan or a Shaka Smith or some hot NBA assistant or Thibs is the coach, let those guys run their system. Maybe incorporate some of the triangle, but don’t force it. If Mark Jackson becomes the guy..maybe u push the triangle a little more because he hasn’t truly established himself as a coach with a system. I dunno….what do you guys think?

    2. If Phil Jackson is going to hire anyone who has not played for him or has not coached with him, I am Mickey Mouse.

    3. Back to Kerr, I was really excited about the possibility because I assumed he was 100% commited to the job. Obviously that wasn’t th case, and so now I’m actually glad it didn’t work out. Whoever is the next coach is going to go through some tough times with the team, the media, the owner, etc. and I wouldn’t want a guy who would be second-guessing himself as soon as the heat got turned up. So, in a sense, you could argue that this was a brilliant job by Phil. By offering slightly less than GS would, he tested that commitment, and it clearly wasn’t there.

    4. I think we need to go back to the Melo dinner to really determine if this Kerr situation is a problem or not. If really Phil Jackson tried to sell Melo on Kerr as a coach, this is a major loss for the Knicks organization (again, not the fact that Kerr signed elsewhere; the fact that Phil Jackson played his hand so bluntly and lost). Anyway, the more I think about it, the less I am inclined to believe that this is really the case. Why should Phil have had to sell Melo on anyone, particularly if that anyone hadn’t signed yet? For all we know Jackson is a very smart and manipulative individual, so why commit such a rookie mistake with a player who is not reportedly that important to his plan (better yet, is important only once he accepts a pay cut)? It’s very possible that all of the “wine and dine” rumor was just a red herring.

    5. I’m not that worried. Losing Melo and going into full rebuild is better than paying Melo the max just to keep him happy staying here. Of course I would prefer if Melo is on board and takes a discount to stay.

    6. My god that shot chart is ridiculous. Why the hell isn’t Hoiberg our first choice?

      People would do good to remember that Phil Jackson is a rookie president. He’ll make some mistakes but that doesn’t mean he won’t learn from them and turn out alright. People expect him to be perfect based on his coaching success. But he hasn’t really made a huge mistake with Kerr even if we lose Melo (he may be gone either way). We won’t compete anyway and that gives us the luxury of letting a new coach and president develop themselves and get a feel for how things work.

    7. One thing that is apparent from Jackson’s behavior so far is that he can be patient. That’s a good thing. Patience is something that has often been lacking in prior Knick’s management.

    8. Phil was so convincing at dinner that Melo is now going to sign with Golden State…

    9. My god that shot chart is ridiculous. Why the hell isn’t Hoiberg our first choice?

      Because in real life you don’t play basketball on a computer, and you need a guy or two who can take and miss a lot of mid range jump shots to create the spacing necessary for a bunch of fairly worthless role players to make efficient shots.


      Okay, that’s great and all, but, uh, who the hell wants Ray Felton? Felton is by just about any measurement a bad player on both ends of the floor, and his (awful) contract runs through 2016. And that’s without even getting into his whole weapons charge situation.

      Ray Felton’s tenure on the Knicks fits in perfectly with the cascade of terrible decisions that marked the Amare’/Melo era. The “three stars” gambit that ate up the salary cap forced the Knicks to run out a collection of losers at PG, then when an actual PG with promise miraculously fell into their laps, they decided they’d be better off giving a four-year contract to Ray Felton, because of The Eagles or something.

      The Knicks are like an exquisite Rube Goldberg machine of stupid.

    11. My god that shot chart is ridiculous. Why the hell isn’t Hoiberg our first choice?

      Because in real life you don’t play basketball on a computer, and you need a guy or two who can take and miss a lot of mid range jump shots to create the spacing necessary for a bunch of fairly worthless role players to make efficient shots.

      But isn’t that shotchart from Hoiberg’s Iowa state team?

    12. Because in real life you don’t play basketball on a computer, and you need a guy or two who can take and miss a lot of mid range jump shots to create the spacing necessary for a bunch of fairly worthless role players to make efficient shots.

      My impression of that chart was that he was very successful at translating theory into reality.

    13. Just saw on Twitter that 15 years ago today was Allan Houston’s game-winner vs the Heat in Game 5. How time flies.

    14. Because in real life you don’t play basketball on a computer, and you need a guy or two who can take and miss a lot of mid range jump shots to create the spacing necessary for a bunch of fairly worthless role players to make efficient shots.

      How does taking a shot a couple feet in from the 3pt line create more spacing than taking a shot from behind the 3pt line? Houston’s D-league team took the same approach as Iowa State this past year and were pretty good. It just shows that it’s likely Hoidberg puts some stock into analytics, and is definitely not a bad thing.

    15. Hoiberg has spent time with the Timberwolves front office. He has taken a very weak program (barely top 100) in Iowa State and made them top 25 from his 2nd-4th seasons there.

