Knicks at Raptors Open Thread (2nd Half)

Knicks down 2 at the half. Bosh sat for much of the half and Toronto pounded us on the boards, especially on the offensive boards. They’re almost as bad defensively as we are though. Zach Randolph is in full knucklehead mode.

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5 thoughts to “Knicks at Raptors Open Thread (2nd Half)”

  1. NOt to defend Eddy, (and I’m pleased the foul took him out of the game) but that was a serious flop by Bargnani.

    Hey Isiah, perhaps playing Fattie I and Fattie II together isn’t the best idea?

  2. And if Fattie II can’t guard Bosh and is going to chuck up awful shots, perhaps Balkman or Jeffries or Rose MIGHT be a better option. Just sayin’…

  3. gotta love the sequence where randolph tries to shake and bake but ends up dribbling it off his foot

  4. Knicks are a bunch of players with no real basketball identity and it’s not the players fault. It is the collective consequence of piss poor talent evaluation on belhalf of Isaiah Thomas, and his remarkably ridiculous tendency to over-value players who he trades for/ signs to a contract.

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