Knicks acquire draft rights to Jared Jordan

NEW YORK, September 30, 2007 ? New York Knickerbockers President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Isiah Thomas announced today that the draft rights to guard Jared Jordan have been acquired from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for cash considerations. Jordan was originally selected by the Clippers in the second round (45th overall) of the 2007 NBA Draft.

Jordan, 6-2, 190-pounds, averaged 13.1 points and 6.9 assists in 117 career games (108 starts) at Marist College. The 22-year old, Hartford, CT-native averaged 17.2 points and 8.7 assists as a senior in 2006-07 and became the first player since Avery Johnson to lead the nation in assists in NCAA Division 1 play for two consecutive seasons.

As a member of the Clippers? entry in the 2007 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Jordan averaged 4.2 points and 4.8 assists in five games (all starts).

Some links about Jordan:

Jordan continues to impress here in Orlando, outplaying more highly regarded points guards such as Bobby Brown and Sean Singletary in this afternoon?s matchup. Jordan?s team is now 2-0, and it would be safe to say that his play at the point guard position has been a major reason for this. Today Jordan racked up a sparkling 7 assists against 0 turnovers, with just about every single pass he made productive in some form. Whether it was find cutters in the halfcourt or handing out crisp, accurate open court passes on the move, Jordan?s mark was on this game whenever he was on the court.

Everyone?s favorite draft prospect here in Orlando (at least amongst the media and staff members) had another solid outing in his final performance at the pre-draft camp, leading his team to its third straight win. Despite lacking an incredible first step, Jordan got into the paint again and again, utilizing terrific ball-handling skills, hesitation moves and crafty spins to force defensive rotations and find the open man instantaneously as soon as they freed up. He also did a nice job running the pick and roll, and pushed the ball up the floor when given the opportunity to do so. He?s an old-school player who doesn?t score a ton of points (really lacking a steady 3-point shot, a consistent pull-up mid-range jumper and a more reliable floater he can go to) but he did put some score some points late in the game when his team really needed a bucke

There are questions about Jordan’s game — no ups, not strong enough or quick enough laterally for defense, an inconsistent three-point shot. But one Eastern Conference scout with whom I spoke has another take. “We’re bereft of really good point guards in the league,” he said. “We have plenty of guys who can shoot, but consider passing secondary. Jordan’s the ideal leader. He has complete control of the game, and his team is so much better when he’s out there. He looks like the real thing to me.”

Hustler who has no problem doing the dirty work like diving on the floor for loose balls ? Constantly looks to push the ball up the court to ignite the fast break ? Great decision maker with the ball in his hands

Jared Jordan Interview

I think the athleticism is emphasized too much I think in terms of how high someone can jump, and people don?t realize how quick I am until they play against me in person. I just need to keep playing and hope that I can be in a situation to prove them wrong.

Stats from Yahoo.

Pre-Draft workout from YouTube.

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26 thoughts to “Knicks acquire draft rights to Jared Jordan”

  1. Maybe Dolan should make him do that…and if he doesn’t average 15ppg and 8 apg he’s fired :-)

  2. Yeah Ron, but the problem is how Dolan will resolve this. If last season’s mini spurt against bad teams is any indication, Isiah will get 15 ppg and 8 apg in an exhibition game on a per 40 MPG basis – good enough – Dolan can save face and then sign IT long term as player, coach, GM.

  3. Dolan is mean-spirited enough to keep Zeke as coach when he starts floundering, but bring somebody over him as President/GM….now THAT would be great! I’d like to see Zeke humbled before being fired, considering how he has humbled the franchise…

    Zeke as player/coach? Even better…watch him huff and puff as light-weights blow by him…Then explain to his GM why he gave himself playing time…

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Knicks already have a backup point guard who can’t shoot?

  5. he sounds like a great passer…would love to hear Clyde gush as he threads the needle to Balkman/Chandler/Lee in the open court.

  6. I actually loved this pickup. It’s a flyer that costs us nothing except some loose change and possibly a roster spot. Likely it will mean nothing, but…a real playmaker is a rare commodity.

    Somebody’s been watching Brian Cashman and learning something. ^_^

  7. Just have to save him a roster spot. They really need to just eat some of these brutal contracts and give the young hungry guys a chance to play a bit (ie. Morris, Nichols, Chandler, Jordan). They really should be able to trade expiring contracts for picks don’t you think?

    And in terms of criticizing this– no way. if there is anything that Isiah has shown he can do, it’s finding young talent in the draft. This isn’t technically the draft but it basically is.

  8. “in fact, if the roster wasn?t so currently jammed, I wouldn?t be surprised if he added 1-2 white scrubs to avoid further racism charges, after the testimony in this trial has gone public. but since the roster is already too full, that?s not going to happen.” -jon abbey 10 days ago

    Good call jon!

