22 thoughts to “Knicks 95, Cavs 90”

  1. Great game, if this is a sign of things to come sign me up. I think coach had his guys ready to play tonight and part of the problem last night was opening up against the best team in the east at home, for a team that didnt play so well at home early last season.

  2. October 30, 2014 will be remembered in the annals of the NBA not as LeBron’s homecoming but as the beginning of the Cole Aldrich era.

  3. good thing we didnt pick up the $1.6MM option on larkin. will be much more fun to pay double or let him walk this summer.

  4. I believe Knicks have until end of day tomorrow to pick up Larkin’s option. I know they want as much cap space as possible but really is an option worth less than 2mil really that big a deal to have on the books next summer??

  5. How many of you guys ever thought JR and Melo would be the assist leaders on the team for 48 minutes of basketball?

  6. deadline did not pass! would be a nice story if they pick up his option in the morning after a great performance keying an unexpected win.

  7. So was Dalembert hurt, or did Fish just not like the way he was playing versus the smaller units? If the latter, it’s impressive he would adjust that quickly, and stick with that plan for the rest of the game.

  8. Interesting that Dalembert only played 5 minutes.

    Nice to see everyone playing well on national TV, maybe Jax’s phone starts ringing. (or other GMs start answering?)

    Best thing about this win is the 30 assists on 35 FGs. Fisher said all the right things in the post game. He singled out TH2 for being a great teammate even though he played only 4 minutes.

    If we can get a few wins with Calderon out, it will really help Larkin get valuable experience. He made a lot of great plays on both ends tonight. They should lock him up tomorrow.

    Acy and Cole have their warts, but they are fun to watch.

    Jason Smith can sure stroke that 18-footer!

    Pablo quietly had a monster impact on this game, especially that 30-footer!

  9. first and foremost, shump played great. timely d, big shots, etc. thought he was the best player on the court in the second half and showed ability to run the point down the stretch.

    also, i know im preaching to the choir, but cole brings something to this team that we really need. he should get atleast 15-20 minutes a night unless his production drops off.

  10. Cole’s defensive footwork and boxouts are incredibly sound. Wish we would have signed him up for a couple of weeks of Akeem the Dream camp this past summer.

  11. I want to reverse course on Larkin.

    Early in the pre-season I thought he should go to the D-League to get some seasoning. I was wrong. His speed and hands are desperately needed on the court now. He’s the only point guard on the team that can stick with a speedy opposing guard. What he was able to do defensively was impressive. I’m OK with him learning at this level and he looks to have picked up the system very fast.

    As far as picking up his option, he’s looking like a legit #18 pick, which he was.

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