Knicks Morning News (2014.05.03)

  • [New York Times] Lillard’s 3 Clinches Series Win for Portland (Sat, 03 May 2014 08:11:45 GMT)

    Damian Lillard couldn’t believe when he got a clear look at the rim.

  • [New York Times] Ellis, Mavs Top Spurs 113-111, Force Game 7 (Sat, 03 May 2014 04:17:41 GMT)

    Monta Ellis is headed to his first Game 7, and DeJuan Blair gets a chance to play his old team in San Antonio one more time after all.

  • [New York Times] A Nets Reserve Recovers His Game (Sat, 03 May 2014 04:09:06 GMT)

    After an embarrassing turnover to end a loss to the Raptors in Game 5, the Nets backup center Andray Blatche bounced back to help them tie the series.

  • [New York Times] Nets 97, Raptors 83: Hobbled With Ankle Injury, Williams Carries Nets to Game 7 (Sat, 03 May 2014 04:06:50 GMT)

    Deron Williams fought through pain to finish with 23 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, helping the Nets avoid elimination with a 97-83 win against the Raptors.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: Mavericks Force Game 7; Trail Blazers Eliminate Rockets (Sat, 03 May 2014 03:57:22 GMT)

    Monta Ellis scored 12 of his 29 points to lead a fourth-quarter comeback as Dallas edged San Antonio. Portland held off Houston in Game 6 to advance to the Western Conference semifinals for the first time in 14 years.

  • [New York Times] Nets Beat Raptors 97-83 to Force Game 7 (Sat, 03 May 2014 02:50:48 GMT)

    Deron Williams had the Brooklyn Nets speeding toward a Game 7 when suddenly everything stopped.

  • [New York Times] As Game 7 Nears, Rivers Takes Time for Workers (Sat, 03 May 2014 02:32:08 GMT)

    Doc Rivers, the Clippers’ coach, has become the voice of the franchise, addressing employees on and off the court.

  • [New York Times] More Lakers Uncertainty With Search for New Coach (Sat, 03 May 2014 00:05:35 GMT)

    The level of uncertainty endured by Los Angeles Lakers fans over the past two wretched seasons shows no sign of ending with the search for a new head coach likely to take some time.

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    66 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.05.03)”

    1. Well for all of Morey’s genius, he is paying Asik and Lin mucho bucks for horrific playoff production. I guess that they’re in a good position draft pick and salary cap-wise, but still don’t get how those poison-pill moves could be seen as positives. Even though the Knicks didn’t make the right counter-moves (e.g. Felton) I can’t imagine anyone still thinking that we should have matched that Lin deal, or that the Bulls should have matched Asik. Even when Asik essentially demanded a trade and Lin was clearly available, nobody wanted any part of them.

      Is it possible that the league is becoming more dupe-proof, now that the Knicks hopefully won’t be making panicky deals any more? maybe the combo of wider use of advanced metrics and the highly punitive nature of the salary cap are taking hold.

    2. Well, while the Knicks seem to be moving in a rational direction, don’t forget we still have Prokhorov out there, who has no regard for paying a massive luxury tax, and of course we can always count on the Pistons to do something dumb.

      Also, regarding the Nets-Raptors game last night, Kidd had 2 defenders blitzing Lowry on every single high screen, and it worked very well and disrupted Toronto’s offensive flow. It will be interesting to see what Casey’s response is tomorrow, once Lowry throws the ball over the trap, it’s essentially a 4 on 3, so you would think any coach worth his salt would be able to punish the Nets for covering up D-Will’s inability to guard Lowry straight up.

    3. Is it possible that the league is becoming more dupe-proof, now that the Knicks hopefully won’t be making panicky deals any more? maybe the combo of wider use of advanced metrics and the highly punitive nature of the salary cap are taking hold.

      Ironic though that two guys we could have had, Lowery and Teague, have been really good in the playoffs.

    4. I wasn’t that worried about losing Lin, but I don’t think we can say it was a good decision. Felton has been really terrible. Lin has played more games, has scored more efficiently, has a better Drtg and Ortng at about the same usage. Lin is better in transition and may not have been as useful in Woodson’s offense, but he has shot better from 3 than Felton has for his career. The biggest downside is Lin’s TOV%, which is much higher and more of Dolan’s money, which I don’t care about.

