Knicks Morning News (2014.04.21)

  • [New York Daily News] Kerr Won’t Talk Knicks: Focused on TV job, not Woodson (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 02:36:57 GMT)

    Steve Kerr was wearing a psychedelic print shirt and a light blue blazer to honor his TNT colleague and friend Craig Sager, who is being treated for leukemia.

  • [New York Times] Column: Even Thibodeau Can’t Defend This Clunker (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 07:51:22 GMT)

    Watching the Bulls play offense some nights, it’s a wonder The House That Jordan Built is still standing.

  • [New York Times] Aldridge Leads Blazers Over Rockets 122-120 in OT (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 07:30:23 GMT)

    LaMarcus Aldridge was playing on another level Sunday night and had the emotional intensity to match the best performance of his career.

  • [New York Times] Aldridge Leads Portland Over Houston 122-120 in OT (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 06:36:23 GMT)

    LaMarcus Aldridge had just fouled out late in overtime after scoring a career-high and franchise playoff-record 46 points when he went to Portland teammate Damian Lillard with a simple message.

  • [New York Times] Nene Dominates, Wizards Rally Past Bulls, 102-93 (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 03:27:31 GMT)

    Nene started thinking about how it would all unfold in the middle of the night. No way could he have scripted it any better than this.

  • [New York Times] Wizards 102, Bulls 93: Wizards Beat Bulls at Their Own Gritty Game (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 03:18:50 GMT)

    Led by Nene’s 24 points, the Wizards erased a 13-point deficit against a team known for its toughness and seized a 1-0 series lead.

  • [New York Times] Roundup: Behind 15-0 Run, Top-Seeded Spurs Overcome Mavericks (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 02:54:28 GMT)

    Tim Duncan scored 27 points, and San Antonio held visiting Dallas to one field goal over the final seven minutes to take Game 1 of their Western Conference first-round series.

  • [New York Times] Raptors Fan in Bad Times Tastes the Good (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 01:36:26 GMT)

    Nav Bhatia, the owner of two Toronto-area car dealerships, who has been a Raptors season-ticket holder since the franchise’s inception in 1995, is relishing this postseason.

  • [New York Times] Heat 99, Bobcats 88: With Clouds Ahead, Heat Seize the Moment (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 00:37:12 GMT)

    While Miami’s victory in its playoff opener felt familiar, this postseason seems different for the two-time defending champion Heat, who could be tiptoeing toward uncertain times.

  • [New York Post] Woodson has 3.4 million reasons not to complain (Mon, 21 Apr 2014 04:29:13 -0400)

    Five days after the season finale, Mike Woodson still has the title of Knicks head coach, but that's expected to change this week. Woodson and team president Phil Jackson will…

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    30 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.04.21)”

    1. Firing Woodson was a given.

      Firing the entire staff (including Herb Williams) shows me that Phil Jackson really has control. All of the new hires will be loyal to Big Chief Triangle, not reporting to Dolan.

      I now expect Allan Houston to be relieved of his duties. Maybe he runs the D-League team.

      My big question is whether Steve Kerr takes the job before the end of TNT’s playoff package.


      Too bad for Herb. I really thought he’d be around forever, like a sentient garden gnome.

    3. Should have happened when they still had a chance to salvage something from this decaying husk of a season, but it’s still good to see Phil completely cleaning house. This makes two good things that the Knicks have done in a row (counting hiring Phil as the last one) which surely counts as a hot streak by our standards.

      In one sense it’s going to be tough for a new guy because he’s coming into coach a roster which is both pretty weak and also in a big state of future uncertainty (How many guys on the roster have a better than 50% chance of being here in, say, 2 years? Maybe 3 or 4?). But in another sense, whoever it is has a great chance to make themselves look awfully good by comparison with the last regime. With the coaching shitfest we’ve been witness to this year mere competence is going to look like the work of a genius.

    4. Poor Herb Williams. I wonder who we’ll get to do whatever it is Herb has been doing all these years. Eric Anderson?

      Bo Kimble?

    5. My big question is whether Steve Kerr takes the job before the end of TNT’s playoff package.

      I think that happened with Mark Jackson a couple years back, right? All his commentator buddies were able to wish him good luck.

      For some reason it seems like Mark Jackson is more well-liked among the broadcasting fraternity. I guess mindlessly repeating sports cliche hokum and babbling about Muhammad Ali will get you far in some circles.

    6. Phil is carrying a big stick that much is certain. I think Kerr is already in place and maybe he’s in the process of vetting assistants and staff. I wonder if Phil will be getting rid of Mark Warkentien and John Gabriel, or if they will stay on in their current roles. Isn’t Warkentien a CAA guy?

    7. “Interestingly” the Daily News comments section prefers Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr.

      Good to see anti-intellectualism is still alive and well in the NYC tabloid section.

    8. Apparently John Paxson indirectly referred to Steve Kerr as “the coach” last night.

      How’s that for a third hand rumor you guys?

    9. Not to gloat over people losing jobs, but the firing of the entire coaching staff is great news. As mentioned above it is a sign that Jackson has control. That gives me confidence that the roster will be dealt with in a manner consistent with putting the best team out there rather than any side agendas (yes I mean you CAA).

