Knicks Meet-Up Trivia

At the first ever KnickerBlogger Meet-Up, I had some posters to give away. Looking for a fair way to distribute them, I came up with the idea of a trivia quiz. Unfortunately my questions were a bit harder than I thought, especially without the help of the internet. So I ended up giving the winner of the quiz the poster (only 4 people got more than 1 answer correct), and the other by randomly picking names out of a hat. Thought I’d share them here for fun, see how many you can do without surfing the web.

#1. In the 1980s (1980-1989 seasons) 9 players played 246 or more games for the Knicks. Name as many as you can. (3 points for correct person)

#2. In the 1990s (1990-1999 seasons) Patrick Ewing had the highest Knick PER (min 246 games) with 22.4. Who was second? (10 points)

#3. In the 00’s (2000-2009 seasons) Latrell Sprewell had the most steals (411). Who was second? (10 points)

#4. Second round pick, Andy Rautins went to Syracuse. Who is the last Knick drafted that came from Syracuse? (10 points)

#5. Who is the only Knick in the 3-point era (1980+) to appear in an NBA game before his 20th birthday? (10 points)

#6. Which Knick had a PER of 90.3 when he was 20 years old, albeit in only 3 games played? (10 points)

#7. Only 5 Knicks have appeared in a game after the age of 37 in the 3-point era (1980+). Name as many as you can. (3 points for correct person)

#8. Mike D’Antoni’s best TS% (NBA/ABA) in a single season was: (10 points)
A. 46.9
B. 48.9
C. 50.2
D. 53.8

#9. In the 3-point era, the 5 tallest Knicks have all been 7-2. Name as many as you can. (3 points for correct person)

#10. Opening day 1990, with 38 points Ewing led the Knicks to a 134-130 win over Charlotte. Which of these players had the highest score for the Hornets? (10 points)

A. Kelly Tripucka
B. J.R. Reid
C. Johnny Newman
D. Armen Gilliam

#11 Opening Day 200, the Knicks lost 101-72 to the Sixers. Which player did not play for the Sixers that day? (10 points)

A. Pepe Sanchez
B. Nazr Mohammed
C. Dikembe Mutombo
D. Toni Kukoc

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Mike Kurylo

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17 thoughts to “Knicks Meet-Up Trivia”

  1. Ill take a few guesses:

    1. Ewing, Cartwright, Gerald Wilkins, Trent Tucker
    2. John Starks
    3. Marbury
    4. John Wallace
    5. Trevor Ariza
    6. ????
    7. Ewing, Herb Williams
    8. I will go with the worst possible answer so A. 46.9
    9. Mutombo, Luc Longley
    10. A. Kelly Tripucka
    11. C. Mutombo (didnt get to Sixers til mid-season I believe)

  2. I’ll take a crack but without google I know I’m going to spell some names wrong so please forgive me.

    1. Ewing, Cartwright, Rory Sparrow, Trent Tucker, Darrell Walker, Louis Orr, Marvin Webster, Gerald Wilkins

    2. I’ll go with Starks as well.

    3. Kurt Thomas

    4. John Wallace

    5. Trevor Ariza

    6. Jackie Butler

    7. Ewing, Herb Williams, Buck Williams, Mutombo, Terry Cummings

    8. B (Wild Guess)

    9. Mutombo, Longley, James Donaldson, Marvin Webster, Juwann Oldham (?)

    10. I would have guessed Dell Curry but I guess I’ll go with JR. Reid

    11. I’m going with Mutombo as well.

  3. Mike – it was great meeting you and the other guys. I still say I should have gotten some credit for Slavko Vranes in response to #9. Regardless, hope we do it again this season.

    Putting the Melo-drama aside for the moment, I think the situation the Knicks need to be monitoring is actually in Utah:

    The ironic thing also is that the longer Melo stays in Denver, the better the odds are that the Jazz will remain in the Northwest cellar. With Portland, OKC and Denver all playing well, Deron is going to get more restless as each loss accumulates.

    More irony from the NW: Wolves spent Nos. 5, 6 and 18 picks from 2009 on Rubio, Flynn and Ty Lawson, respectively, only to have Luke Ridnour put up 20pts, 5rbds, and 6 asts as the starting point guard in their 2010 season opener.

  4. Just thought I’d share this:

    I start a Knicks blog. Then Seth starts one (Posting & Toasting)

    I get a guy named Gian to do awesome videos. Then Seth gets a guy named Gian to do awesome videos.

