Knicks-Lakers Pre-Game Bonanza

Kobe Bryant is suspended for tonight’s game.

Kobe Bryant was suspended one game without pay by the NBA on Tuesday for striking San Antonio’s Manu Ginobili in the face.

With his Los Angeles Lakers in New York to play the Knicks, Bryant requested an “immediate hearing” with the league office to appeal the suspension. But his request was denied because it would have deviated from standard procedure, and Bryant was still slated to miss the game Tuesday night.

Kurt from FB&G does a good write up of the game.

On Tap: The New York Knicks

Things to look for. If the Lakers are going to win this one, it may be because they win the turnover battle in a big way, Not only do the Knicks not create turnovers, they cough the ball up a lot ? 18.4% of their possessions end in a turnover, one of the highest rates in the NBA. If the Lakers win the turnover by 5 or more, that?s a lot of possessions in what should be a high-scoring game.

With Kobe out, the Lakers need some people to step up, and because he?ll be matched up on Eddy Curry this is a night Bynum can have a big game. Opposing centers are averaging 19.7 points and 12.7 boards per game on the Knicks, shooting 53%. Drew is capable of that kind of night.

The Knicks struggle to defend just about every position, the Lakers just need to keep passing the ball and making their shots tonight.

As for defending the Knicks ? make them jump shooters. As a team they shoot just 40.1% (eFG%) on jumpers but get the ball inside and they shoot 57.9%. Curry has good offensive moves in the post and Lee gets offensive rebounds and putbacks. Maybe we?ll see some zone, but the Lakers need to pack it in a little tonight and make the Knicks a perimeter team.

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12 thoughts to “Knicks-Lakers Pre-Game Bonanza”

  1. What bothered me about the Kobe suspension is that though he clearly was determined to initiate contact with Manu Ginobili, I don’t see the intent to harm or injure.

    Kobe was using box out technique on a loose ball, which is exactly what you would teach a 12 year-old to do: get between your opponent and the ball.

    By this logic that contact to the face is a reprimand-able offense, shouldn’t Dikembe Mutombo have been suspended when he broke Lebron James face with his elbow?

  2. I was watching that game live on ABC…Kobe clearly was just trying to maintain his balance and grab the ball for another shot attempt…there was no harm intended at all…it was completely inadvertant…but, i am happy he didn’t play because we were able to pull out the win!

  3. I got A question Why in the hell is David LEe not being mentioned as Sixth man of the Year seriously who the hell comes off the bench an average a double double?

  4. I’m not David Lee’s agent or anything, but being named 6th Man when you play for one of the league’s worst teams is a dubious distinction.

    Not his fault he’s not starting.

  5. Did anyone else think that Jeffries did a pretty decent job last night? Aside from the time he left Radmonovic wide open for a jam under the basket, I thought he looked pretty active on both ends. At first, I was disappointed to see him back in the starting 5, but he came out with a mission. On another note, anyone know how long Q will be out?

  6. Q may play tonite….Jeffries looked good and ready like a starter for the first time this year.

  7. ?The reason why I even was interested in taking that meeting was because of this city,? the 28-year-old Bryant said in an interview Tuesday morning. ?Because I always loved this city. Always. Ever since I came here, growing up in Philadelphia, there?s always so much energy and so much buzz in this city. How passionate they are about basketball, how knowledgeable they are about basketball.?
    -Kobe on being offered an MLE in 2004 by isiah

    Still think being over the cap means nothing?

  8. To be fair, mase, what player DOESN’T say, “Man, I sure would like to play for the Knicks”?

    As for the David Lee Sixth Man of the Year thing…yeah, it is really creepy, as you’d think he’d be at least getting MENTIONED for it, but he really isn’t, outside of Hollinger, and Hollinger is mostly writing about how Lee ISN’T being mentioned for it.

  9. yea Why the hell is that I mean If you look at whose being considers players like Kyle Korver i would take Lee Over his ass anyday. I mean I was thinking maybe this is Isiahs plan to have a sixth man of the year an a potential allstar in Curry. If thats not significant progress what is?

  10. Man, do opposing centers really average 19.7 points and 12.7 boards per game on the Knicks?! Ugh. Well, at least Curry almost off-sets that on the other end.

    I didn’t see the whole game, so I don’t have a good perspective on it, but from the replays it looks like Kobe basically was going out of his way to draw contact to get the foul. It’d be pretty darn weird if he was actually concentrating on whacking Ginobli instead of trying to win the game on the last shot.

    I was at the game last night – as were a lot of Laker fans. I don’t know why i was so surprised, but I was. It was almost like going to a Bulls/Knicks game in the 90’s. So annoying. But it got me thinking that maybe the Knick fanbase really is eroding. Not that any of the Lakers fans seemed like real basketball fans, but… With the Nets moving to Brooklyn, and Dolan strangling the Knicks to death, I couldn’t help but hope the Knicks worsts seasons are behind them.

  11. Isiah must be fired. Lee not starting is killing the Knicks. They lost a lot of close games and the 4-6 minutes at the beginning of each half that he is not on the court costs those close games. They have no rebounding when he is not out there. The Knicks could be hovering around .500 right now if Lee was starting. Isiah should be fired immediately.

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