Knicks 98 – Nets 91

The New Jersey Nets were clearly upset about how much media attention the Knicks were getting for their ineptitude, so they decided to make a play for that attention themselves, by losing to the Knicks 98-91, bringing the Nets record for the season to a whopping 0-13!

There were a lot of positives about this game, with perhaps the most pleasant being Wilson Chandler’s offensive game. While one of his trips to the line was not him driving, Chandler still ended up taking as many free throw attempts as he did shot attempts – and get this, of Chandler’s six shot attempts none of them were three-balls!

Other positives included Larry Hughes overall play plus the fact that people were actually passing to Gallo today (granted, Gallo did not have a great shooting game, but he wasn’t awful)!

David Lee followed up a rough first half with a strong second half, and the rebounding was there the whole game, which was nice.

The Eddy Curry Experience had a downturn after the previous win against the Pacers – 1 for 5 with three turnovers. Ouch.

Brook Lopez once again looked like a beast against the Knicks’ front line.

Nate Robinson almost made an insanely bad play when he chucked up a shot at the Nets basket as time expired in the first, just as a bit of a joke. The shot was after the buzzer, but it went in and had he shot it before the buzzer, he would have given the Nets three points!!

You know one thing I noticed today (and based on D’Antoni’s comments, it was also there in the Pacers game)? It seems like D’Antoni has a double standard when to comes to Gallo. I don’t even think it is a bad thing, per se, because you could argue that D’Antoni knows he is going to be coaching Gallo for awhile, while he cannot say the same for Hughes, Harrington, Duhon, etc. In addition, perhaps D’Antoni knows Gallo will respond to this style of coaching while the others might not. However, the end result is that Gallo got benched quickly when he made a mistake in the second half that I can’t help but think that no other Knick would get benched in the same situation.

In any event, a win is a win, and the Knicks are on a two-game winning streak!! Woohoo!

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23 thoughts to “Knicks 98 – Nets 91”

  1. C-Don’t played pretty well…

    …to bad he can’t play against the worst-team-in-the-history-of-the-NBA every night.

  2. Really good win over a very desperate team with their best player back.

    Harrington still drives me nuts, but I have to admit, he has been more selective in the last 2 games.

    Lee had a great game, even beyond his stats. That rebound-save on D and the put-back over Lopez won’t show up as anything special in the box score, but were monstrous.

    Gallo played like a he-man for a change. I thought it was his best all-around game yet. He does have slow feet on D though.

    Jeffries had his moments.

    D’Antoni appears to be getting through to Chandler, he was very assertive in the paint and didn’t settle for the 3 early in the clock, or as Brian pointed out, not at all. Definitely his best all around game.

    D’Antoni went ballistic on Nate after that stupid a-hole play. What is up with Nate, anyway? He is almost useless out there.

    Eddy got 2 quick fouls on Lopez, which I think changed the game. He sucked the rest of the game, but if he can get the other team’s key bigs in foul trouble, it really helps.

  3. Brian, I think your observation about D’Antoni and Gallo is partially true. But I have seen him pull the quick hook w/other players for defensive or offensive gaffes, including Lee, Hughes and (especially) Nate. D’Antoni has always been tough on Nate, and today was another example (that horrific end of quarter 3 you mentioned).

    On the other hand, the coach has a long, long leash with Duhon, and I was surprised how long he stuck with Curry and Jeffries when it was clear the two of them on the floor together was disastrous. In general, i do agree that D’Antoni steps around the sensibilities of some of his veterans a bit more than he would guys like Gallo or Douglas.

    Speaking of Douglas, he had a brutal time with screens on defense in today’s game. He’s a dogged defender, but he needs to get a little smarter…hope he continues to get the minutes that allow him to do so.

    Two straight games that David Lee has been terrific on defense, even when matched against a center (one or two dumb plays notwithstanding). I know things are going to get uglier with next week’s schedule, but I really like what I’m seeing.

  4. I disagree about Lee, I thought he was getting pushed around inside all game, and he’s too quick to settle for long jumpers with plenty of time left on the clock. the ‘rebound-save’ you refer to should have been a clean board to begin with and he missed a few point-blank attempts which is kind of inexcusable given that’s his game.

    Duhon played very well, especially for him. this team really needs Nate to come back to life.

  5. “I disagree about Lee, I thought he was getting pushed around inside all game, and he’s too quick to settle for long jumpers with plenty of time left on the clock.”

    Not sure what game you were watching, he did an OK job on Lopez, and who exactly helps out on the boards besides him? The Nets were desperate and crashing in the 3rd qtr and I think he held his own. And I didn’t see him hoist up many jumpers today, but if he’s open from 10-12 feet, he should take the shot.

  6. jon, I was referring specifically to his off-ball and help defense, and didn’t say anything about his offense (where his shot selection with the jumper is getting worse, I agree). I’ve always found it infuriating that teams get past our first line of defense with a simple screen or back door and Lee always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (staying home when he should be helping, and vice versa, or simply being in no man’s land). But the last two games (granted against the likes of Alston and TJ Ford and a still rusty Devin Harris), he’s moved his feet better defending the pick and roll, and his hedges are no longer the equivalent of waving a cape for the opposing PG.