    5. I don’t think it’s about Lin or Felton, who (if equally fit – lol at the Penguin – and focused) are somehow of similar level. Felton is not inherently bad, he’s just a low-motor, high-variance, maybe high-maintenance guy who needs the right coach (or conditions) to be good. But have you seen Lin’s turnovers in the Hou-Por series? He’s not that capable of running an offense either.

      It’s just about coaching. And teammates. The situation here wasn’t ideal for Lin when he decided to sign with Houston. He wouldn’t have done much better than Felton. I think Lin would be a tremendous Popovich backup PG, or a salacious George Karl combo guard. Not 8mln material, though.

    6. Lin is significantly better than Felton on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The only reason not to keep Lin is money which just went to buy Bargs anyway (along with useful players and picks). Hell, it would be a good idea to keep Lin just to tie up Dolan’s money so he wouldn’t make a dumb move (ala Bargs).

    7. Lin in his worse year is right around Felton at his best. He has an insane Free throw rate, is better from 3, not to mention the fact he is younger. Felton is slightly better at picking up assists and not turning the ball over, but his TS% last year was basically a hundred points higher.

    8. Good thing the Nets traded away the pick that became Damien Lillard in order to pay for Deron Williams’s decline. Where’s the “Lillard isn’t fit to carry Andre Drummond’s jockstrap” crowd now?

    9. Are we really comparing Lillard to Drummond because Lillard had a great series and a great (wide open) game-winner last night?

      Drummond is by far the more productive player, and considering that he plays the most important position in basketball, and that there are far, far fewer players who approach his numbers, much less meet them, I’d say that no, Lillard still cannot hold Drummond’s jockstrap. I’m sure that if Lillard had Jennings and Smith to carry, we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all.

      Three points of ORB% between Drummond and the 2nd place guy in the league may not mean much to you, but it means a hell of a lot to a player’s production. He is literally irreplaceable in the league. And 2nd in eFG%, and on the leaderboard for a whole lot more.

    10. I am strictly speaking about the Lin move in a vacuum. I also was referring to playoff performance. Ironically, it’s been Felton who has been more injury-prone. But a healthy Lin was awful vs. Portland, and a healthy Felton played pretty well in last year’s playoffs. We are still overpaying for Felton and he’s clearly not a starting caliber PG but Lin is getting paid as a legit starter, which he clearly isn’t.

      Did the Knicks follow up good decisions with bad ones? Definitely. Bargnani is the worst. JR might have been a mistake (let’s see if Jackson/Kerr can get to him.) But the Lin decision was in and of itself a good one unless he has a stellar year next year and is an asset in the playoffs, which could happen but is doubtful.

    11. Bwahahaha, do you have a google alert for Andre Drummond? Or just some kind of ESP for whenever someone writes something that could be construed as criticism of your WP darlings? For fuck’s sake, I didn’t even dis Drummond, just rightly mocked you for deriding Lillard, who is, by all metrics and the dreaded eye test, an extremely good basketball player. Maybe Andre Drummond can FedEx him a jock strap from his couch. It must really chap the ass of the Berri clone crew that Portland has been so successful in spite of the pedestrian TS% of its only two high volume scorers.

    12. danvt, Lowry and Teague are both doing great, but either would have come at a very high cost. I believe we will find that ilk or better in the next year or 2. But clearly, winning w/o a PG who can shoot and get into the paint at will has become tough (unless you have LeBron.)
      Playoff PGs:
      Beverley/Lin (gone)
      Hinrich (gone)
      Walker (gone)

    13. Damian Lillard is the future best PG in the NBA. I’d trade Drummond for him in a heartbeat. No knock on Drummond, but I’ve been watching this kid since college and last night wasn’t exactly out of character for him. Also, team in 2nd round in highly competitive conference>team who missed playoffs entirely in an historically bad conference.

    14. THCJ, I totally disagree with a couple of your points. First, Drummond is probably the worst FT shooter in the league (42%). He is the rare player whose eFG% is significantly lower than his TS%. Second, C is no longer the most important position in a league where we are approaching 30% of shots being 3-pt shots. Third, while he is on the leader board for blocks, he also led the league in fouls, which is another issue in playoff basketball.

      Drummond is very good, but in today’s league, I would take the stud PG over the stud low-post C who can’t shoot FTs (unless we’re talking about Shaq or Wilt) any time.

