Knicks Morning News (2013.12.25)

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Grizzlies Sign Stephen Curry’s Brother (Wed, 25 Dec 2013 03:14:39 GMT)

    The Memphis Grizzlies signed guard Seth Curry, who had been playing with the Santa Cruz Warriors of the Development League.    

  • [New York Times] Knicks’ Vicious Run of Injuries Is Exacting a Toll on Anthony (Wed, 25 Dec 2013 03:08:14 GMT)

    As the Knicks strain to salvage their season, they are becoming more injury prone, with Carmelo Anthony now joining the casualty list.    

  • [New York Times] As Rematch Looms, Nets Are No Closer to Finding Themselves (Wed, 25 Dec 2013 03:04:17 GMT)

    When the Bulls return to Barclays Center on Wednesday for the first time since eliminating the Nets from last season’s playoffs, they will face a team that is more adrift than ever.    

  • [New York Times] Marv Wolfenson, 87, Dies; Led an N.B.A. Rebirth in Minnesota (Wed, 25 Dec 2013 01:26:56 GMT)

    Mr. Wolfenson and his partner, Harvey Ratner, returned N.B.A. basketball to Minnesota in 1989, nearly 30 years after the Lakers had departed for California.    

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    18 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2013.12.25)”

    1. So, last night, we had Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin’s house. After dinner, two nephews were playing NBA 2k14 on the XBox — Knicks v Bulls. The one controlling the Pretend Knicks had Pretend JR Smith jacking up step back 3s from all over the court. (In case you’re curious, he was 2 for 12 while I was watching.) On one play, Pretend JR got an offensive rebound under the basket. Instead of going right back up with it, he dribbled out to the corner and threw up a turnaround 3 pointer. The ball hit the side of the backboard. The rebound bounced off Pretend Bargnani and rolled out of bounds. Two things struck me — first of all, to a guy like me who remembers when the only home video game was Pong, video games today are unbelievably realistic. Second of all, I found myself getting just as disgusted watching the Pretend Knicks as I get watching the Real Knicks! I swear, I care waaaayyyy too much about this team. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    2. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

      Hoopshype is reporting rumors that both the Knicks internally and league wide it is known that Melo’s free agent destination is LA Clipperland. This mess aint getting better, so if that is true now, it will continue to be so. So, for XMas from the Knicks, I ask…..when we continue to struggle through the break, can we please work a 3 way trade to get melo to clipperland. this would do 3 things. 1) get us some young assets; 2) eliminate any chance that we give melo a max extension; 3) improve the clippers for this year, thereby creating another credible threat to the Heat, whom I despise.
      My suggestion:

      3 way involving the Suns, who are actively seeking a star… melo to clips; griffin to suns; dragic and picks (1 from clips, 2 from suns, to us)

      I could also see the Jazz interested in getting involved, but Kanter doesn’t excite me.

      I know im just throwing wild trade ideas out there, but hey, since we suck, what else is there to do?

    3. didn’t hoopshype just have an article/report how melo looked like he was not interested because of the way he played in the Magic game and even had a source from an insider saying he could tell because he(melo) was playing off the ball and was not attacking ?

    4. From that hoopsworld article on Melo wanting to go to the Clippers:
      “One detail that was absolutely noticeable was how disengaged Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony was. The best word to describe it might be passive. Anthony floated around, passing the ball to his teammates, settling for jump shots while the rest of his team attacked the basket.

      When asked about Anthony’s obvious lack of drive, one insider suggested “maybe there is something going on in his personal life?” admitting that Anthony was not nearly as connected or engaged this season as he was last year.”

      Other words to describe Carmelo’s performance in the game would be ‘efficient’, ‘excellent’, ‘exactly what you want to see from Carmelo’. I’m all for trading or at least not re-signing Melo, but that’s some lazy, teleological reporting sourced entirely from anonymous insiders and I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in it.

    5. I agree that Melo to Clips makes the most sense. It’s funny how mainstream press thinks Blake is better than Melo. Melo is miles ahead of Blake at this point and I think makes that team a contender which they are not today.

    6. I agree cgreene. if we trade melo to the clips I do not want blake in return. he is NOT the guy that I would want to spend max money on. I think the suns would like him though, hence the 3 way

    7. Wait ‘Melo going to another team is a bad thing? Isn’t that a better option than him resigning for a max deal at the age of 30?

      AKA pulling an Allan Houston. AKA pulling an Amar’e Stoudemire.

    8. 100% for bringing back Carmelo, 100% against that contract being a max deal. I would probably go max years, because I think Carmelo’s offense will age well, but would limit the money to 16 or 17.

      The Nets/Bulls game is pretty terrible. Not quite Knicks/Bucks, but between the awful offenses and the dig my eyes out with a spoon jerseys, I am not sure how much I can take.

    9. No Melo today, so we don’t have to worry about him getting hurt even more in a game we have no chance of winning.

    10. The Nets/Bulls game is pretty terrible. Not quite Knicks/Bucks, but between the awful offenses and the dig my eyes out with a spoon jerseys, I am not sure how much I can take.

      I agree with the jerseys. They look like they’re playing in their pajamas.

    11. No Melo today, so we don’t have to worry about him getting hurt even more in a game we have no chance of winning.

      What’s the over\under for how much Westbrook is gonna burn us for? Any takers for 50?

    12. I know im in the minority, but I like the jerseys. I don’t know how well they will translate to radioactive orange though

    13. remember when JR was on a roll last year taking it to the hoop and getting to the line…and everyone thought that he finally made himself into a productive player???? exactly why did he completely abandon that strategy??

    14. Well, when you expend so much effort with the “our guy sucks and we want to trade him” narrative as the Knicks have with Shumpert, the result is that he’ll not get the benefit of what used to be a sterling defensive reputation and get called for a lot of bullshit fouls like that clean swipe of Westbrook. The Knicks have killed Shumpert’s game; he simply can’t afford to be aggressive anymore.

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