Knicks Also Nab Jerome Jordan

44th pick: Jerome Jordan
(Acquired in trade with Milwaukee – pending league approval)
[Scouting Reports: Draft Express, NBA Draft.Net, HoopsAnalyst]

Well here is the big man that Knick fans were hoping for on draft night. For second round centers, Jordan isn’t a bad option. Statistically he stacks up reasonably well against other centers picked near him like Dexter Pittman and Solomon Alabi. He has legitimate size for an NBA center (7-1, 235 lbs) and in college did fairly well with regards to scoring, rebounding, and blocking shots. On the other hand he has some weaknesses, including inferior strength, a lack of intensity, and learning the game late in life. However there isn’t a second round center without a laundry list of flaws. His ability to knock down the mid-range jumper and run the floor should make him D’Antoni friendly.

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10 thoughts to “Knicks Also Nab Jerome Jordan”

  1. He kinda reminds me of Jordan Hill, who also picked up the game late and was criticized for being laid back. I was a big Dexter Pittman fan, but since he was gone anyway (and D’Antoni wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft pole,) I think this JJ a very solid 2nd rounder. The 2.3 blocks per 29 minutes is promising, and his offense is not totally raw. Who knows, could this be the steal we’ve been pining for?

  2. I think Jerome Jordan’s “lack of motor” coincides with his learning the game late. He’s probably just uncertain with his game at this stage, and should gain confidence bullying who ever is going to guard him in practice.

  3. Very nice to hear – I was hoping for Jordan at #39, so at #44, all the better!

    By the by, reading more about Fields, it surely sounds that he would not have gotten past San Antonio, Phoenix and Los Angeles in the second round. So I continue to call BS on the whole “he wouldn’t have been drafted!” meme.

  4. Wait, why does that ESPN New York article say we have $36 million in space, and not $34 million?

  5. Good news. I was not too excited about our other draft picks (see other thread), but I think Walsh made a great pick up here. One of the big knocks on him sounds like he lacks strength. Maybe with a good NBA conditioning program in the weight room, that weakness can be addressed quite easily. I think there definitely is some potential for this guy.

    Looks like a great fit for D’Antoni’s system too.

  6. fyi there is a great highlight video of Jordan on — I know one should never trust highlight videos, but he does not look like a stiff at all. showed some nice post moves, ran the floor well, and he’s huge.

    interesting how 3-4 big athletic center types (Pittman, Alabi, Jordan, Pittman, almost Orton) lasted until the second round this year — was just a few years ago that the Patrick O’Bryants, Robert Swifts, and Rafael Araujos of the world were getting picked in the lottery even though they obviously sucked. I guess the pendulum has started to swing the other way on the “you can’t teach height” thing. (probably due to all the centers that have been on our team the last 5 years)

  7. On Jordan,

    I went up to Duke for the Tulsa game this year, specifically to check out Jordan play against Zoubek, a much stronger player. I got busy and never got around to writing anything up pre-draft. I like Jordan.

    It is so tough to evaluate bigs in the college game. They let the defense park in the lane and fouls are called seemingly at random (unless you’re at Duke–then you just get hosed). Jordan has good footwork, good athleticism but he’s not explosive. He has improved in key areas. His TO/pos declined steadily every year (from 26 to 17%) while his FTAs/pos went up every year (from 18 to 53%). All this on the same FGAs/pos his last three years (71%). He’s not a good passer, though I don’t get the feeling he’s Eddy Curry. I just think he played on a meh offensive team lacking in shooters or movement. I think he can make the right read in the screen roll. Plus, with reasonable range on his jumper he may be able to play in the high post and bring opposing centers out of the lane.

    At the Duke game Jordan picked up a couple quick fouls which took away his aggressiveness until the 2nd half. My impression is that foul propensity may be the genesis of the “he doesn’t have a motor” meme. Also, even though my impression is that he plays hard, he’s a smooth athlete rather than an explosive one. I think a lot of people have a built-in bias against that, especially in a 7 footer.

    Jordan *is* legitimately foul prone — not surprising given how late he’s picked up the game and his limited functional strength. That alone may keep him from ever being anything but a valuable backup. But, he should be at least that.

  8. Great to see them take a shot on a big! Jordan certainly has as much upside or more than Varnado or Alabi and does seem to fit more with what D’Antoni wants to do. Should be exciting to have a young 7 footer for the first time in a while. Last time Knicks had Jamaican C it worked out alright! Great move for reportedly only $1 mill.

    Accomplishes a lot of what I was bitching about yesterday. Shows D’Antoni is willing to play a traditional C and you just have to hope the soft rap is incorrect.

    Frank, I think you are onto something, but I also think part of it was that this was such a deep draft for bigs. Game has changed, too, where physical but slow Cs like Alabi are not as valuable.

    Brian, it’s tough to say. I think that was a very reasonable first reaction given how few mocks he appeared it. Knicks apparently got 3 guys they liked so can’t really complain. Wonder if they were pissed when Hobson went 1 pick before them?

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