      He understand the analytics, going 2 for 1, valuing the 3, taking open shots instead of draining shot clock, good play sets, and he seems to have a good personality. He managed head cases like Royce White for example. Or Deandre Kane’s progression once he transferred.

      I think he has the most upside of any available candidates.

    16. heard on the radio today that Phil had a long lunch with Mike Dunleavy Sr. please, please, please no.

    17. Kerr never excited me. He has no experience, but he was a warm body.
      We’re losing Melo.
      We have no draft picks. We have nobody to trade to get any.
      The owner is a control freak and has ruined every good situation.
      I am depressed. Why am I even thinking about the Knicks. I must have some sort of disease that makes me want to suffer.

    18. Hoiberg has a ton of upside, but he also has a position that’s wonderful for him. I don’t see him giving it up any time soon.

    19. Ibaka out for the rest of the postseason. Wow, OKC’s luck suuuuuuuuucks.

    20. Especially as one joke Twitter account pointed out, it doubly sucks because A. They’ll lose and B. Now Brooks has an excuse for losing so he won’t even get fired.

    21. As RealGM puts it: “Raymond has been told he will be moved this offseason,” the source said.

      How Knicksy is that? Who simply declares that a player will be traded without at least couching it as “shopping” the player?

      Bring on Dunleavy. I haven’t felt enough pain yet.

    22. “And I thought I was making the sarcasm too obvious. . .”
      Wait. What? You weren’t being serious??? Whoaaaa, gotta admit, that whooshing noise that you heard was your joke sailing right over my head. And here I thought that DRed had seen the light and recognized the value of inefficient shots…

    23. But he has recognized the value of inefficient shots. He knows they are of little value to winning. Future League MVPs LaBrickus Albricktch and Da-maaaanthatsalongtwopointer Lillard have not, yet. Unfortunately for DRed, the Future Scoring Champions and Perennial Second-Round Losers of the Western Conference are relatively good at basketball, and even better at scoring points, so they will be paid handsomely in U.S. paper currency, and DRed’s payment will be continued Dolan ownership of his beloved franchise, and maybe three to seven more years of Andrea “We Don’t Need Front-Court Rebounding, That’s Why We Have Chandler” Bargnani. Truly this word is a cruel place.

    24. Serious question for you NY Rangers fans out there, why is it that they have become a pretty good franchise again?? I know they missed the playoffs for 7 straight years from the late 90’s to mid-200’s but since then they have made the playoffs 8 out of the past 9 years, had the best record in the East and made the conference finals a couple of years ago and are back in the conference finals this season.

      You hardly ever read about how bad an owner Dolan is for the Rangers. Does he not care about them as much as the Knicks therefore isnt as hands on??

    25. It doesn’t sound like the Knicks necessarily said anything to the public about moving Felton. They told him, which is probably nicer than taking him by surprise. It’s more likely Felton’s agent was the source

    26. Was a huge fan of the Phil signing, but he has whiffed big time as a GM already.

      1) Losing out on his top target Kerr. That was kind of embarrassing.
      2) Telling Felton he wants to trade him. That is a dumb move no matter what happens next. It only hurts the Knicks. They lose leverage in any potential trade situations, and if they can’t make the trade, there is awkwardness with Felton sticking around.

      Really disappointed so far in Jackson. These aren’t major moves in the grand scheme of things, but they don’t really inspire confidence.

    27. You hardly ever read about how bad an owner Dolan is for the Rangers. Does he not care about them as much as the Knicks therefore isnt as hands on??

      He gave Sather the same control he gave Isiah Thomas, only Sather actually sort of deserves it.

    28. Or they just don’t expect to get anything back for Felton, which should be the case, as he is a terrible basketball player.

    29. You’re worried that they might “lose leverage” trying to trade Felton?? Exactly what leverage did they have in trying to trade a guy who had an awful year, is an atrocious defender, is overweight and overpaid and, oh yeah, is facing pretty serious gun charges? I bet teams are lining up to swipe him from the Knicks.

    30. My god that shot chart is ridiculous. Why the hell isn’t Hoiberg our first choice?

      Because in real life you don’t play basketball on a computer, and you need a guy or two who can take and miss a lot of mid range jump shots to create the spacing necessary for a bunch of fairly worthless role players to make efficient shots.


      I can’t get too down about Kerr. I would have loved to have had him. But it really made zero sense that he would end up here once Jackson got fired.

      Sucks about Ibaka. Too late to trade Chandler?

    31. We’re hoping to be successful players in the free agent market in a year or two. It’s more important that we develop a reputation of being straight with players than that we hide that we’re trying to move Felton. GMs around the league probably knew this already anyway.

    32. Oh come on, this is New York and this is the New York Post reporting. Half of Knickerblogger would have an interview lined up if anyone knew who we were enough to put in a headline.

    33. I know, I know. Sometimes I just like to go to a dark place….

      I mean, there is no way Mark Jackson would actually get hired right?

    34. I guarantee that espn deal has an out if he’s offered a head coaching job so bullet not dodged yet.

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