Knicks Morning News (2014.03.07)

  • [New York Times] Clippers Blow Out Lakers Again 142-94 (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 07:50:52 GMT)

    The Lakers were the designated home team this time. That meant the Clippers had to put up with looking at all those championship banners and retired numbers that their co-tenant at the Staples Center has had hanging on the wall since the arena opened 15 seasons ago — and weren’t able to cover them up with banners of their own players.    

  • [New York Times] Duncan Leads Spurs Past Heat (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 05:38:50 GMT)

    Tim Duncan had 23 points and 11 rebounds, and the San Antonio Spurs never trailed against the Miami Heat, weathering a sluggish third quarter for an intense 111-87 victory.    

  • [New York Times] Green’s 41 Points Leads Suns Past Thunder 128-122 (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 04:56:59 GMT)

    Gerald Green scored 25 of his career-high 41 points in the third quarter and the Phoenix Suns erased a 16-point deficit to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 128-122 on Thursday night.    

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing: Spurs Control James and Heat (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 04:39:50 GMT)

    Tim Duncan had 23 points and 11 rebounds, and the San Antonio Spurs never trailed against the Miami Heat, weathering a sluggish third quarter for a 111-87 victory at home.    

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing: Garnett Won’t Face Celtics (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 04:38:04 GMT)

    Kevin Garnett will sit out a fourth straight game because of back spasms when the Nets visit Boston on Friday, the team’s last trip this season to his old home.    

  • [New York Times] Keeping Score: For Nets, New Scoring Threat Proves a Bargain (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 02:46:10 GMT)

    Acquired in a trade for Reggie Evans and Jason Terry, Marcus Thornton has proved to be powerful off the bench.    

  • [New York Times] On Pro Basketball: Knicks Fans, Do You Believe in … 1999? (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 02:19:47 GMT)

    The Knicks may be 22-40, but there’s always hope. Remember the team of Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston and Larry Johnson that advanced to the N.B.A. finals as an eighth seed?    

  • [New York Times] APNewsBreak: WNBA and Players Agree on New CBA (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 02:05:53 GMT)

    The WNBA and the players’ union have agreed to a new eight-year collective bargaining agreement Thursday night, pending approval by the league’s Board of Governors.    

  • [New York Daily News] Raissman: MSG playoff talk is Dolan’s latest song (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 04:11:29 GMT)

    When it comes to expressing himself publicly, whether it be about the Knicks or the quality of hot dogs served at the Gulag, James (Guitar Jimmy) Dolan has mostly reserved his right to remain silent. This leaves his thoughts and thought process open to all kinds of speculation.    

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks coach calls tampering foul on Bulls’ Noah (Fri, 07 Mar 2014 03:09:31 GMT)

    Mike Woodson called a flagrant tampering foul on the Bulls’ Joakim Noah on Thursday amid reports that Chicago’s center tried to actively recruit Carmelo Anthony at last month’s All-Star weekend to sign with the Bulls this summer.    

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    60 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.03.07)”

    1. Fucking shocking.
      So Woodson the genius has decided to play Tyson, Stat and Melo as his front line, with JR and Felton.
      I have always thought starting Melo at the 4 was a mistake. You had to do it when Stat was injured, I get that, but Stat is a stud when healthy.
      And frankly, the two man game between Stat and Melo, even with my overall disgust with this team, has been kind of pleasing to watch. Melo’s passing in the two man game has been fantastic, and Stat is finishing and hitting mid-range jumpers like old time Stat.

      I might actually plan on watching more if they keep running those three together.
      Still want to take a baton to Felton’s knees, tho.

    2. They get Utah tonight, so we might actually get to see a (GASP) winning streak!

    3. I don’t want to be Amare’s ruru, but he’s been playing great through the losing streak and current winning streak (1). I understand his defense is weak, but the pounding he gets in the media and here in this forum is over the top. His offense has been productive and efficient. Amare’s biggest problem is just staying healthy. Otherwise, this is not that far off from what max level contracts buy you in the NBA these days. Not every max player is going to be Lebron or Durant.

