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Thought this might be fun as a little contest as well, so state your reason why below. Here are James’ career numbers, in case you need them.

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27 thoughts to “Jerome James Poll”

  1. I’m going to go with 24.0-25.9. Why? Well Nazr only had 28min/G with NY, and I think the coach (whoever that’ll be) is going to be forced to play him, turnovers or not.

  2. as a sonics fan, I have quite a bit of confidence in 17.9. James is… bad. This isn’t QUITE McIlvaine level bad as signings go, but it’s pretty lousy.

  3. I voted for less than 17.9. My reasons being that he has never averaged more than that in his career and it’s not like Seattle had a ton of options at C last year either. But mostly I think James is horrendous and no coach in his right mind would play him that much.

  4. I voted 19.9 because they need James for the tempo of the game and sitting picks. The play of Maubary and other guys are going to keep the game up-tempo. Due to that, James’ endurance won’t allow him to play 20 min a game.

  5. I put in 17-19, cuz I don’t see him suddenly getting even better now that he’s got the money. Again, it seems silly to assume I guy will be better than he ever was just because we wish him so. That’s why I think that even if he plays at his best Sonic level (which is a reasonable back up), he’s going to get booed out of town. Best case scenario is he plays a quality 20-25, with the rest of the minutes going to Frye, Butler or others found in trades or off the scrap heap who step up. Expect more at your own risk.

  6. bum..he’s a true bum in the luther wright mold of bums..the only way he averages more than 17/game is if the entire herd of knicks pf’s come down with sars

  7. Given his past record I voted for less than 17.9
    I don’t believe the Knicks will utilize him that much.

  8. Given his record of fouling, it seems optimistic to go beyond 22-23.9. That’s what I voted for, simply becuase I think the Knicks will try to push him as many minutes as he can play.

  9. Dude’s a stiff, period. He’ll get some minutes in the first dozen games until Isiah gets mpatient and blows up the team. Then James will sit on the bench for whatever he plays for.

  10. if you’re expecting wilt chamberlain stats, you ain’t gonna get it. but he’s got a purpose – just get in the way. marbury and crawford are sieves. this’ll make the other team’s drives a little less easier than they’ve been.

    he’s there for girth and a little defense. is that worth his contract? not really. but he’ll be useful if you understand exactly what he can give you.

  11. Given the Knicks situation at center James serves a need — the contract seems excessive, but I think where the market is.

    Having James solves a couple of problems: Moves Sweentney back to PF and gives Frye time to develop. James gives some defense (and shot blocking). The big issue with him seems to be a lack of basketball smarts (which accounts for his lack of PT due to fouls), and as long as the organization doesn’t expect too much, I think it might be an alright signing.

  12. Not to compare their games (just their acquisitions), but no one was jumping up and down when Zeke brought in Nazr. I don’t think JJ’ll get more than 20ish minutes and that’s for the best: unless the young guys mature quickly or someone else is brought in we will have to mix and match inside, and having a 7-1 300 pounder doesn’t hurt our rotation even if he only gets 10 mpg. That said I’m not a fan of the signing. He’s fat and lazy and mediocre (like all our other bigmen, but probably even worse). I would have rather seen us make a run at Steven Hunter who isn’t going to play more than 15,20 minutes either, but long-term our second unit would be so explosive between Nate, Ariza, Lee, and Hunter and man can Hunter block a shot. JJ’s PT is, of course, going to depend heavily on whether Sweetney and Frye and Lee develop and whether we bring in Toine or someone else. (JJ and Mark Blount might actually combine to be a decent back-up center, granted they’ll make $15 million between the two of them.)

  13. He has to play and a lot. One they have no other centers (Frye is a PF);two they payed him like a starter so you gotta play him like one or eat the money essentially.

  14. “He has to play and a lot. One they have no other centers (Frye is a PF);two they payed him like a starter so you gotta play him like one or eat the money essentially.”

    If you add Sweets and Frye together you have a really good 5. Unfortunetely science has not advanced that far, but playing them together might work. I do have my doubts about Frye. But if nothing else he has proven that he’s more than coachable and willing to work hard to improve his game, so he’ll probably win over whoever the coach is and at least get his way into the back of the rotation in his first year or two. Mo Taylor can also play the 5 offensively with just about any backup in the league.

    I hate to tell you but if he’s getting 6 mill JJ will be our forth highest paid big man next year, just behind Rose and JYD.
    Hopefully in the end 4 big guys step up. It could be a long inconsistent season if we have 7 or 8 guys splitting time at 2 positions. But if we’re the 8 seed facing the Heat we could hack Shaq with the best of them.

  15. James is going to play under 20 minutes for one simple reason. He is Dikembe Mutombo. Look at their numbers for last year, their style of play, their strengths and weaknesses. There’s no way you can convince me that he isn’t Mutombo in a mask.

