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I’m sure you’re all enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening (or ¬†an absolutely drudgerous/dreary, getting-all-those-annoying-chores/errands-that-you-couldn’t-do-Monday-through-Friday-and-procrastinating-the-hell-out-of-getting-done-on-Saturday-’cause-hell-it’s-the-weekend-I-promise-I’ll-get-to-it-get-off-my-back-already Sunday).

Whether you’re draped languorously over your vintage 19th Century fainting couch, sipping on an adult beverage and basking in perfect 72 degree air conditioned air or you’re going to procrastinate a wee bit longer, I chatted with the guys at Talkinhoopz about all the sights, sounds and smells of the Las Vegas Summer League. Dorrell Wright and former Heatle Mark Strickland get gabby too.

Link’s here. Have a good’n!

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