    4. would it make sense to sign and trade Melo to Chi this offseason? it’s tough to make the salaries work, but something like Melo and Felton for Boozer, Dunleavy, Butler, Snell and picks. I don’t know exactly what 1st rounders Chi has….some of their deals were confusing.

      The advantage for Chi is they can deal boozer instead of using their amnesty on him. Snell is useless, they are basically trading butler and picks for Melo. They would have to shed salaries anyway to afford Melo, the sign and trade lets them go another yr.

    5. I admire Amar’e’s fortitude in coming back from tough injuries and his recovery of some of his offensive skills, but the idea that if healthy he is “not that far off from what max level contracts buy you in the NBA these days” is CRAZY. If you merely judge Amar’e by points/48 minutes (which is his most flattering statistic), he is tied for 69th in the league. Some nights, he scores well enough to justify his poor defense. Other nights, not so much.

    6. I don’t know exactly what 1st rounders Chi has….some of their deals were confusing.

      The Bulls will likely have 2 1st rounders this year: their own pick, which is currently sitting at #19; and Charlotte’s top 10 protected pick which is currently sitting at #16 (Charlotte is 4.5 games ahead of being in bottom 10). Should the Hornets fall into the bottom 10 the pick becomes 1-8 protected in 2015 and unprotected in 2016.

      The Bulls also have the Kings pick, but it is protected indefinitely, and the way Sacramento is going, there’s a decent chance that the pick never leaves Sactown.

      So basically, as Ephus explained yesterday, if Anthony wants to relocate and get paid tons of $ (does that sound like something he’d do?), then the Knicks would have to agree to take on Boozer, which would be a significant favor to the Bulls, as they get no advantage for it at all, so they should certainly be compensated with these picks. (Oh, and just for fun, maybe NY should ask to swap picks in 2015, just in case, you know, the Knicks have a better record and all.)

    7. So apparently the Knicks spoke to Phil Jackson this week. This fits like a glove with the “Operation Woodson Scapegoat” plan the Knicks seem to be carrying out in their attempt to keep Melo.

      Would Dolan be willing to offer to hand the keys of the franchise over to Phil Jackson? I’m assuming that even a jackass like Dolan wouldn’t expect a legend like Phil Jackson to just coach the team under the usual bullshit circumstances. Certainly if they’re serious about even offering him a job, it would have to be in a Pat Riley-like position where he’s basically the overlord of all things basketball.

      Can’t happen here, right? There’s just no way.

    8. Phil Jackson is way too smart, way too rich, and way too comfortable to join this circus.

    9. Phil Jackson as the coach/GM and Steve Mills running the business side would make me very happy. It also would give the Knicks a good answer when Carmelo Anthony asks, “Why should I stick around?” He could either take a year (by not exercising his ETO) or buy in for a full new contract.

    10. On Chicago, they are in a strange situation with regard to Carmelo. In order to try to sign him as a free agent, they would have to clear cap space by (1) amnestying Carlos Boozer, (2) not signing Mirotic this season, (3) trading one or both of their 2014 first round picks (who will become cap holds as soon as they are drafted), (4) renouncing the Bird Rights on Kirk Hinrich and (5) trading Gibson and/or Dunleavy for smaller contracts or draft picks. On the other hand, they could make sign-and-trade work just by shipping out Boozer and a combination of Snell or one (or both) of the 2014 first round draft picks. They still would not have the cap space to sign Mirotic.

      So, Chicago’s best 2014-15 roster comes from doing a sign-and-trade rather than clearing the space to sign Carmelo. Carmelo can get a bigger deal from Chicago in a sign-and-trade than if he signs with them directly (because Chicago cannot clear enough space to get over $20 million) and he would be part of a better roster. And the Knicks would have to decide whether (1) to call Carmelo’s bluff that he was going to leave anyway if the Knicks would not do a sign-and-trade and (2) they would rather have Boozer’s expiring contract, the rights to Mirotic (who would have to stay in Europe one more year), Snell and/or the Bulls’ first round pick(s) or let Carmelo walk and get under the luxury tax.

