Knicks 35 Bulls 117

Random Notes & Thoughts:

* I’ve come up with a new game to play during Knick games, I call it the Jared Jeffries game. Anytime an announcer says Jeffries stats, add the words “a career high” after it. It works well when they say things like “Jeffries has 5 points on the night” or “That’s Jeffries 3rd rebound.” It helps take the pain away when Jeffries misses from inside the paint.

* The Knicks normally have been good in third quarters, which had us guessing what Isiah does at halftimes. So far the most prevalent notion is “live cock fights.”

* My roommate asked me what Jeffries cost the Knicks. My response: “giving minutes to any small forward that might be useful.”

* I understand the Knicks are a walking M*A*S*H unit, but can’t Isiah sign someone from the D-League to help? This guy is the NBDL’s second highest scorer, is coming off knee surgery, and was drafted by the Knicks a few years back. A 10 day contract couldn’t hurt and I’d love to hear what the New York announcers could do with his name. That alone could keep me going until the end of the season.

* A Mike Sweetney sighting! If Frank Williams and Cezary Trybanski had been signed to 10-day contracts, I could have just dusted off a 2004 KnickerBlogger post and I don’t think anyone would have noticed.

* There was some discussion on what wins games (shooting, turnovers, rebounding, etc.), and those serious about the endeavor should Google “Four Factors Dean Oliver”. This link written by Dean himself, gives a pretty good plain English explanation.

* This cracks me up.

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14 thoughts to “Knicks 35 Bulls 117”

  1. Wow, that was bad. I cant think of anything to say about that game other than that it was profoundly awful.

    Oh yeah, Eddy Curry is now second in the league in turnovers. Five games to go, its going to be a dogfight with Steve Nash.

  2. Mardy sure does turn it over a lot huh? Thought he was supposed to be a “control” type PG?

  3. Wow, KB, you are a good man.

    I was going to suck it up and post a blog entry after tonight’s debacle, but you beat me to it.

  4. Horrible game and an indication of how bad this team could be; plus where the heck is the coach? I sometimes wonder if the Knicks have a real coach or GM for that matter or a real Owner. My position is clear RUN DOLAN OUT OF TOWN; he’s the worst enemy of our city. Fire DOLAN! Fire DOLan!

    By the way, is Isiah helping the Bulls get a better pick in the draft. It sure looks like it.

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. plunk!

    this team has officially gone fishin’.

    the detroit game was the body blow that did the real damage, setting chicago up to deliver the knockout punch. the knicks played better than the pistons in many facets of the game but made enough unforced errors to lose late. that one ripped the last fragile bits of confidence away. the knicks were just defenseless against chicago. that game was painful, coming complete with a sweetney sighting as well as the bulls trying to complete the alley-oop dunk to get pizza for the fans.

    speaking of sweets, a long-time fave, i’m worried about that kid’s long term health. did you all see him last night? yikes. how big is he gonna get when he’s eaten himself out of the league in another year or two? he’s a diabetes case just waiting to happen.

  6. I don’t know that last night means much. They haven’t had too many of those stinkers. A shorthanded team playing the 4th game in 5 nights…

    That said, the ping pong situation is getting distressing.

    I like KBs suggestion about bringing up troops from the d-league.

  7. I think we’re still only in the 2-4% range of getting a top 3 pick at our current position, but yeah every game we play it threatens to get worse. And knowing our luck we might just get the Ewing effect at the exact wrong time.

  8. “we might just get the Ewing effect at the exact wrong time”

    Is there an alternative meaning to the Ewing effect I didn’t know about? Doesn’t it refer to the Knicks having played better without him on a few occasions? I think you meant bad karma for what some think was our dubious #1 pick in 86.

  9. I agree that these losses really don’t mean anything, as this particular roster is just ridiculously terrible. No Marbury, Lee, Q and Crawford? Give me a break.

    However, it does lower the Knicks’ draft order, which really doesn’t MATTER, per se, but it is awfully annoying.

  10. By the by, how annoying is it that with, like, 60% of the league tanking, the Knicks happen to be facing the teams that actually WANT to win?

    Note that the only team they’ve beaten recently was the tanktastic Bucks.

  11. “Is there an alternative meaning to the Ewing effect I didn?t know about? Doesn?t it refer to the Knicks having played better without him on a few occasions? I think you meant bad karma for what some think was our dubious #1 pick in 86. ”

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot that Ewing effect was already TMed after the 99 playoffs.

    I meant the lottery effect of getting the no. 1 even without a truly awful record, you had my meaning right.

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