    I have a meet-up in downtown New York at a bar to watch a Knicks game. Then Seth plans a meet-up in downtown New York at a bar to watch a Knicks game.

    Today I’d like to announce that I’m jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge… (hahah j/k – go get some drinks a watch the Knicks with P&T. Tell ’em KnickerBlogger sent you!)

  5. I don’t even know how to find the answers to most of these questions on line. Here’s what my answers would have been, had I been at the get-together:

    1: Ewing, Cartwright, Wilkins, Sparrow, Tucker, Walker, Robinson, King, Green
    2: Mason
    3: Ward
    4: Wallace (Nichols was drafted by Portland, right?)
    5: Ariza
    6: Ariza
    7: Herb, Ewing, Oakley, Mutumbo, Mark Jackson
    8: B
    9: Donaldson, James, Mutumbo, Webster, ?
    10: A
    11: B

  6. I think I’ve kept you guys on the hook for long enough…

    Question #1

    Rk Player From To Tm Lg G PER
    1 Patrick Ewing* 1986 1989 NYK NBA 275 20.4
    2 Bill Cartwright 1980 1988 NYK NBA 537 17.9
    3 Sly Williams 1980 1983 NYK NBA 252 16.9
    4 Gerald Wilkins 1986 1989 NYK NBA 323 14.1
    5 Trent Tucker 1983 1989 NYK NBA 517 13.1
    6 Rory Sparrow 1983 1988 NYK NBA 347 12.7
    7 Louis Orr 1983 1988 NYK NBA 407 12.5
    8 Marvin Webster 1980 1984 NYK NBA 342 11.7
    9 Ernie Grunfeld 1983 1986 NYK NBA 298 10.5

    #2 – Starks

    #3 – Kurt Thomas

    #4 – John Wallace

    #5 – Ariza

    #6 – Butler

    #7 – Ewing, Mutombo, Buck Williams, Antoni Davis, & Herb Williams.

    #8 46.9

    #9 Trybanski, Donaldson, Sundov, Longley, Mutombo

    #10 Armen Gilliam

    #11 Mutombo

  7. One addendum – For number 9, I think you can add the immortal Jerome James (he’s listed at 7’2″, yes?)

  8. So I hate to go off topic, but my friends and I have had a pretty competitive fantasy league for seven years, and I’d hate to see it die. A bunch of people haven’t re-upped, and we only have five teams with the draft scheduled for tomorrow. You all are invited to join up. The league is consistently competitive. It’s head to head with the normal stats. If you can’t make the draft, you can prerank players, and yahoo will draft accordingly.

  9. Latke,

    I’ve never done fantasy b-ball (and my last attempt at fantasy sports was w/a Rotisserie baseball team 15 odd years ago), but I’m game (and utterly unprepared – I’ll probably get [Eddie] housed).

    I assume the draft is online and not face-to-face?

    Speaking of face-to-face, Mike K., great to finally meet you and many other Knickerbloggeristas the other night. I checked B-R too, but for some reason I remember (and yes, it’s nice to use the past tense) him as 7’2″. Maybe I’m thinking of his width

  10. Great quiz! Sorry I missed the fun on Wednesday, what was the official attendance #?

    Wound up getting 53 points (would that have put me in the running for a poster?):

    Got 6 of 9 on question 1…pissed I forgot Gerald and Ernie, thought Sly was injured too much. Picked Darryl walker who weighed in at 245, but played in 12 Knicks playoff games, do I get partial credit?!

    Doh..fell for the Demetris Nichols trap and crossed out John Wallace.

    Got Ariza

    Got 3 of 5 on old guys

    Picked 46.9 because I figured he left the NBA for a reason

    Got 2 of 4 tall guys

    I’m going to opening night w/ a fellow KBer. Hopefully they’ll have something in the tank after tonite.

  11. Okay, feeling slighted I went and checked it out for myself and Mark Jackson DID appear in 10 games for the Knicks after he turned 37. I’m taking the points.

  12. Latke, i’ll join.

    My first Fantasy League was last year with this board and missed the draft because i messed which day it was; but i would like to try again.

  13. Robert Silverman: I assume the draft is online and not face-to-face?

    Yup, it’s online… Just sign in to yahoo at 1pm tomorrow.

    iserp: Latke, i’ll join.

    My first Fantasy League was last year with this board and missed the draft because i messed which day it was; but i would like to try again. 

    Bring it on!

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