    11. Given Phil’s age and health, I don’t see any way he’s taking and head coach position that’s not for a team that’s right on the precipice of winning a title. The Knicks obviously aren’t that AND it’s a shit organization. Don’t think it’s happening. It seems more likely that he could be talked into more of a VP of Basketball Operations role which would spare him some of the day to day grind while still allowing him to get back in the game in a way. Still not likely to happen, but possible I guess? Anyway we go through this every time there’s an opening it seems and it always ends up with a shitty hire instead.

      As for Amare I’m with ephus. Admire the guy, will always like him, but he’s bad. It’s not a coincidence that he’s last on this bad team in +/-.

    12. More likely– the Bulls sign Anthony and Phil Jackson coaches him in Chicago next year, not NY.

    13. I don’t know why everyone is so down. Did we really expect NY to win a title this season? Did anyone expect that the Knicks could build a contender around Melo? They don’t have the assets to build a title contender around anyone but maybe Lebron and Durant.

      Just wanted to pick up on a Max Fisher-Cohen point from a few days back (I’ve been MIA and am just catching up).

      I think we’re all forgetting how hard it was for Donnie Walsh, Mike D’Antoni, and ultimately Amar’e Stoudemire to drag us out of the abyss. It required a startling amount of divine intervention, from Anucha Browne Sanders forcing Dolan’s hand to David Stern basically foisting Donnie Walsh on a reluctant Dolan. It required a two year rebuild that Dolan hated and will reportedly never be willing to suffer again. And then it required an elite player to be available but have no other suitors because a) he was only the 5th best elite player that year and b) there were legitimate concerns about his long term health.

      Once you get stink on you, it’s hard to lose it.

      We’re getting stink on us again. After suffering for so long and working so hard to get it off. And if Melo leaves us high and dry, it’s only going to get worse. And we’re going to need another minor miracle to pull ourselves out of it.

      There is just WAY too much optimism that if Melo leaves we’ll learn a lesson. If Melo leaves, I expect a minimum of 8-10 years of terrible basketball with very few draft picks at the end of the rainbow and no Donnie Walsh to come in and check Dolan and no elite player willing to come here and pull us out of it.

      That’s why I am down.

    14. All the sources for the Phil Jackson rumor say he already shot the offer down. Not even a “I’ll sleep on it.” The meeting probably lasted 5 minutes, most of which was occupied by Phil laughing hysterically at Mills. I, for one, believe that either Woodson will still be coach at training camp next year, or Herb will be long term interim coach, mostly because nobody up to Dolan’s “standards” will want to jump onto this flaming landfill of an organization with the personnel we’ll have. If neither the chicken nor the egg exist, which one will exist first?

    15. Once again, the Knicks seem to have an opportunity to rebuild here if they pull off the right sign and trade arrangement with Chicago. Mirotic plus a first rounder or two in exchange for taking on the Boozer contract for a year seems like a pretty good deal at this point. Mirotic is putting up a .700 TS% in the Euro League and is looking like a true blue chip prospect. Add in another first rounder or two from the Bulls plus the Knicks own 2015 lottery pick and you could have something going a few years down the line.

    16. i love all the tweets going around saying “wow, I’m sure Woodson doesn’t trust Mills and Dolan now”. like there’s even one fiber of Woodson’s body that doesn’t know they would dump him in 1 second if a better midseason option came along. Woodson may suck as a coach but he’s not stupid as far as playing the game. He’s been playing the game all along. He dumped his longtime agent just to get in the game.

    17. meanwhile, a non-Knicks-bashing article from Tom Haberstroh. Amazing. Actually reasonable.

      The problems this year have been absolutely putrid guard play and a completely incoherent offensive and defensive system. We needed Shump to develop a la Lance Stephenson and he’s gone Landry Fields instead. Raymond Felton went Chris Duhon on us. JR went JR on us.