    Agree on Nate — he has been in a coma all season. Maybe his benching after shooting at the wrong basket will act as shock therapy.

  7. I thought the weakside help was what was effective on Lopez, especially Chandler a few times.

    I have very high expectations for Lee, and I think he’s taken a step or half-step backward in most phases so far this year. he did make a couple of nice plays at the end, but the game wouldn’t have been that close if he’d played better before.

  8. “I thought the weakside help was what was effective on Lopez, especially Chandler a few times.”

    They seem to be finally getting the concept of team defense, and not necessarily at the expense of getting burned by wide open 3 point shooters.

    As I said in previous post, someone has to tell Curry that he does not have to bull his way to the basket as soon as he catches the entry pass. Passing back out for a re-post would be OK once in a while. He should watch some Shaq videos.

  9. I totally agree that Lee takes too many jumpers. I personally blame the whole “you’re not a great power forward unless you hit outside jumpers” meme. Lee should stick to playing within his own game.

  10. (1) Love Lee, but not on “D”. For example, I don’t think his “D” was good tonight at all. IMO, he had no physical presence. You may argue that he is out of position. Fair enough, but if he plays PF, many 4’s will easily blow by him, unless he marks his territory (I live way upstate, sorry for the image). I also strongly agree that Lee should keep playing his own game. (2) D-Mar’s comments on Curry are accurate. Please learn to pass a little. ( (3) Also, Jon Abbey is right that Lee has taken steps back this year. I think that is because he has tried to embellish an unimportant part of his game, the outside shot, instead of the tough inside presence. This is very West Coast and, apparently, the New World Order. Instead of focussing on the particular skill set for the position, we need eclectic players. I don’t agree with this trend at all. I want my PF to be a stud, a great rebounder, tough inside, drawing fouls, throwing the outlet, setting hard picks and money at the line. At least a presence on “D”. In my basketball world, defined roles define legitimacy.

  11. Two things worth noting today:

    1. Classic Harrington quote, describing the play that led to his dagger 3 at the end – “It wasn’t for me,” Harrington said of the last play. “But I made up my mind, if I got it, I was going to shoot it.”
    This is classic Harrington selfishness. Zero assists on the night.
    I realize it went in, but this doesn’t make me feel confident that he will be a big help this year.

    2. Some one actually played weak side help defense…I nearly fell over.

    But honestly, the Knicks nearly blew a game against the worst team in basketball.

  12. That is a great Harrington quote…

    He’s told to do it by the coaches, but count me among those who think Lee takes too many jumpshots. But the biggest thing I wish he would do that he used to would be shooting 80+ from the free throw line…

  13. “But honestly, the Knicks nearly blew a game against the worst team in basketball”

    Come on, Frank O., let’s enjoy this one a little bit. The Nets have taken much better teams than the Knicks down to the wire on multiple occasions. Not to say this was some monumental victory, but they did respond pretty well in the 4th and never let the Nets get the lead. Let us bask a little before we lose our next 4 games!

  14. Last week, we lose this game. The Nets are desperate, and have some pretty good players. Lopez, Harris, Doug-Rob and Alston can all play and were one Knick blunder from taking over the game. A road win is a road win, even though this is still more of a home game.

    Honestly, we are not a 1-9 team. Not that we’re great, but a lot of guys have been underachieving. All this talk about bringing back the same guys as last year, is that really true? This is not the same team and the coach has been slow to adjust to who we are. Finally, Harrington, Chandler and Gallo are playing withen themselves, Curry and Duhon are coming around.

    I am predicting we give Boston all they can handle tomorrow. The optimism is back! (Hear that, Slovene?)

  15. In a year from now, the Nets might have the best young backcourt in the league with Harris/Wall. Then they’ll have Lee and Lopez and pretty much nothing else of value.

  16. A little love for Harrington—He shows some heart and real emotion. The irony is his game. He really wants the team succeed and he really wants to succeed as a NY player. Unfortunately, his game is so myopic that it’s doomed. Also, he’s certainly not an instinctive defensive player and no one ever taught him. Nevertheless, I can’t hate this guy. Go Knicks–at least for tonight (I taped the game).

  17. “In a year from now, the Nets might have the best young backcourt in the league with Harris/Wall. Then they’ll have Lee and Lopez and pretty much nothing else of value.”

    a ton of cap space, and that’s a tempting batch of complementary players for the big name free agents to sign with, especially if they’re definitely going to Brooklyn (which I guess we’ll know soon?).

  18. d-mar:
    Fair enough.

    What a Nate thing to do.
    I think anytime someone pulls a boneheaded move from now on, in my mind they’re pulling “a Nate.”

  19. as much as it pains me to admit it, we live and die by Duhon…. I blame walsh, bastard!
    Let’s go Giants!

  20. Nate Robinson’s stupidity is really perplexing. The guy is not 14 anymore – not to mention that his game this season is nowhere to be found.

    I hope D’Antoni has the balls to bench him for 6 months. This moron deserves to become an example for other Knicks who think the game is a joke and who don’t see the need for professional behavior in a 3-9 record.

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