  16. I think the Knicks adressed a big issue by signing Jerome James. If Larry Brown is the next head coach of the Knicks, I dont figure Channing Frye playing a whole lot of minutes, seeing he didnt play Darko a whole lot of minutes, although the Pistons were stocked at the front-court so I think it’s a pre-mature statement. James will give the Knicks rebounding, block shots, and basically a big body to clog the lane, something theyve missed since 2000-2001, when Ewing was sent to the Sonics. If James ends up playing like he did in the 1st round of this years playoffs against the Kings, then James would be a steal of the century, although him playing that good for 82 games and the playoffs is extremley unlikely. I figure James will average around 20 to 25 minutes a game, and should average at least 8 points and 7 to 9 rebounds a game for this signing to be up to par.

  17. Channing Frye and David Lee are hungry rookies who have won (Frye much more so than Lee) in college. James is a bumbling, unmotivated big man who needs a mean streak like Kemp needed stomach staples. I can’t see Frye and Lee not outplaying James. They are more talented and developed while being younger. And here is the kicker, what does James do? Can you throw the rock to him in the post and have him score? Not really. Is he a very poor man’s Rodman who plays good D, gets tons of rebounds and doesn’t need to be part of the offense to be effective? No. Why would Stephon, Crawford or (hopefully) Robinson pass to him? Frye and Lee can grab rebounds, have a few post moves and aren’t useless.

  18. “I dont figure Channing Frye playing a whole lot of minutes, seeing he didnt play Darko a whole lot of minutes”

    In every Knicks forum I visit I see all this Larry won’t play young players stuff. And Darko is usually the player used to argue this. But Darko was a raw teenager on a team that won a championship and made a finals appearance in his first two seasons. To me the fact that he has spent the offseason crying about his shattered confidence and stinking up the summer circuit shows you something about him as a person. He could have taken these two years to learn the game from the best (coach and interior defender obviously, but if you want to learn the NBA game you can’t forget the best technical foul getter and the best knee injurer) and have been ready when his time came.
    The Knicks youngsters have shown signs that they are a different bread: more like Tayshaun Prince or Okur or Eric Snow, who all flurished under Brown. It might take Frye a while to get used to the NBA game or he might not be good enough to earn minutes over other guys, but this notion that Larry does not want to play young guys because he has not played raw or lazy young guys who have, for the most part, gone on to be career dissapointments or taken several years to develop is overblown. If you work hard and know how to play team basketball Larry Brown will play you. If Larry beomes the Knicks coach and the young guys are not yet at that point then you can only hope that they will not follow Darko’s lead and will instead work their ways into the rotation because this isn’t Detroit and the Knicks could really use them.

    You also see a lot of the Marbury and Brown don’t like each other stuff. They got off to a rocky start, but Brown stuck with him and Marbury tied the U.S. scoring record against Spain in the quarterfinals.

  19. If that guy plays more than 22 mins per game it will be miracle, and if he gets more than 8 rebounds in that period it will be another one. So all we need is 5 more miracles from the rest of the team to win championship.

  20. 17 to 20 minutes tops. but i gotta tell you, i think this signing sucks. the guy is 29 and has had 4 good games total in his career (all vs. the kings in the playoffs). for godness sake his mom even had to tell him he needed to clean up his act last season. james can join tim thomas in the chronic overpaid underachievers club.

  21. First of all, this is a great site. Excellent discussions, great topics. I’m on espn’s boards and it’s a bunch of 12 year olds arguing.

    I put James around 20. I think the Knicks need him to play that much because of his size. That being said, I think you will see both Sweetney and Frye at the center position as well. James can get in foul trouble, and Frye is green. While Sweetney can also pick up fouls easily, Rose can slide into the PF position if Sweetney moves over to C.

    In my mind I envision Sweetney playing C and Frye at PF on the 2nd team, because I believe they are complementary players. Only problem is that Sweetney will probably start as PF so that could be an issue.

  22. It doesn’t matter how many minutes he’s going to play. He’s going to fall asleep at tape sessions just like he did in Seattle and display a complete lack of interest in work, improving or winning.

    He’ll join the following superheroes of professional ball:

    Tim “Fugazi” Thomas: Best known for ratting Kenyon Martin out as a “Fugazi” when he himself disappears in any game that matters

    Jamal Crawford: Trying to match his bloated contract figures in shot attempts

    Allan Houston: One lucky bounce against Miami got him the contract…one tweaked knee kept him out of actually working for that money

    Maurice Taylor: He follows the Clipper development league cycle:
    1. Play lazy until contract year
    2. Post big numbers
    3. Sign big contract
    4. Return to step one

    James just about rounds out the All Knick Superstars of Laziness. Isaiah HAD to get a center to match those goons..who else would they ignore working with?

  23. Isaih blows & the jeritol james siging is/was/will be horrible ! For 5 freakin years no less. Can’t believe the ‘hope’ is that he plays like he did in one particular series out of his entire career. The slug is 30 & the sonics are probably as grateful he’s gone as the bulls are that Crawfish is gone.

    Isaih must have graduated from the layden school of GM’s.

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