Knicks Memes 12/4/2014

Who am I kidding? It’s the latter.
You know it would have been worse …
I think I saw Jason Smith and Andrea Bargnani sharing a Faygo.
Joe Lapchick Knows Best!
duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.
It’s worked everywhere else.

And a brand new meme that has almost nothing to do with basketball, but I can’t help laughing at…

Wrong Lyrics Dolan
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8 thoughts to “Knicks Memes 12/4/2014”

  1. Check out the little girl in the lower right corner of the Fisher/Jackson photo. She’s got that look on her face like “Do you r-e-e-ally think this is gonna work?”

  2. A journeyman player the Knicks would have been wise to pick up along the way (I remember Caleb saying it years ago): Marreese Speights.

    He’s averaging 28.4 points and 11.1 rebounds per36 this season. He has a usage over 31% and a Ws48 of .255. He has a TS% over .600. He has a D-rating of 98. He leads his team in TO%.

    He’s playing the exact same amount of minutes as Jason Smith and making he exact same amount of money as Jason Smith.

    But the Knicks, of course, have the latter.

  3. @3

    Speights is averaging only 15.8 minutes per game. That means all those stats are meaningless because they are against similar end-of-bench players and t-shirt gun entertainers. We have no idea what Speights would do against non-garbage time NBA players. Also he’s committing 6.1pf/36, which means he’d foul out long before he became useful.


  4. We need to make some interaction effects memes. And by we, I mean someone more creative than I am.

  5. Amare starting at center tonight. I guess fish read my post about how playing Melo amare and a center was awful.

    Kevin Love with 8 offense boards tonight. Book it.

  6. I’m in Vegas and so tempted to lay some serious money on the Cavs at, like, -8.

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