    15. Drummond is also three years younger than Lillard. So there’s that.

      Still, Lillard is a VERY nice player, and was obviously a huge part of the #2 offense in the NBA this season. He had a respectable .568 TS% with a low 11.5 TOV%, and did most of the ballhandling on a team that ranked #3 in the league in offensive TOV%. The .394 percentage from 3PT was also nice.

    16. Lillard is a nice young point guard. Drummond is the second coming of Moses Malone. Bluntly, if you think Lillard is more valuable, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    17. As far as I can tell, Asik still has positive trade value, just not as much as Morey demanded (two first round picks). Lin, on the other hand, is a negative on this contract. Lin could be traded (like virtually everyone) but only with a real sweetener.

      If the Knicks had made their max offer to Lin (4 years/22 million/last year player option) before Lin made his second trip to Houston, I wonder whether Lin would have stayed at MSG. The Knicks still would have had bottom five PG performance, and lingering tension with Melo.

    18. Drummond could have a great career and still fall short of Moses Malone. It’s too soon after two years to label him the equal of a top seven center.

      1. Kareem
      2. Bill Russell
      3. Wilt
      4. Hakeem
      5. Shaq
      6. Moses (YMMV)
      7. Patrick Ewing (I’m a homer)

      If Drummond turns out “only” to be as good as Willis Reed/Nate Thurmond/David Robinson/Robert Parrish, the Pistons would be ecstatic. He has to become a better defender and foul shooter.

    19. Sure, Drummond has a long way to go. Look at their stats through two seasons, though. Drummond is a monster. He’s got the profile of a young hall of famer. Lillards good at scoring, which is a great thing to be good at, but otherwise he’s average. I’d love to have him, but Drummond is vastly superior.

    20. Lin is a guard who can play basketball. The Knicks need guards that can play basketball.

      Lin is a fun player that fans can root for. The Knicks need fun players that the fans can root for.

      In what “vacuum” was it a good decision to let him walk for nothing? It was a debacle then, and it remains a debacle now. (Did you watch the 2013-14 Knicks play “basketball”?

    21. Yeah, the Lin move was awful then and, well, that’s about it. It was awful then and that’s all that matters. No-brainer that they should have matched.

      Chicago, too, would be better with Asik than without him and it is not like his departure gave them freedom to make any other moves. Their owner just was a cheapskate (at least Dolan legitimately spends money – it was dumb not to match on Lin but I can’t begrudge the guy otherwise for the money he spends. He at least is willing to go noticeably over the luxury cap). Asik was very tradeable this season – the Rockets just felt that people were lowballing them because they had Howard and refused to deal Asik just to deal him.

      Also, note that the luxury tax effects of both signings are significantly lower because the luxury cap will be $77 million next year.

    22. Btw, can any of the “Drummond is the 2nd coming” crowd explain why the Pistons were actually .7 pts/100 better with Drummond on the bench? Sure, the Pistons are terrible, but you’d think if Andre Drummond walks on water they at least wouldn’t suck more with him on the court than not.

    23. Lin is an NBA rotation talent with real limitations. He is a BAD defensive PG.

      Since keeping Lin would only have cost MSG dollars, I was for matching.

    24. Yeah, and honestly, I have no problem with saying that the Lin signing didn’t work out for Houston (although obviously they got Harden before the season even began, so it was a whole different situation), but whether it worked out for Houston doesn’t mean that the Knicks shouldn’t have used their money advantage to retain a player who is better than the guy they got to replace him.

    25. I find it really amazing that the NBA didn’t do anything about the Spurs six men on the court thing last night. Is that something they can’t review? It didn’t change the outcome of the game, but it was an amazing gaffe for the Spurs.

      I’m supposed to get some work done this weekend. No idea how that is going to happen with all the game sevens this weekend…

    26. While I would trade Lillard for Drummond on potential, if I had a game to win today it’d be a tougher choice- I’d say they’re in the same tier of players at the moment. I do like Drummond but he’s not very good defensively right now- he struggles in the PNR which in a PNR league is a big problem. I think he’ll figure it out (and I’m sure if he had a point guard that was slightly less allergic to picks than Brandon Jennings it’d help him out a ton). On the other hand, he’s a bad enough free throw shooter that I think that’ll probably plague him the rest of his career- look at Dwight last night- best player on the floor but those 4 missed free throws killed them.