      Marc Stein’s article is right on –

      and I actually think this is exactly the right (and only) approach for Dolan. No one reasonable will take this job in midseason. Best to have a flaming wreck that you can blame on one person than an incoherently flaming wreck.

    18. Isola is now saying we offered Phil a front office job and he’ll give us an answer within a week. I don’t know that he’d be a great GM, but I suppose he’s more qualified than Steve Mills. it would be great to see if JVG and big chief triangle could join forces to salvage this shipwreck. of course, he’s probably just fucking with Dolan

    19. Maybe there’s a hope that Phil Jackson will be the GM in charge of all basketball operations and be a mentor to the next coach, similarly to Pat Riley’s role. His health is not up to the rigors of traveling with the team every game.
      Then, we have to hope that PJ is as good a GM as he is a coach.
      PJ’s strength is executing a game plan with great players and managing big ego’d superstars, something the knicks don’t have much of. His cache may attract some players, but that doesn’t mean guys are going to leave a lot of money on the table to play here. PJ can’t undig the whole the knicks have dug.
      This move is four years too late, but still worth a shot.

    20. I admire Amar’e’s fortitude in coming back from tough injuries and his recovery of some of his offensive skills, but the idea that if healthy he is “not that far off from what max level contracts buy you in the NBA these days” is CRAZY. If you merely judge Amar’e by points/48 minutes (which is his most flattering statistic), he is tied for 69th in the league.

      That stat is unfair. Amare took some time to get back up to speed. Update that stat to reflect the last 12 games and it would be much more favorable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the top ten. And again, his efficiency had been terrific.
      He’s been a beast around the basket and he’s been knocking down the elbow jumper with consistently. Plus, his PNR’s are the best I’ve seen.

    21. Gotta agree with the STAT love today. It’s been refreshing to see him play well despite the loses. The two man game has also looked great with he and Melo.

      I saw the tag line on the front page of ESPN re: Jackson and I honestly thought they were referring to Mark, as that seems like a more realistic scenario. Maybe if Phil was taking a front office position and was able to have 0 interference from ownership I could see him getting on board, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Retirement seems to be suiting him pretty well from what I read in updates on him every now and again.

      Should be an interesting game tonight. I really like what Utah have to work with going forward. I imagine them going forward to be like the fat girl at school who loses a little weight over the Summer Holidays and ends up being pretty hot. You put the ground work in early with her when she’s a little chunky and you reap the benefits later on.

    22. Phil Jackson??!!!! Of course the Knicks wanted Phil Jackson!!!! It just the most Knicksy thing to do….
      1) Big name? Check
      2) Over the Hill? Check
      3) Will grab headlines? Check
      4) Short term plan? Check
      5) Lost fastball 5 years ago? Check

      Knicks….SMH. Get a young, strong basketball mind. pair him with a van gundy or someone younger. build something sustainable

    23. Chiming in on the PJ rumors, am I the only one not really excited about this?? Of course I would love PJ as head coach but even then Id be a bit skeptical about his age/health but still I certainly wouldnt complain about him being head coach.

      But GM or President?? I dunno, not sure how he would do in that role. Of course I would rather have him making any sort of basketball decisions than Mills.

    24. career high for Hayward is inevitable

      My money is on John Lucas III.

      But only because the Knicks are gonna kick Utah’s ass so bad that garbage time will come early enough for Mr. III to just go lights out. It won’t matter, of course. News of Phil Jackson’s imminent arrival will only spur Woody on to ever greater heights of coaching genius.

