Knicks agree to deals with Earl Clark and Shannon Brown

According to Chris Broussard, the Knicks have added guard Shannon Brown to their earlier signing of forward Earl Clark today.

While neither player is all that impressive, to be fair there is also the issue of whether the top waived players would even want to play for the Knicks at this point, so Brown and Clark might be the best the Knicks could get. Although it sure would be nice for the Knicks to give a shot to some young D-Leaguers instead of veteran retreads with little upside.

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18 thoughts to “Knicks agree to deals with Earl Clark and Shannon Brown”

  1. the knicks cant even add 14th and 15th men without f’n it up. im sure these guys are just what we need to make that push through the playoffs

  2. So I guess the plan is to hope the rest of the east starts sucking even more, make the playoffs and then push the Heat or Pacers to 5 games?

  3. So I guess the plan is to hope the rest of the east starts sucking even more, make the playoffs and then push the Heat or Pacers to 5 games?

    Didn’t you hear? We got Bargs just for this matchup with Indy. I’m sure they’re dreading it.

  4. These moves are completely moronic. Brown is almost 30 (28 years old) and in 7000+ minutes hasn’t shown much potential in any category. He’s a shooting guard with inconsistent three point range. Clark is a power forward with a TS% of 46.6%. He doesn’t rebound well either.

    I can see these mvoes on a veteran team hoping to play it safe down the stretch. But on a 21-36 team???

    Obviously the meme of “the front office is more stat based” is just a facade.

  5. The veteran retards part gave me a bit of a chuckle. Considering the success of the previous book about the 11-12 Knicks season, can we expect to see a new book from the KB guys about this year?

    Like I said the other day, I feel as though any signings at this stage of the season with our situation is probably a moot point. I seem to recall we had pretty big interest in Brown a couple of seasons ago. AT the very least we could get some nice dunks from him. That’ll be fun….right? Will be interesting to see where Granger winds up too. Wouldn’t have hated having a shot at him, but I dare say he’ll be asking more than we can probably offer/should offer.

  6. If I believed in the F.O. I would say a bird in the hand…because they can always cut them if Jimmer or others come available but I don’t.

  7. Jimmer could be a highlight. Nice homecoming story for him and with few highlights outside of Melo’s 62 point outing. It might be nice to have a good story, although I’m not sold that he can be a solid contributor in the NBA just yet. His family seem like the anti-Smiths too. Butler is also potentially available, although sounds like the Heat will make a big play for him. The rich just get richer I suppose with another potentially handy bench option.

  8. Let’s see the team’s biggest weakness is at point guard, do either of these guys play point guard??!?

    Brilliant …. and as d Red said above – size ’em all up for the rings

  9. Cut Shannon Brown and sign Jimmer Fredette when he’s out of his contract. He’ll have a chance to start for us immediately (because Felton sucks and has legal issues), and everyone knows we need a player with a .584 TS on a 23% USG.

    You have to offer Jimmer a chance to start on his hometown team, especially since he’s actually good at putting the ball in the basket. You don’t let Shannon Brown of the 10 day contract get in the way of that.

  10. Would have been better off sticking with Beno and MWP.

    Can’t have those guys around, though– they saw through the bullshit and called it out for what it was.

    There are 25 games left in the season, and this team is playing pathetic basketball. I think they’re worse now than they were at any point in the season. The question isn’t whether or not the Knicks will make the playoffs– I’d say they’re about even money to crack 30 wins. They’ll have to go 9-16 the rest of the way to win 30 games.

  11. For his own sake, I hope he doesn’t end up as a Knick, but man, I can’t see why they’re not interested in Jimmer.

  12. We should sign Latrell Spreewell to a 10-day contract so he can choke the shit out of Mike Woodson.

  13. 1. Who cares? The season’s over and these guys will be with some other loser team next year.
    2. Re: Jimmer Fredette: Puh-leeeeze…
    a. He can’t play in the NBA
    b. He still has better options than the Knicks.
    3. If there is a worse-managed franchise in pro sports than Dolan’s Knicks, I’m curious which it would be. In terms of fewest wins or playoff series won per payroll dollar spent (unless someone can come up with a better metric), I’m guessing there’s no one even close.

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