  9. I have to say, this is a really nice pickup for virtually nothing. The kid can play from what I have read and lord knows he can handle the ball, which, if you haven’t noticed, the Knicks have problems with.
    Every guard but one is a shoot first guy.
    The Knicks have plenty of weapons right now; what they really need is a guy that can get it into the hands of those scorers efficiently. Watching our guards try to feed the post last year was painful.
    I also emphatically trust Isiah’s talent evaluation. He has managed to bolster the Knicks draft by make a savvy move on Morris late last year and now Jordan. And his late draft selections looked pretty nice, too.
    He’s starting to amass some really nice young guys.
    I totally agree with Frank, since we don’t really care about the money so much, we should just dump James and a couple other salaries and let the young ones compete.
    I like that Isiah has also brought in a true point guard to compete in camp with Robinson, Collins, Marbury and Crawford at the point.
    I also think Nichols and Chandler showed in the summer league that they have some skills.
    I’m not sure they will get the 8th seed this year, but I’m interested in watching this crew grow.

    Now if we can find the minutes for Lee and Balkman up front, this could be an interesting team.

  10. So why didn’t the Clips want to keep him? With Cassell, Knight, Livingston, and Diaz they have as much of a logjam as the Knicks, but maybe even more question marks.

    Sounds like a great pickup for nothing, just hope the kid will get a chance to play. Time to trade Stephon! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Knicks are never winning ANYTHING with Steph at the point.

  11. The Elgin Baylor regime (in its 3rd decade now!) doesn’t have the best track record of finding or holding onto talent. Since Isiah’s eye for young players is pretty exceptional, it is hard to have a problem with this deal (jon abbey’s cynicism aside…). Of course at 18 players (counting the heir apparent Houston), something has got to give…

  12. Nice to see a player I’ve actually seen play in college.

    Jordan looked NBA-worthy, but just barely. I think this is a great low-risk move by Thomas.

  13. I agree. This is a low risk signing with a pretty decent upside if Jordan’s court vision/passing is what everyone is saying it is. I second the motion to start eating up some contracts. I nominate James to be the first of many to be sent packing to make room for the young, hungry guys.

  14. Who cares! Thomas was just found guilty of sexual harrassment by a jury of his peers. And did you hear what what Marbury said about the ring? He said a ring doesn’t mean anything to him. And there is the whole thing about him not caring about the season ticket holders. These guys have to go! The Knicks are embarrassing. I don’t want to root for this team as long as these guys are here.

  15. “Thomas was just found guilty of sexual harrassment by a jury of his peers.”

    how did they manage to find 12 other guys who were also former All-Star PGs and are currently mediocre basketball GM/coaches? impressive…

  16. “I just don?t see what this has to do with the season. It?s different if Isiah/Marbury is suspended or worse. But until then it all just speculation. If this wasn?t a sex scandal and was an accounting scandal then I don?t think it?d be getting a quarter of the attention the media is giving it. What can I say, I?m not a rubbernecker.” -KnickerBlogger last week.


    I think that the trial has officially affected the season.

    The team opens camp without a coach. Start practice without anyone to run it. Isiah’s $13 million a year acquisition admits to being out of shape. The PG has decided winning isn’t everything (which he at least said it was, even if he didn’t really believe it in the past).

    Training camp is finally here and you’re still discussing PERs and Wows.

    There is an actual Knick related issue here. For the second season in a row a legal battle has distracted the team from training camp. For the second year in a row the team has major pieces to put together in training camp to avoid another 6-13 start. I think that guity verdict or not (and the guilty verdict does serve to, if nothing else, keep this thing going on not only through the damages hearing, but through the appeals process all together), there are potentially serious detriments to the season because of Dolan, Isiah, Mills, Marbury, and the bunch of them that is no longer just a gossipy car wreck to rubberneck at.

  17. “whether or not it?s affected anything, it?s unbelievably dull to discuss.”

    The opening of training camp is boring to discuss? Maybe in San Antonio where everybody shows up on time and in perfect shape with no controversy at all…

    But I’d say that day 1 in NY was anything but dull.

  18. Look, Jared Jordan can play. I live right by Marist and he was a very good player. I don’t understand how you can average 17 points a game and be a “unrealiable shooter”. he works the court in every way possible. You’ll be sprised on how he passes the ball and can find the open man. I won’t be suprised if he makes the team, he likes to suprise people. Just watch and you’ll fall in love with the guy

  19. JARED is an extremely gifted passer. It is interesting that he also lead his team in rebounding. As he is a short gu with short arms and not a great jumper, he must have picked up his boards with anticipation. Playing at marist, he saw fewer nba level guys and it may take a while for himto get used to the speed of the game and gain nba level strength Most points take some time to develop and hopefully the knicks will give him the time. Would hopefully send him overseas so he gets pt, and have him come back next year

  20. would add that he would be great as a change of pace guy running a fast break offence with lee, balk robinson wilson and morris, tremendous speed reasonable rebounding and great finishers

  21. Jared is head and shoulders better than the last NBA draftee from Marist Rik Smits. Jared was surrounded by mediocre talent at best, he should have played at UCONN, Duke or NC and would have easily been a 1st round pick. He lead Div 1 in assists for 2 years in a row on a perimeter shooting team w/ no low post threat(the 7′ center thought he was a 2 guard more dangerous from 3 than the paint). The only other real threat on the team was the 2 guard who ran hot & cold. You could see that Jared was holding back and often choosing NOT to pass because he saw turnover on the other end. The Knicks are smart enough to let this guy develop and become what he could be for them.

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