    27. Letting Lin go was a smart move. Way overpriced, and way over-rated by people on this blog. Linsanity was the best couple of weeks as a knicks fan (non-playoffs), ever! He was in a zone for a few weeks and out of it for a couple of years. A good PG off the bench, like Felton could be.
      Off court issues aside, and healthy, I’d take Felton over Lin.

    28. At this point Drummond is not exactly a high-IQ defensive player, but again, this was his age 20 season. He certainly has the physical tools to be a great defender.

    29. I don’t know why anybody would want Ray Felton over Jeremy Lin. Ray Felton fucking sucks. He has now amassed a completely unimpressive, remarkably consistent dossier of shitty basketball over a decade.

      Say what you want about Jeremy Lin and poison pills, but he has 50+ points of career TS% on Felton– .549 to .497. He’s an above-average player in WS48, beating Felton .106-.067. How does Felton make up that 50 points in TS%? With his awesome “intangibles”? With his “defense”? Hell naw.

    30. 3PT shots are really important, but so are offensive rebounds. And Drummond is the best player in the league at them. And he’s 20. Let that sink in. He’s 20.

      He leads the league in one very important stat and is 2nd in another. At 20. When he gets up to 60% FT shooting he’s going to lead the league in TS% too. Right now he’s at a 60 TS%, which is awesome for any player, much less a 20 year old.

      And are we talking about on/off court splits like they mean anything? Come on! There are so many ridiculous variables to that stat that we can’t even begin to settle what’s noise and what’s not.

    31. The Lin decision was stupid because we decided to use assets to acquire Felton to replace him. Felton is probably the worst starting point guard in the league and makes me long for the days of Sergio Rodriguez running point. Letting Lin walk for that stupid contract was a fine decision, but replacing him with Ray fucking Felton and giving him a 4th year player option was mind bogglingly stupid. Then to go ahead and trade for Bargnani’s albatross basically created a similar cap situation which makes me wonder why the fuck we did it in the first place.

      Drummond can’t be on the floor at the end of games because he’s that bad of a free throw shooter. He has some absurd potential and is definitely still doing incredible things on the floor, but Lillard rejuvenated a Blazers franchise that looked nowhere close to being a contender 2 years ago. Lillard has no use for Drummond’s jock strap because his balls are way bigger. How many 2nd year point guards put on a virtuoso series performance offensively like Lillard just did?

    32. I’m not a big Raymond Felton fan, but I think Lin is overrated and he’s expensive. Granted, Felton hasn’t played well this season, but not many knicks have.
      Despite all his injuries, I think Felton’s stronger, and may have more upside potential than Lin to run a team. He needs a good PG coach to bring him to the next level. Honestly, I don’t think either of them should be starting PG’s, but again, Lin is overrated and cost too much.

    33. And are we talking about [any stats that don’t cast my favorite player in a positive light] like they mean anything? Come on!

      Lol, way to trot out the ol’ stock response. Stats only matter when you agree with them. Still waiting to hear why Yung MVP Moses Malone Jr. didn’t improve his team’s performance one iota in over 2,600 minutes this past season. He couldn’t offensive rebound his way to some positive impact? Let me guess–it’s Brandon Jenning’s fault. But wait–where do you think all those offensive rebound opportunities come from, anyway?

    34. It’s not noise over the course of an 82 game sample on a team that fucking sucks. It should say something that a horrible team is slightly better with such their young superstar off the floor than on it.


      I’m too young to have caught Moses Malone and he seems to be a forgotten legend that rarely gets talked about. What was his game like on either end?

    35. Ray Felton was a really bad defensive PG this year. While the scheme did him no favors, he failed to keep opposing PGs out of the paint or off of the 3 point line. At this point, it seems foolish to speak of Felton’s potential.

    36. Normally we don’t speak of a player approaching his 10th year as having “upside”–Felton is a known quantity. And by known quantity I mean shitty basketball player. Lin was a better choice in every possible way, and if that poison pill would have prevented us from trading for Bargnani or any other albatross, then the benefits would be even larger than the stats already indicate.

      Not to say that Lin isn’t average at best–he is, but sometimes you just need average.

    37. Moses Malone was the most relentless offensive rebounder I have ever seen. He earned more sweat equity than anyone in the league. He had a remarkably strong base and Carmelo Anthony’s remarkable re-jumping skills. He was too strong for Kareem to handle. No one could body him off of the post.