    25. Phil Jackson??!!!! Of course the Knicks wanted Phil Jackson!!!! It just the most Knicksy thing to do….
      1) Big name? Check
      2) Over the Hill? Check
      3) Will grab headlines? Check
      4) Short term plan? Check
      5) Lost fastball 5 years ago? Check

      Knicks….SMH. Get a young, strong basketball mind. pair him with a van gundy or someone younger. build something sustainable

      I came to this one just to say pretty much the same thing. I don’t know if it’s fair, accurate, or safe to use the term “retread” when it comes to Phil..but i’m not a big fan of retreads. Look, I think JVG/Phil/and even SVG are all great and I wouldn’t complain if we landed either one. When JVG coached the team I hoped he would have that position until death. But..when your team needs to rebuild as badly as our Knicks you really shouldn’t go with veteran NBA coaches who are set in their ways. I was super excited when the team hired Larry Brown. But he’s done it for decades his way and Dolan’s way wears thin on most folks very quickly. So if you’re trying to introduce a new atmosphere it’s more advantageous to have someone who hasn’t done it at this level, but has spark and potential. U wipe the slate clean and say “have at it.” You’ve got to have a FO/HC relationship that shares the same vision and can actually work with each other. I think Mills has a vision but he probably doesn’t need to be the spokesperson. Pair him with Phil in the FO and hire a coach who has potential and let them do their job. And ease up on this ridiculous media policy..guys have gotta be allowed to be who they are. Dolan probably knows he’s a dick and doesn’t want interviewees to speak their minds because he fears that would come out. Well..u don’t want that to happen then..don’t be ridiculous with your reign. I think Dolan wants to win but his ego won’t allow him to do it the best way possible. Winning is winning- I don’t think it matters how u got there (as long as ur not…

    26. ..ur still gonna go down in the books as a winner whether you drove the bus to titletown or contributed what you can and enjoyed the ride.

    27. Damn Melo is just butter right now. As soon as the ball left his hand on that last three it was good.

    28. I’m so surprised that a lineup of Prigioni-Shump-THJ-Clark-Tyler is struggling offensively…

    29. should we congratulate amare for taking a charge or be disturbed that he is so bad defensively that jefferson though he could dunk over him?

    30. It’s frustrating to watch us constantly have motion offensively while moving the ball now that we’re 63 games into the season.

    31. Chandler just reminded me what we’re really missing this season. Kurt Thomas. We need to find another 40 year old to win us a game on a broken foot to inspire another 10+ game winning streak to get into the playoffs.

    32. I thought I read about Mills talking to Jackson a week a two ago. Why is it blowing up now? Maybe I am misremembering but I thought I saw a little blurb about it.

    33. We finally found the one team in the NBA that plays worse pick and roll defense than us

    34. Jazz have bet a lot on the development of Favors and Kanter. It does not look good for either.

    35. How come when Tyler gets time I wonder why Aldrich isn’t in instead and when Aldrich gets time I wonder why Tyler isn’t playing?

    36. Cleveland lost. Detroit is getting crushed. Atlanta isn’t stealing a win from Golden State. Playoffs, here we come to knock out Indiana in the first round, breeze through the second, and then take it to Miami in the ECF. In Woody I trust! Who’s with me?!

    37. One game at a time.

      Get out of here with that weak stuff. I’ve already got the parade route planned out. I live in Tampa, so it’s starting there.

      It’ll be a looooong parade.

    38. Hayward had 10 points in the first quarter and then basically didn’t shoot again. That is one bad basketball team.

    39. Why is Harden having a fit after every shot he makes. Lol. Also, Pacers are struggling.

    40. Maybe the Pacers are just going through a malaise, but this 3 game losing streak is a bit concerning especially this drubbing coming off the heels of a 22 point loss to the Bobcats.

    41. Check out Paul George’s month to month stats since the beginning of the season – his shooting %, 3 pt % and points scored have declined every month since November. I know he’s a good 2 way player (although Hibbert covers up a multitude of sins) but I think he’s been a bit overhyped and let’s not forget he came up very small in game 7 against Miami last year.

      Yes, he’s only 23 and of course I’d take him on my team in a heartbeat, but he’s still got a ways to go before he should be considered an elite player IMO.

    42. Sorry for the lack of a game thread last night, folks. Someone else had a draft up so I didn’t bother but it never went live. Sorry!

      It is amazing to me that the Knicks have won two straight and the Hawks have lost five straight and the Knicks are still six games behind them in the loss column. What the fuck, Knicks?

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