    10. The great thing about multi-millionaires working in professional sports getting fired is that you CAN gloat about it.

      Woodson will always be able to work, he will always be able to provide for himself and his children and his grandchildren. He’s a smart dude who has had mixed success as a pro coach, there’s no question he can coach again (at some level) or do a myriad of other basketball related jobs.


    11. I’m with tastycakes on this one. The man got paid something on the order of $3M to be downright awful at his job this year. He’ll get paid that salary again next year not to work, and he can easily supplement that income with a job as an announcer of some kind – which as far as I can tell is about the cushiest job there is. The amount of sympathy I’m feeling for him is the barest minimum.

    12. Woody’s recent Bargnani comment was a last ditch effort to land any kind of position in the organization by appealing to the CAA influence. All of us agree that Woody is a lousy coach but the question has been raised if he’s a “bad” person. That hinges on your definition of “bad” but knowingly dividing the locker room by treating CAA players better to ingratiate yourself to secure long-term employment is not good. I’m glad that we didn’t make the playoffs and that type of behavior has been thoroughly repudiated. Good riddance Woody.

    13. There is so much catharsis in having a rational person in charge after years of inefficient, blind, bumbling ownership torment of the fanbase. It is really the dream we’ve all had – someone who thinks like us running the team intelligently. And it’s always felt so completely distant and impossible and forever out of reach as long as Dolan continues to be the owner. But somehow a miracle has happened – the painful absurdity of Knick leadership’s decision-making has been supplanted by an entity whose decisions, while we may not always fully understand them, we will at least be able to stand behind. After all, PJ has a track record of doing the right thing and leading in the right way that will buy him years of goodwill that no insiders in this organization had an ounce of.

      I mean seriously, we went from Allan Houston being our future GM to Phil Jackson coming in to save the day. Is this just a dream?

    14. Let’s see-we went from Mr. Pringles to Mr. Potato Head. So what other coaches out there resemble a potato related character?

    15. Woodson getting fired was inevitable and necessary. What is especially promising about this news is that A) the entire staff was fired. This points to a new era where there will be no more hanger on’s, at least not on the actual basketball side of things. Let Herb be a media representative or MSG outreach coordinator or commentator. And B) the firing happened on Monday, not Friday. Knicks used to always do their dirty work on Fridays to try and minimize media coverage. Doing this on a Monday shows Phil wants to send a message and isn’t ashamed of doing the dirty laundry in broad daylight. Let the haters (sorry) and people who only write negative stuff do their thing. You can’t control them and soon enough there will be very little for them to write about.

    16. I’m not surprised the board is relatively quiet. It always gets more comments when there’s bad news than when there’s good news. And this is very good news.


      Ha! I made it from Feb 12 to Mar 5, which I thought was pretty good. Then I watched Knicks-Wolves at the KB meetup. And then after the Phil presser I came back on board for a few games until the west coast debacle.

    18. I am curious where Herb Williams ends up. He stayed through so many coaches, I think he must be good at his job, so I hope someone picks him up. Maybe some team with young big men that need tutoring. Cleveland comes to mind.

    19. I think this move was a given no matter who was in charge. That said, I want to believe in Phil.

    20. So, in hindsight, it is a good thing that the Knicks failed to make the playoffs. If they had, either: 1) Woodson would have been retained, spelling more mediocrity, 2) Phil Jackson is never hired because the same sense of urgency never develops, or 3) Woodson gets fired when he should have (say after the 3-13 start, or in January the latest) and a less-than-optimal coach gets bought in, making it harder to clean house. Despite the pain of watching the playoffs w/o the Knicks, knowing that radical (and intelligent) change is unfolding softens the blow.

    21. I’m not surprised the board is relatively quiet. It always gets more comments when there’s bad news than when there’s good news. And this is very good news.

      I think it’s more like late news. This is like getting your Christmas present in April. How excited do you expect people to be?

    22. Good decision. valid reasons for firing woody. top 10 reasons why he should have been fired.

      1. inflexibility in putting out bad rotations that were in direct conflict with statistical analysis of our best line ups. 1b. his insistence on going big. 1b. how often he shuffled up the starting line up. 1c. Chris Herring’s analysis that showed we played best when he had less healthy players — less decisions for Woodson to make. 1d. No melo at the 4 w/ Stat injured.

      2. among the worst moments of shot clock mgmt I can remember

      3. his inability to adjust and hard-headedness: see the Indiana-Knicks series

      4. his lack of accountability in blaming losses on injuries — when the Bulls lost an MVP candidate and two all stars for the season, and the Nets lost their starting All-star center

      5. his constant illogical statements that just made him and us look dumb –ref: scapegoating Beno

      6. inability to foster and improve young talent

      7. Phil needs someone that is open-minded that he can mentor

      8. Woodson has never beaten a higher seed in the playoffs and we lost to a lower seed last year

      9. Our end of game and entire fourth quarter play calls of give the ball to Melo were dumb and didn’t work

      and 10. Hubert may have gone on a killing spree if this hadn’t happened

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