      He had as few low post moves as any successful pivot ever. It was pure power.

      On defense, Malone was not a rim protector. He was a hulking lane clogger and awesome defensive rebounder.

      From 1978 (once Walton was injured) until 1985, he was the best center in the game.

    38. I’d say when Felton gets his TS up to around .530 (as he did his first run here and in Denver) then he’s better than Lin or Prigioni for that matter even though they’re both more efficient scorers. None of them can keep anyone in front of them so while Felton might be the worst of the three defensively it’s not by that much. Felton actually has solid point guard skills- He can get into the lane (unlike Prigs), has good court vision (unlike Lin who plays with his head down far too much) and knows how to get the team into good sets. Unfortunately, he can’t f-ing shoot so teams just slump off of him rendering all those skills useless. And given that he’ll be 30 next year and his career TS% is under.500 I’d say at this point it’s pretty safe to say he just plain sucks.

    39. I’d say when Felton gets his TS up to around .530 (as he did his first run here and in Denver) then he’s better than Lin or Prigioni for that matter even though they’re both more efficient scorers.

      Yeah, but here’s the problem: he’s never hit .530 in a season, with his high being .525. His TS%, year by year, looks like this:


      Add it all up and you get his career average, which is .497, which BLOWS.

    40. I am not a big fan of any player who is league best at one critical thing but league worst at another (and the only thing that Drimmond is league best at is rebounding.) Player who are league worst FT shooters are a huge strategic detriment. You can make up for it by being great in several areas (Wilt and Shaq) but not in just one. Personally, I’d rather have Paul Millsap play C for my team.

      And most great teams these days do not have great C’s.

    41. In today’s NBA rebounding isn’t nearly as critical as it was in the 70’s-90’s. Just ask Miami.

    42. It’s an interesting debate and I think there’s a good argument for both sides, but I’d have to go with Drummond. He’s 3 years younger and coming off what can only be described as a monster season (13-13 with a 60 TS% at age 20?!?!). His FT woes are a legitimate issue but having a player like Drummond makes you less likely to be in close games. It’s no slight to Lillard (who I think is awesome), but I think Drummond has the potential to be one of the best players in the NBA. Every time you cite one of his flaws, and they do exist, remember he’s not legally allowed to drink yet.

    43. Millsap loves to pass up open jumpers and instead try to take his man off the dribble

    44. Every time you cite one of his flaws, and they do exist, remember he’s not legally allowed to drink yet.

      I know it’s not what you meant, but I think it’s funny to imagine that Drummond might improve on account of being able to drink. Anyway, I think Drummond is a great young player and has a ton of potential. I just vividly remember certain people saying it was travesty that he wasn’t picked ROY over that inefficient, empty-stat machine Lillard, and generally claiming that the latter would never compare.

    45. As for Lin, yeah the contract isn’t good and we knew that at the time. But it’s not like our plan was to replace him with someone better and that fell through. From the start we were replacing him with Raymond fucking Felton, who sucks and has always sucked and has shown no indication that he won’t suck at some point in the future. Lin is an average player who is probably overpaid (not egregiously so unless you count the poison pill as his AAV). Felton is a horrible player who would be overpaid at just about any salary.

    46. I know it’s not what you meant, but I think it’s funny to imagine that Drummond might improve on account of being able to drink

      Haha, when Drummond starts drinking the league better watch out! Seriously though, I agree that it’s a legitimate debate so I guess that’s where I break with THCJ. But Drummond being 3 years younger is a pretty big selling point for me. If you think they’re close in value now, you have to take into account that Drummond is more likely to improve.

    47. @ 45

      I’ve been saying that all series. Also, there is no reason to play Antic. Keep Scott on the floor.

    48. Atlanta had every opportunity to make this a close game, but couldn’t hit a shot. If they had gotten within 5 or 6, I could really have seen the mentally fragile Pacers folding.

      I think the Wiz will give them a very tough battle, probably another 7 game series.

    49. Looks like Indiana will survive. If Randy Whitman had been watching, he needs to get Wall and Beal into the PnR or PnPop with whoever Hibbert is guarding.

