Knicks and the Draft

The Knicks have only the 43rd pick tonight, but there’s still a chance they make things interesting with some deals. First off, I’d suggest checking out the Knicks’ Web site’s Draft Preview. Tough to say how much, if at all, this reflects what Knicks management is actually thinking. If their web crew is anything like us in Seattle, they’re totally guessing (albeit educated guessing). The Post has a slightly different list of swingmen.

From that article, I get the most positive feelings about Jackson Vroman, Arthur Johnson, Darius Rice, and Tim Pickett. Check out my NCAA Draft Analysis for my thoughts on these guys. Basically, all of them but Rice would be solid picks at 43. I don’t think Rice can play in this league, but the article correctly points out he fits Isiah Thomas’ athleticism mantra to a tee.

If I was the Knicks, two guys I’d consider looking at are Erik Daniels, to play backup small forward when Shandon Anderson gets bought out/traded, and Nigel Dixon as a project in the middle. Must be something about guys who played in the state of Kentucky. . . .

The more interesting stuff from the New York angle is a couple of trade rumors. David Aldridge is reporting a Jerry Stackhouse for Kurt Thomas swap. This, of course, would do for the Knicks nothing but officially giving them the record for most money paid to one position in NBA history. I mean, maybe they’re thinking they can deal Houston and play Stackhouse at the two? But they can’t.

Peter Vescey, meanwhile, reports (I know, I know) that the Sonics are considering Kurt Thomas for Jerome James and the number 12 pick. I actually think this might be a nice deal for both sides. The Sonics don’t want James, but his defensive presence is underrated and the Knicks could get a solid piece with number 12. How about Kirk Snyder upgrading the perimeter defense? Seattle takes on Thomas’ contract, but doesn’t have to get any younger, which they really don’t want to do.

Maybe some post-Draft thoughts later. . . .

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