KnickerBlogger Podcast with Robert Silverman

We’re bringing back The KnickerBlogger Podcast. First guest of the season is Robert Silverman.

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Representing all Knicks fans of Arizona. This is unfortunate for all of them. Unabashed lover of J.R. Smith.

4 thoughts to “KnickerBlogger Podcast with Robert Silverman”

  1. Fantastic idea! Will listen as soon as I get home, excited to hear the conversation between you two.

  2. This needs to be on Stitcher Radio. There are a few Knicks podcasts on there, but they are all pretty universally mediocre. This would easily be the best of the bunch (and better than most of the other NBA podcasts to boot). More please.

  3. I started listening to this in the car on the way to work this morning. I am definitely enjoying it, but I would like you to fix the sound levels in the next one. You are much louder than Robert Silverman and it makes it hard to pick a good volume setting.

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