Knicks 116 Pistons 111 (OT)

I actually got to watch the game live last night. That’s a tall order for someone who has a 2 year old child and an expecting wife. I didn’t watch the whole game, just the second half. During the fourth quarter when the Knicks had made the game close, I had turned to my wife and said I miss the Knicks being good. Maybe I’m nostalgic for the old days, but it seemed like when the Knicks were winning the city was a more exciting place. Even though they won, I felt something missing because for the most part it was a meaningless game.

Oh I know the playoffs are still a possibility, but a remote one. New York has to leapfrog 5 teams to get to the last playoff spot. Even if the Knicks make the playoffs, all they will have earned is a first round kick in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the season I’d be happy if the Knicks make the playoffs. But there is a part of me that is saying I’ll regret that a year from now if the team missed out on a good young player because they drafted later than they should have.

I enjoyed watching yesterday’s game tremendously, but I couldn’t help to think what if it were a playoff game? For nearly a decade I’ve watched the NBA playoffs, but mostly from the perspective of a third party. Watching the NBA playoffs is like watching that show that your girlfriend likes. You get into it because you’re forced to watch it, and you eventually find something to relate to. But in the end it’s still not what you’d prefer to watch. The emotion you have for that show lasts only as long as your relationship with her. And deep inside you know that as your watching it.

On an odd note, I ran into Martin Johnson (formerly of the NY Sun, now of the Root) at the bar last night. Considering the number of times I go out, that’s a rare occurrence. I spoke with him about the Knicks and 2010, and we made a friendly wager. If the Knicks sign LeBron James, Johnson will agree to write a column for KnickerBlogger. If not I owe him a couple of beers. I feel like this is one of those PTI bets where the option is the favorite vs. the field. Of course it’s better to have the field, because it’s rare for one option to happen over the many. There will be a few teams opening their pockets to James, and New York might not be considered the favorite over his current team Cleveland. But I figured the bet was well worth it.

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Mike Kurylo

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