    50. It’s too bad, Atlanta blew a golden opportunity to join a very short list of teams. Indiana was ready to fall too, oh well this just gives me one more reason to pull for Washington. (I still don’t think Indiana has “refound” itself to the point where they are any real threat to Miami, so I may as well cheer for the underdog)

    51. Drummond is a great young player, hell he helped me win my fantasy basketball league (thankfully FT% is not a category we use). But here is my problem with guys like THCJ and all the Berri disciples, its their freaking crazy statements. Drummond is the next Moses Malone, Splitter/Green/Leonard is the next Spurs Big 3. Melo sucks. Well OK maybe thats only THCJ making those statements but I still love his posts and assume he makes alot of these outrageous comments with his tongue somewhat planted in cheek.

    52. I actually think Indiana will have a much easier series vs the Wizards since they like playing big just like Indiana. The Wizards perimeter players will be a handful but I wouldnt be surprised to see the Pacers win in 5 or 6 games.

    53. Haha, when Drummond starts drinking the league better watch out! Seriously though, I agree that it’s a legitimate debate so I guess that’s where I break with THCJ. But Drummond being 3 years younger is a pretty big selling point for me. If you think they’re close in value now, you have to take into account that Drummond is more likely to improve.

      Yeah, my position is that both are very good. Drummond may well have more upside. I think Lillard is who I’d want on my team more right at this moment. I only give THCJ a hard time about Drummond because Jowles is an ideologue who swears that Drummond already walks on water whereas Lillard is a dime a dozen.

    54. Moses was the antithesis of Bargnani. Tough, relentless and loved to play in the paint. Grabbed every available rebound. Played MUCH bigger than his 6′ 10″. Sweated buckets from the opening tip to the final buzzer. Impossible to keep out of the lineup.

    55. I would love to have both of them on the Knicks. I’d much rather have Drummond. Drummond is younger, more productive, and much taller (and therefore more rare). I just can’t believe there are people on this board who think that Drummond’s ridiculous, world-beating rebounding numbers are not cause for praise. The guy is a fucking animal on the boards.

      He led the league in TRB% and ORB% at TWENTY YEARS OLD. That’s crazy!

    56. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve not read anywhere that anyone is suggesting Drummond’s rebounding ability isn’t outstanding and indeed worthy of praise. I agree, I’d love to have them both. I’d love to see Tyson/Bargs/Amar’e (though I do enjoy rooting for him because of his work ethic, he’s obviously not worth his contract) shipped out and Drummond brought in. I would just love to see Felton shipped out and Lillard brought in even more, that’s all.

    57. So here is a real THCJ question. Would you take Jennings and Smith to get Drummond? They fit as a package for Amar’e.

    58. Watching Jennings, Smith, JR & Bargs on the same team should be hilarious.

      As long as it ain’t the Knicks, sure. Hilarious. I don’t think I have a good enough sense of humor to get a laugh out of that should they all be wearing Knick uniforms.

    59. Granted, I’ve never seen Jeremy Lin play a game for the Rockets. But I did see a Yahoo! homepage headline saying “Lin leads Rockets to force game 6”. I don’t know, maybe it was media bias promoting Lin as a hero or something. But what I do know is that, media bias or not, there was nobody leading the Knicks to a playoff victory this week…

    60. Dwight Howard in Game 5 scored 22 pts on 9 for 15 shooting with 14 rebs, 3 blks and 2 asts. Lin scored 21 pts also on 9 for 15 shooting with 4 asts, 3 rebs and 2 stls. Parsons also chipped in 20 pts and Harden who only scored 17 pts on a bad shooting night did also have 7 asts along with 3 rebs and stls.

      Not diminishing Lin’s only good game in the series but that headline was definitely a bit misleading if only because Lin was definitely not a 1 man team that game. Lin for the series averaged 11.3 ppg with 3.7 reb/g and 4.3 ast/g on 41% shooting (including shooting 22% from 3pt range).

      He is a much better player than Felton but that isnt saying that much considering how freaking horrible Felton was this season. Lin though makes 8 mil per year compared to Felton who makes less than half that.

    61. Tonight was supposed to have been the best Saturday night of playoff basketball ever (or so the story goes anyway). I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2 game 7’s in and I’m pretty bored. I’ve walked away from both games. Hopefully Clips/Warriors is closer and more entertaining.

    62. Just got retweeted by Peter Vecsey.

      I used to play basketball with him everyday. He had a good jump shot.

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